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  Perretti Farms Stallions

 Standing at Cool Winds Farm of Ohio!
LUCKY CHUCKY 2,1:55.1 3,1:50.4 $2,099,973

The sire of 12 millionaires & $98 million in offspring earnings.!
MUSCLES YANKEE 2,1:56.3; 3,1:52.2 ($1,424,938)

Broodmares of Distinction, Past and Present

Abercrombie-I’m No Angel


Foaled in 1984, Angel Be Good has produced 13 foals for Perretti Farms and remains active despite reaching the age of 20. A highly productive racemare in her own right and a member of the famed K Nora maternal family, Angel Be Good has experienced a renaissance of sort as her 2001 foal Brandons Cowboy p,3,1:50.3 ($431,860) by The Panderosa has emerged as one of the leading 3-year-old pacers of the current season. Other outstanding Angel Be Good performers include former world champion Mattcando p, 5, 1:53, ($231,820), Angel Be Great p, 3, 1:54, ($170,816), and Odds On Charmaine p, 3, 1:52, ($213,797), they by Matt’s Scooter, Presidential Ball and Western Hanover respectively. Angel Be Good’s lineage at Perretti Farms extends through her Presidential Ball granddaughter Second Term.

Speedy Crown-Armbro Whirl


Foaled in 1983, Armbro Éclair produced Peace A Pie in turn the dam of champion Pizza Dolce 3, 1:52, ($668,824), during her brief tenure as a Perretti Farms broodmare. Her most significant racing daughter Echo Hanover p, 3, 1:56, ($304,538), is now an active Perretti broodmare.

Matt’s Scooter-Bruces Lady


Foaled in 1996, Armbro Savannah produced but two foals while at Perretti Farms. One of them Georgia Pacific p,3,1:49.1f $800,993, by Western Hanover is one of the top 3-year-olds of the 2004 season and has three sub 1:50 miles to his credit. Her other Perretti Farms foal is Savannah Sky p,2,1:52.1 by Artiscape.

Pine Chip-Candy Victory


Foaled in 1996, Bit O Candy was obtained in 1999 following a stellar racing career in which she earned $350,000. Bit O Candy had but three foals for Perretti Farms but her first one, Self indulgent ($223,228), has rapidly emerged as one of the better trotting fillies of the 2004 racing season. It is likely that Self Indulgent will eventually replace Bit O Candy in the Perretti broodmare band.

Ralph Hanover-Richelle Hanover


Foaled in 1985, Buzzys Gal’s tenure at Perretti Farms spanned the years 1989 through 2001 during when she accounted for 10 foals including the significant winners Nuclear High p, 7, 1:53, ($595,548), Something Present p, 2, 1:55, ($185,416) and Old Buzzard p, 3, 1:53, ($330,812). Her Nihilator daughter Hustle N Bustle is the dam of current Perretti Farms broodmare Doc’s Girl p, 3, 1:53, ($411,890).


Oil Burner-Tobin Tar Heel


Foaled in 1981, Cathedral City had but two foals during her short stay at Perretti Farms. Cathedral City would later gain a measure of immortality through the exploits of her Run The Table daughter Cathedra p, 3, 1:52, ($733,389), she in turn dam of contemporary superstars Western Shooter p, 2, 1:50, ($904,462), Cathedra Dot Com p, 3, 1:51, ($1,520,487), and Cabrini Hanover p,2,1:51 ($304,711).

Oil Burner-Armbro Anita


Foaled in 1985, Charged Solvent produced seven foals for Perretti Farms including Mattuity p, 5,1:49.3, ($775,984), who at one time ranked as his sire Matt’s Scooter’s fastest performer. Charged Solvent extends at Perretti Farms through her Presidential Ball daughter Insolvency she is currently in foal to McArdle.

No Nukes-Leah Almahurst


Foaled in 1992, Cheer Me Up provided the farm with but four foals one of which became Babe Watching p, 3, 1:53, ($170,754), to Jennas Beach Boy. Another Rob Roy Mattgregor p,4,1:49.3 ($296,752), by Matt’s Scooter has emerged as a major pacing star during the 2004 racing season.

No Nukes-Costly Cleanup


Foaled in 1993 and a significant racing performer in her own right with a mark of 1:52.3, Costly Power provided three foals for the farm including Paulas Promise by Artsplace. Another Economic Clout p,3,1:51.1 ($304,711), also by Artsplace is among the leading racing fillies of the 2004 and will eventually join the Perretti broodmare band.

Fulla Napoleon-Tiffy Time


Foaled in 1977, Cover Story produced four foals while at Perretti Farms foremost of which was Vagabond Heart p, 3, 1:55, ($90,816) she in turn dam of Raging Heart p, 5, 1:51.1, ($586,210).

No Nukes-Viking Princess


Foaled in 1989, Dexter Lobell arrived at Perretti Farms in 1997 carrying Dex The Balls p, 2, 1:54, ($625,851), who would prove the most successful of her nine offspring to date. Two of her daughters Artbidexterous (Artiscape) and Ball Hands On Dex (Presidential Ball) are current Perretti Farms broodmares.

Meadow Skipper-Ambiguity


Foaled in 1978, Either Or arrived with imposing credentials being a Meadow Skipper sister to the champion Three Diamond p, 3, 1:53, ($735,759). Either Or produced six foals for Perretti the most prominent of which was Neutralty p, 3, 1:52, ($633,349), by No Nukes who eventually stood at stud in
Australia. A daughter Lady Has Arrived by Safe Arrival is well known for her Nihilator son Arrive At Five p, 4, 1:50, ($870,973).

Race Time-Meadow Helene


Foaled in 1977, Foliage produced 14 foals, six for Perretti Farms, one was her Tyler B daughter Hawaiian Ty who in turn produced Perretti Farms broodmare Hula Dancer, she responsible for Perretti bred stakes winners Artesian p, 3, 1:50, ($790,527), and Maltese Artist p, 3, 1:49, ($130,101).
Foliage was also responsible for the Perretti bred Matt’s Scooter standout Mattalac p, 5, 1:52, ($321,926).

Umbrella Fella-Honey Suckle


Foaled in 1986, Honeyella produced 10 foals while at Perretti Farms. Collectively they earned in excess of $1 million. Two of them General Mattarthur p, 6, 1:49.2, ($501,682) by Matt’s Scooter and Honey Fitz p, 8, 1:51, ($457,663), by Direct Scooter accounted for over $900,000 between them.

Albatross-Honey Do


Foaled in 1981, Honeysuckle produced 15 foals during her tenure at Perretti Farms including the above-mentioned Honeyella. Two of her sons by No Nukes, Nuke Skywalker p, 3, 1:53, ($259,035) and Humstinger p, 4, 1:53, ($421,711), were major winners in the early 90’s.

Tyler B-Turn The Tide


Foaled in 1986, Hurricane Almahurst produced 12 foals for Perretti Farms including the notable Canadian champion Stand Alone p, 2, 1:52.4, ($333,337), by Matt’s Scooter. Her Matt’s Scooter daughter Mattmosphere gained prominence through her Presidential Ball son Matna Carter p, 4, 1:53.1, ($166,136).

Tyler B-Jazzie Almahurst


Foaled in 1983, Jazzabel Hanover was an outstanding racemare herself winning the Mistletoe Shalee amongst other things prior to becoming a Perretti Farms broodmare in 1987. In all Jazzabel Hanover had 11 foals for Perretti Farms including the Matt’s Scooter headliners Matts Domino p, 3, 1:51, ($117,230), Mattnamaras Band p, 3, 1:52, ($387,331), Matts Waller p, 4, 1:52, ($290,696), and Calamatty Jane p, 2, 1:53, ($98,651).

Albatross-Time Goes By


Foaled in 1978 and a champion racemare in her own right with earnings in excess of $569,000, Jefs Eternity perpetrated her measure of immortality through her No Nukes daughter named Immortality p, 3, 1:51, ($1,614,939), she a foal of 1990 and a major winner with earnings of $1,614,939. The legacy of Jefs Eternity lives on at Perretti Farms through her No Nukes granddaughter Eternal Sweetheart is now in broodmare service at the farm.

Falcon Almahurst-Joanna Time


Foaled in 1985, Just Like Joanna held the world record for pacing fillies on the five- eighths track at 1:54.3 prior to producing nine foals for Perretti Farms. One of them Nukes Magic p, 3, 1:53.2, ($270,305), by No Nukes is the dam of the noted Arts Tribute p, 4, 1:50.1, ($286,657).

Super Bowl-Ima Lula


Foaled in 1985, Keystone Impala’s claim to fame was that while at Perretti Farms racemare she set a then world record of 1:55.4 for 4-year-old trotting mares and she did so while carrying her Super Bowl son Chevy Chaser 8, 2:00, ($35,172). Keystone Impala had but two foals while at Perretti Farms though in later years would prove the dam of the significant Korvette Hanover 6, 1:54, ($291,940).

No Nukes-Sable Hanover


Foaled in 1985, Lady Hathaway qualifies as an official standardbred Hall of Fame broodmare having produced two million dollar winning sons in the Matt’s Scooter full brothers His Mattjesty p, 3, 1:51, ($1,038,861) and Royal Mattjesty 1:48.4 ($1,162,730). The former is now an emerging sire in Indiana while the latter is among the leading pacers active today. Blind in one eye from a pasture incident as a weanling, Lady Hathaway raced sparingly but impressively. Her ultimate mark was made in the breeding shed. A lifetime resident of Perretti Farms, Lady Hathaway is survived by her daughter Mattmoiselle now a Perretti Farms broodmare in foal to Western Ideal.



Foaled in 1978, Leslie Hanover is no longer an active broodmare though remains a pensioner at the New Jersey location. In all Leslie Hanover produced 17 foals 10 of which while at Perretti Farms, the foremost of those being Martys Filly p, 3, 1:53, ($40,070), by No Nukes. Previously she produced major winners Dignity Of Man p, 5, 1:52, ($398,498) to Praised Dignity and LaChance Lobell p, 4, 1:52, ($250,829), to Oil Burner.

Nihilator-Happy Sharon


Foaled in 1990, Lilting Laughter enjoyed a brief but meteoric tenure at Perretti Farms accounting for three foals one of which was the major winner and current Perretti Farms stallion McArdle p, 3, 1:49.1, ($2,455,609), Another Gorey Daze p, 3, 1:52, ($225,624), by Presidential Ball won several stakes while her Island Fantasy colt Loverboy Hanover conceived at Perretti’ s is just embarking upon what looks to be a very significant career.

Bret Hanover-Pretty Margie


Foaled in 1976, Margies Melody achieved elite status via her initial foal the all time champion Nihilator p, 3, 1:49.1, ($3,225,653), in 1982. Obtained by Perretti Farms in 1989, Margies Melody produced four fillies through 1993, after which she relocated to Winbak Farms.

Matt’s Scooter-Hurricane Almahurst


Foaled in 1991 and a daughter of Perretti Farms hall of famer Hurricane Almahurst, Mattmosphere had five foals from 1995 through 1999 two of which were distinctive. One Mattna Carter by Presidential Ball was the all time fastest 2-year-old “qualifier” at 1:53.3 in 1999 while her Artsplace son Arts Unknown topped the 1999 Perretti sales consignment with a top bid of $300,000.

Nero-Sunrise Hanover


Foaled in 1982, Miss Allison Plate was obtained in 1989 carrying Ready To Rumble p, 3, 1:51, ($764,072), who would prove the most significant of her eight foaled at Perretti Farms. A daughter Lyons Mattitude p, 3, 1:52, ($131,885), achieved significant success in Canada after being relocated
from Great Britian where she had set an all time speed record.

Meadow Skipper-Richelle Hanover


Foaled in 1973, Misty Raquel was a world champion racemare who earned $484,463 in an illustrious career. Obtained by Perretti Farms in 1990, Misty Raquel would foal her all time fastest performer in Laughasyougo p, 3, 1:52.1, ($281,430), to Die Laughing in 1992.

Joie De Vie-Crown Starlet


Foaled in 1989, My Starlet was obtained in 1998 while carrying the Pine Chip filly My Starchip p, 3, 1:54.2, ($340,258), who would emerge as one of the leading racefillies of her generation. My Starchip has joined her mother in the Perretti Farms broodmare band and like mom has been bred to Muscles

No Nukes-Norah Bell


Foaled in 1984, Nadia Lobell ranks as the greatest race mare ever owned by Perretti Farms having earned in excess of $1 million during her championship seasons. Nadia Lobell has provided the farm with 10 offspring to date foremost of which is the 1:50 performer Odds On Dana by Artiscape. Nadia
Lobell’s daughter, Naraculous, is also a Perretti Farms broodmare of distinction.

Big Towner-Nadia Lobell


Foaled in 1990, Naraculous was retained by the farm for breeding purposes after sustaining a foot injury as an early yearling. Naraculous has more than justified that faith having produced nine foals to date including the very well known Articulator p, 4, 1:49.3, ($310,316), Dr Hannibal p, 5, 1:51.1, ($202,521), and Civil Warrior p, 3, 1:51.1, ($126,363), they by Artiscape and Presidential Ball respectively. Naraculous is currently in foal to Red River Hanover.

Big Towner-Farm Bell


Foaled in 1981, Park Ave Bell’s all time best foal Central Park West p, 2, 1:53, ($534,863), was partially owned by the farm during her illustrious racing career although the dam herself was not obtained until 1988. While at Perretti’s Park Ave Bell produced 10 foals foremost of which was her Slapstick son Trump City p, 4, 1:55, ($137,515), foaled in 1991.

Albatross-Noreen Napoleon


Foaled in 1975, Passing Glance will be better remembered for her racing exploits prior to becoming a Perretti Farms broodmare in 1989. She produced three foals for Perretti including her all time fastest Glance Alworth p, 3, 1:52, ($141,887), in 1990.

Niatross-Fleet Donut


Foaled in 1985, Perfidia was obtained in 1996 while carrying Profitia who would go on to win a heat of the Little Brown Jug in 2000. Prior to arriving at Perretti Farms, Perfidia produced the major winner Gothic Dream p, 3, 1:50.1, ($1,528,671).

Race Time-Richelle Hanover


Foaled in 1976, Racy Raquel a sister to champion Misty Raquel produced the outstanding Chairmanoftheboard p, 3, 1:53.3, ($1,341,823), in 1982 prior to arrival at Perretti Farms in 1988. A difficult breeder, Racy Raquel produced but two foals for Perretti Farms one of which Race The Winds p, 4, 1:53.3, earned in excess of $100,000.

Incredible Nevele-Crown Thy Good


Foaled in 1989, Ruby Crown was obtained in 1997 while carrying the wondrous Scarlet Knight who became the first foreign trained standardbred to return to his native origins and trot off with the coveted Hambletonian. Purchased from the Perretti consignment to Harrisburg in 1999 by Swedish trainer Stefan Melander, Scarlet Knight returned in the Summer of 2001 to win American trotting’s greatest prize. Ruby Crown remains at the farm and is currently in foal to Muscles Yankee.

Most Happy Fella-Scene Stopper


Foaled in 1980, Sabella Lobell had already produced a significant daughter in Village Jewel p, 4, 1:55, ($146,226), prior to arrival at Perretti Farms in 1985 where she produced 13 foals. Among them, major winners Mattaroni p, 3, 1:52, ($744,481), Mattropolis p, 3, 1:52, ($319,982), and Matt The Knife
to Matt’s Scooter. Sabella Lobell is survived by her champion daughter Mattaroni and her only Artsplace offering Art Sale both currently Perretti Farms broodmares and in foal to Western Hanover and Red River Hanover respectively.

Albatross-Sandys Sable


Foaled in 1978, Sable Hanover reigned as “the matriarch” at Perretti Farms accounting for 15 foals including her “hall of fame” daughter Lady Hathaway and Australian champion Sablize in addition to the noted Mattduff p, 3, 1:51, ($362,024), Sablevision p, 3, 1:53, ($379,777), and Call For Cash p, 3, 1:51.1, ($213,863). Lady Hathaway is the dam of “millionaire” brothers His Mattjesty p, 3, 1:51, ($1,038,861), and Royal Mattjesty ($1,652,730). Other Sable Hanover extensions include her currently active granddaughter Cape Matteras p, 2, 1:53.2, ($65,292), and great granddaughter
Capericorn both in broodmare service and respectively in foal to Red River Hanover. SERIOUS SMILE
Die Laughing-So Cozy

Die Laughing-So Cozy


Foaled in 1995, Serious Smile had but two foals during her brief tenure at the farm but one of them Artbitration p, 3, 1:52.1, ($292,359), by Artiscape has emerged as one of the major race fillies of the 2003 and 2004 seasons despite attracting a successful bid of just $5,000 at the 2002 Tattersalls

Silent Majority-Racey Quilla


Foaled in 1983, Silent Quilla produced 10 foals for Perretti Farms foremost of which was her Slapstick son Captain Pantastic p, 4, 1:52.4, ($490,990), foaled in 1989. Of her 10 foals, all achieved race records except for ill-fated Silent Killa (Nihilator).

Valley Victory-Crown Dream


Foaled in 1993 and a full sister to Hambletonian winner Victory Dream, sire of Self Possessed, Victory Girl was obtained in 1997 carrying a Balanced Image foal named Liberty Balance 3, 1:55, ($997,478), who would win the 2000 Breeders Crown. Victory Girl had but four foals for Perretti Farms and is
survived by her Malabar Man daughter Mallelujah herself presently in foal to Muscles Yankee.

No Nukes-Viking Princess


Foaled 1985, Vignette Childer produced nine foals for Perretti Farms including Wrestling Matt p, 2, 1:52, ($101,391) (Matt’s Scooter), who set a world record for 2-year-old pacing geldings in 1996 and her all time best Washington VC p, 3, 1:52, ($560,984) (Presidential Ball), winner of the 1999 Adios stake at The Meadows.

No Nukes-Double Ante


Foaled in 1985, Vodka On Ice produced 14 foals for Perretti Farms including major winners Matt On The Rocks p, 3, 1:52.2, ($399,054), and Matt Russian to Matt’s Scooter and Leningrad p, 4, 1:52, ($214,040), to Slapstick.

No Nukes-Wendymae Hanover


Foaled in 1991 and a daughter of the one time Perretti owned Wendymae Hanover, Wendy M Hanover is a full sister to contemporary stallion leader Western Hanover p, 3, 1:50, ($2,541,647). Obtained in 1999 to be bred to Artsplace, Wendy M’s initial encounter with that stallion resulted in Modern Art p, 3, 1:50.2, ($1,011,819), already a winner of the lucrative Woodrow Wilson and New Jersey Classic stakes. Wendy M Hanover’s 2004 foal by champion Real Desire will headline the farm’s 2005 yearling consignment.

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