Lucky ChuckyMuscles Yankee

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  Perretti Farms Stallions

 Standing at Cool Winds Farm of Ohio!
LUCKY CHUCKY 2,1:55.1 3,1:50.4 $2,099,973

Standing at Winbak Farm of New York!
MUSCLES YANKEE 2,1:56.3; 3,1:52.2 ($1,424,938)

2010 Yearlings


Hip # Name Pedigree Video Sire Dam
760 Waywatcher

Artiscape Only Way To Go
955 Vouch Potato

Artiscape Voucher
186 Better Bettor

Bettor's Delight Simple Gesture
114 Cantabulations

Cantab Hall Repititions
103 Donato Trump

Donato Hanover Apecs
488 Stupid McCupid

Mcardle Art Amour
609 McErlean

Mcardle Igottwowordsforyou
741 Mcturesque

Mcardle Newport Way
1028 Scotty McTickets

Mcardle Artchitecture
1156 Lucky McTrucky

Mcardle Truculent Lady
5 Muscana

Muscles Yankee Ghirardelli Square
47 Making Muscles

Muscles Yankee Spendthrift
128 Yankee Bluegenes

Muscles Yankee Vernon Blue Chip
255 Muscleangelo

Muscles Yankee Olympic Cheers
257 Emuscerry

Muscles Yankee Enbeecee
321 Double Chriscross

Muscles Yankee Malexandria
326 Megamuscle

Muscles Yankee Armbro Vitality
350 Musmarize

Muscles Yankee Mars Bar
455 Spurcharge

Muscles Yankee Nikki Spur
1153 Muscle Maniac

Revenue S On The Muscle
7 Rockabella

Rocknroll Hanover Belly's Up
38 Rocktavius

Rocknroll Hanover Roman Art
89 Stoney Soprano

Rocknroll Hanover Lucks Mistress
143 Rock King Roll

Rocknroll Hanover Lady Mattgalane
205 Rockulese

Rocknroll Hanover Pumped
207 Shakerattlenrock

Rocknroll Hanover Fox Valley Shaker
220 Snyderman

Rocknroll Hanover Wendy M Hanover
378 Rockilles Heel

Rocknroll Hanover Merculese
383 Van Halens Comet

Rocknroll Hanover Southwind Vanna
411 Pet Rock

Rocknroll Hanover Casual Beauty
414 Plymouth Rocker

Rocknroll Hanover Trieste Hanover
522 Rocktail Party

Rocknroll Hanover Party Animal
1027 Rocktagon

Rocknroll Hanover Artbidexterous
736 Miracle Matts

Royal Mattjesty Naraculous
877 Mattista

Royal Mattjesty Smooth Latin N
1065 Mattparazi

Royal Mattjesty Cameron D'Art
803 Protown Bound

Artiscape Pro Town Best
106 Donata Dont Gotta

Donato Hanover Ucalthisahoneymoon
893 Liscrepency

Lis Mara Special Addition
1100 Tone Cold Eve

Lis Mara Cold & Clear
968 McNickels McDimes

Mcardle Diamonique Mindale
1126 McArdles Farm

Mcardle West We Forget
1155 McDaisy Cutter

Mcardle Scott's Daisy
1157 Mcwizard Mcoz

Mcardle Western Wizard
95 Mustalgia

Muscles Yankee Examination
126 Echretariat

Muscles Yankee Echo Hanover
254 Sign of the Pines

Muscles Yankee Pine Nugget
259 All In The Muscles

Muscles Yankee Ediths Chip
316 Valentines Way

Muscles Yankee Striking Val
481 Sargent Tina

Muscles Yankee Peron's Chip
686 Madison Sq Muscle

Muscles Yankee Madison County
1152 Real Parmesan

Real Desire Capericorn
726 Madoffwiththecash

Revenue S Muscling In
1089 Orientation

Revenue S Chynatown
1154 Tiki Waikiki

Revenue S Pineapple
145 Ram Rocker

Rocknroll Hanover Camadian
151 Beaches N Dreams

Rocknroll Hanover Beachy Lady
370 Rockaround Sue

Rocknroll Hanover Promysquous Lady
374 Rock N Artplace

Rocknroll Hanover Art Sale
429 Beat Of The Night

Rocknroll Hanover Good Vibrations
484 Americanplantstand

Rocknroll Hanover Plant A Kiss
699 Rollatini

Rocknroll Hanover Mattaroni
275 Most Happy Teller

Tell All Yankee Ashley


Hip # Name Pedigree Video Sire Dam
665 Hankenstein

American Ideal Hank's Chip
643 Maradocsical

Lis Mara Doc's Girl
420 Marshall McDillon

McArdle Dodge Kitty
608 Dick McTracy

McArdle Barely Legal
109 Muscleberry Finn

Muscles Yankee Flirty Two
213 Mussiah

Muscles Yankee Mallelujah
510 Muscle Source

Muscles Yankee Mallionaire
594 Surrealistic

Real Desire Art's Confession
690 Whirl Monroe

Real Desire Western Whirl
731 Kingapore

Revenue S Queen Of Queens
75 Rockumentation

Rocknroll Hanover Odds On JP
76 Rockweiller

Rocknroll Hanover Lovely Shark
146 E Street Plan

Rocknroll Hanover Plan On It
166 Stoned Pony

Rocknroll Hanover La Dolce Hall
193 Rock Three Times

Rocknroll Hanover Tres Elegante
294 Rockeyed Optimist

Rocknroll Hanover She Likes It All
361 Rolling Rocker

Rocknroll Hanover Sweet Smilin' Lady
446 Mcgrin N Mcbare It

McArdle Armbro Althea
473 Big McDeal

McArdle Ideal Gal
778 Mctatorship

McArdle Because I Said So
782 McSauna

McArdle Steamy Place
123 Andemonioum

Muscles Yankee Andover Mass
245 Friendly Persuader

  Muscles Yankee Madam Ambassador
281 Hula La

Muscles Yankee Aloha
759 Face Dismissed

  Revenue S That Fabulous Face
38 Joyrocking

Rocknroll Hanover Joyeux
233 Nun Too Soon

Rocknroll Hanover The Mattican
319 Babe Per View

Rocknroll Hanover Babe Watching
387 Rockturnal

Rocknroll Hanover Miss Stacee
552 Intelligence

Tell All Western Wisdom
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