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  Perretti Farms Stallions

 Standing at Cool Winds Farm of Ohio!
LUCKY CHUCKY 2,1:55.1 3,1:50.4 $2,099,973

The sire of 12 millionaires & $98 million in offspring earnings.!
MUSCLES YANKEE 2,1:56.3; 3,1:52.2 ($1,424,938)

Stallions Past and Present

ARTISCAPE p, 3, 1:49, ($1,469,461)
Artsplace-Delinquent Account


Foaled in 1995, Artiscape has stood at Perretti Farms since 1999 and is currently among the leading active pacing stallions in the world. Among his better known offspring include the Perretti bred Artesian p, 4, 1:49, ($790,527), Articulator p, 4, 1:49, ($310,316), Maltese Artist p, 3, 1:49, ($130,101), Art Director p, 3, 1:49.3, ($130,094), Odds On Dana p, 4, 1:50, ($98,599), and Art Form p, 3, 1:50, ($56,641). Each is a contemporary stakes winner and each is from a Perretti Farms broodmare. Artiscape is considered the leading son of the milestone stallion Artsplace. Artiscape sired the 2005 Horse Of The Year Rainbow Blue

DREAM VACATION 4, 1:52, ($616,257)
Pine Chip-Dream On Victory


Foaled in 1997, Dream Vacation entered the stud at Perretti Farms effective the 2002 breeding season and remains an active Perretti Farms trotting stallion. Dream Vacation achieved international recognition finishing second to the world champion Varenne in a then all time record 1:51 Breeders
Crown encounter at The Meadowlands. Dream Vacation personifies the term “stallions pedigree” being a son of the World Champion Pine Chip from a full sister to Valley Victory’s brilliant son Victory Dream sire of the all time fastest Hambletonian champion Self Possessed. The first of the Dream Vacation offerings will race in 2005 and preliminary reports are glowing.

ENJOY LAVEC 3, 1:52, ($933,956)
Pine Chip-Margit Lobell


Foaled in 1996 Enjoy Lavec was the first significant son of World Champion Pine Chip and remains the existing three-heat world-trotting champion. Enjoy Lavec enjoyed a short tenure at Perretti Farms between 2000 and 2003 prior to returning to his native Sweden. While at Perretti Farms, Enjoy
Lavec sired the following stake winners Enflammatory 3, 1:54, ($108,590), Face Off 3, 1:58, ($22,437), Magic Swan 2, 1:57, ($65,250), Grit Your Teeth 2, 2:00, ($22,040). Perretti Farms will offer the remaining American crop of Enjoy Lavec in the 2005 selling season.

FALCON SEELSTER p, 3, 1:51, ($1,121,045)
Warm Breeze-Fashion Trick


Foaled in 1982, Falcon Seelster stood at Perretti Farms from 1998 through 2001 after which he was returned to Nevele R Stud in New Zealand. Still remembered for his record 1:51 mile at Delaware, Ohio on Jug Day in 1985, Falcon Seelster ranked as a world-class stallion in both the Northern and
Southern hemispheres siring many great horses like Shady Daisy p, 3, 1:51, ($1,807,755), Shady Character p, 3, 1:51, ($1,255,905), Sealed And Delivered. During his tenure, at Perretti Farms, Falcon Seelster sired McArdle, a foal of 1999, who is considered by many his all time best. McArdle has since succeeded Falcon Seelster as Perretti Farms stallion…

HARMONIOUS 3, 1:53, ($1,036,392)
Crowning Point-Rhapsody In Blue


Foaled in 1987 Harmonious stood at Perretti Farms between 1992 and 1995 prior to being exported to Italy. Harmonious was the 1990 Hambletonian champion with overall earnings in excess of $1 million though enjoyed but moderate success in the stud. His best Perretti bred performer was Thelonious 3, 1:55, ($133,034), foaled in 1992 whose earnings exceeded $133,000.

JEREMYS GAMBIT p, 3, 1:51, ($1,152,247)
No Nukes-Spectre Almahurst


Foaled in 1994, Jeremys Gambit stood at Perretti Farms from 1998 through 2001 prior to being exported to New Zealand. Perhaps the foremost 2-year-old racing son of the great No Nukes, Jeremys Gambit won the 1996 Woodrow Wilson at The Meadowlands and earned in excess $1.1 million the majority accumulated at age two. Moderately successful at stud, Jeremys Gambit’s best overall performers are the still active Midnight Gambit p, 5, 1:50, ($229,492), and Cori’s Gold p, 5, 1:52, ($384,010).

MALABAR MAN 3, 1:53, ($2,143,903)
Supergill-Lady Love McBur


Foaled in 1994, Malabar Man stood at Perretti Farms from 1998 through 2001 prior to relocation to Southwind Farms and now Winbak Farms. Renowned as the 1997 Hambletonian Champion and Horse of the year, Malabar Man sired many outstanding individuals during his tenure at Perretti Farms including noted Perretti breds like Funny Malentine T, 2, 1:57, ($315,545). Other outstanding Malabar Man performers include Malabar Maple T, 3, 1:53, ($483,107) and Power To Charm T, 3, 1:53, ($664,880).

MATT’S SCOOTER p, 3, 1:48, ($2,944,591)
Direct Scooter-Ellens Glory


Foaled in 1985, Matt’s Scooter was the first major stallion in service at Perretti Farms commencing in 1990 and remains the senior stallion in terms of active tenure. Horse of the Year in 1989, Matt’s Scooter held the title of Worlds Fastest Harness Horse via 1:48.2 time trial established in 1988.
Matt’s Scooter has been a significant pacing stallion over the years siring many outstanding offspring including the Perretti bred champions His Mattjesty, Royal Mattjesty and Mattaroni. His Mattjesty p, 3, 1:51, ($1,038,861) and Royal Mattjesty p, 5, 1:48, ($1,098,678) rank as one of the few “full brother” teams to have earned in excess of $1 million.

McARDLE p, 3, 1:49, (2,455,609)
Falcon Seelster-Lilting Laughter


Foaled in 1999, McArdle is the first homebred to enter the stud at Perretti Farms being a son of prior stallion resident Falcon Seelster from Perretti Farms broodmare Lilting Laughter. She was purchased for the expressed purpose of mating with Falcon Seelster. McArdle a winner in excess of $2 million stood his first season in 2004.

Valley Victory-Maiden Yankee


Foaled in 1995, Muscles Yankee joined the stud roster at Perretti Farms following his championship season in 1998 and ranks as the current premier active stallion at the farm. With just three crops of racing age, Muscles Yankee has emerged as one of the dominant trotting stallions in both the colt and all age categories. Muscles Yankee was Hambletonian and 3-year-old trotting champion of 1998. Outstanding Perretti bred Muscles Yankees include Muscle King 3, 1:54, ($558,266), Incredible Hulk 3, 1:56, ($307,025) while champions Mr. Muscleman 3, 1:53, ($1,333,114), Tom Ridge 3,1:50.2, ($866,144) are other Muscles Yankee headliners. Tom Ridge is the fastest trotter of all time.

Oil Burner-Gidget Lobell


Foaled in 1979 No Nukes never actually stood at Perretti Farms but since the farm owned a substantial interest, the horse warrants at least an honorable mention. It is noteworthy that many outstanding No Nukes colts and fillies like Immortality p, 3, 1:51, ($1,614,939), Silky Stallone p, 3, 1:51, ($785,323), Nuke Of Earl p, 4, 1:52, ($404,532), Nuke Skywalker p, 3, 1:53, ($259,035), Nuclear High p, 7, 1:53, ($595,548), Nukes Magic p, 3, 1:53, ($270,305), qualify as being Perretti bred.

PRESIDENTIAL BALL p, 3, 1:50, ($3,021,363)
Cam Fella-Marilyn


Foaled in 1990, Presidential Ball stood at Perretti Farms from 1994-2000 prior to relocation first to New Zealand and thereafter Ontario Canada. It is significant that most of his outstanding offspring include Browning Blue Chip p, 3, 1:50, ($786,030), Cathedra Dot Com p, 3, 1:51, ($1,520,487), All American Native p, 3, 1:49, ($1,296,304) and Dex The Balls p, 2, 1:54, ($625,851), were sired while in residence at the farm. Presidential Ball earned in excess of $3 million during his two illustrious seasons of racing
in 1992 and 1993.

REAL DESIRE p, 4, 1:48, ($3,159,814)
Life Sign-Deadly Desire


Foaled in 1998, Real Desire does not stand at Perretti Farms though is partially owned by the farm thus is eligible for listing as a Perretti Stallion. A winner in excess of $3 million during an arduous three year
campaign, Real Desire represents the initial participation by the farm with a Kentucky resident stallion. The farm will offer its initial crop of Real Desires at Harrisburg in 2005.

RED RIVER HANOVER p, 3, 1:48, ($965,426)
Western Hanover-Rich N Elegant


Foaled in 1999, Red River Hanover stood his inaugural season in 2004 and represents the farms entrée into dual hemisphere participation as Red River Hanover will shuttle between New Jersey location and Nevele R Stud of New Zealand in accordance with seasonal requirements. A winner of Canada’s
famed North American Cup in 1:48.4, Red River Hanover recorded in all time fastest mile on a Canadian racetrack. By Western Hanover, Red River Hanover is a son of Rich N Elegant, she among the leading broodmares of this current era.

Meadow Skipper-Hilarious Noreen


Foaled in 1978, Slapstick relocated to Perretti Farms in 1988 and stood at the farm through 1990 prior to eventual relocation in Michigan. A good though not quite major stallion, Slapstick produced the multiple winners Captain Pantastic, Go Gaughin and Leningrad during his tenure at Perretti Farms.

WALT HANOVER p, 4, 1:53, ($239,086)
Albatross-Wendy Sue Hanover


Foaled in 1979, Walt Hanover was the first stallion in service at Perretti Farms standing from 1986 through 1990 prior to exportation to Australia. Never a commercial stallion, Walt Hanover still produced a steady stream of workman like performers including his all time fastest Tootie Roll who paced in 1:51.2 in California. Other notable Walt Hanovers bred by Perretti Farms included Herbert Viola, Chocolate Walt, Casanova Walt and Spartan.

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