Lucky ChuckyMuscles Yankee

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  Perretti Farms Stallions

 Standing at Cool Winds Farm of Ohio!
LUCKY CHUCKY 2,1:55.1 3,1:50.4 $2,099,973

Standing at Winbak Farm of New York!
MUSCLES YANKEE 2,1:56.3; 3,1:52.2 ($1,424,938)

2011 Yearlings

Harrisburg 2011

Hip # Name Pedigree Video Sire Dam
14 Whats Up Rock

Rocknroll Hanover Who Moved The Rock
25 Clint Westwood

Western Terror Mattaroni
39 Woodrock Nation

Rocknroll Hanover Wendy M Hanover
40 Hollyrock Heyden

Rocknroll Hanover

Captain Holly

41 Predatory Male

Rocknroll Hanover Promysquous Lady
88 Fitness Craze

Crazed Aerobics
89 Muscle Mensch

Muscles Yankee Stacelita
90 Increditably

Credit Winner Myolin
133 Shock N Rock

Rocknroll Hanover Fox Valley Shaker
134 Masada Rocks

Rocknroll Hanover Lady Mattgalane
135 Orcastrate

Rocknroll Hanover Lovely Shark
159 Rocky Mountain Guy

Rocknroll Hanover Camadian
160 To Beach His Own

Rocknroll Hanover Beachy Lady
219 Rockin Romo

Rocknroll Hanover Art Amour
235 O Solo Cleo

Rocknroll Hanover Hurrikane Cleo
273 Meadowshark Lemon

Four Starzzz Shark Paula's Promise
281 Artacus

Artiscape Pumped
308 Tiger Would Too

Rocknroll Hanover Party Animal
311 Avatartist

Rocknroll Hanover Cameron D'Art
314 Rockingbird Will

Rocknroll Hanover Plant A Kiss
355 Diva Destruction

Muscles Yankee Diva Godiva
356 Mustoyevsky

Muscles Yankee Olympic Cheers
372 Captive Audience

Art Major Captiva Island
401 Team Zordin

Muscles Yankee Zorgwijk Delighted
435 Jingle Bell Rocker

Rocknroll Hanover Blissard of Oz
448 Diamond Said

Rocknroll Hanover Diamonique Mindale
457 Stace In The Hole

Rocknroll Hanover Miss Stacee
501 Rockcidental

Rocknroll Hanover The Mattican
502 Rock N Ahard Place

Rocknroll Hanover Steamy Place
568 Stone Ranger

  Rocknroll Hanover Mercy Mercy Mercy
602 Brett McFavrelous

McArdle Pro Town Best
616 McJackpot

McArdle Myrna's Jackpot
647 Rockpile

Rocknroll Hanover Sweet Smilin Lady
672 Mustodian

Muscles Yankee Madison County
751 Psycho Dad

Crazed On The Muscle
867 Ginsanity

Crazed Gingerly
875 McScape Artist

McArdle Cape Matteras
941 McGarden State

McArdle Artemiss TSS
985 Substantiate

Real Desire Voucher
988 McWhirlaway

McArdle Western Whirl
1036 Mass Matazz

Muscle Mass Flirty Two
1073 Sink The McBismark

McArdle Cam The Torpedos
1178 Blackball Jungle

Revenue S Paint It Black
1201 Vernal Revenue

Revenue S Southwind Emerald
1 Rocker Mom

Rocknroll Hanover La Dolce Hall
5 Cinnonymous

Bettor's Delight Armbro Cinnamon
121 Classic Rock

Rocknroll Hanover Classic Star
178 Redondancy

Donato Hanover Repititions
183 Samartina

Muscles Yankee Valbruna
186 Contonese

Conway Hall Chynatown
292 Rockamamie

Rocknroll Hanover Armbro Althea
300 Rockumentary

Rocknroll Hanover Narrator
321 Happy Sales To You

American Ideal Art Sale
415 Muscany Valley

Muscles Yankee Malcyon
427 Volgarity

Muscles Yankee Stormont Volga
462 Rockapulco

Rocknroll Hanover Babe Watching
606 McThird Dimension

McArdle One Dimension
622 Rock All Night

Rocknroll Hanover She Likes It All
669 Vallas Cowgirl

Muscles Yankee Striking Val
670 Maledega Might

Muscles Yankee Malexandria
705 Mara Mutuel

Lis Mara Odds On JP
730 Maratoga

Lis Mara Roman Art
791 Artristomatt

Artiscape Mattrician
814 Rambling Rosa

Real Desire Lady Rosa
1020 Lindsey Mac

Muscles Yankee Daliance
1060 Veronica Dodge

Artiscape Dodge Kitty
1249 Missing Ink

Royal Mattjesty Insolvency
1182 Revita

Revenue S Peron's Chip
1183 Dole Patrol

  Revenue S Pineapple
1213 Versache

Revenue S Woman Of Style

Lexington 2011

Hip# Name Pedigree Video Sire Dam
19 Beckretariat

Rocknroll Hanover Merculese
26 Rocks N Bonds

Rocknroll Hanover Economic Clout
159 Cantab Abs

Cantab Hall Apecs
162 Muscles Inc

Muscles Yankee Lucky Luciana
275 Three Rock Night

Rocknroll Hanover Tres Elegante
364 Yankees Aweigh

Yankee Glide Anklet Hanover
453 A Thousand Crowns

Equinox Bi Ruby Crown
471 Musclechusetts

Muscles Yankee Andover Mass
522 Maranoia

Lis Mara Yankee Ashley
545 Vanna Montana

Rocknroll Hanover Southwind Vanna
571 Robin Would

Crazed Woodwork
595 Jupiter N Mars

Muscles Yankee Mars Bar
634 Obligations

Real Desire Because I Said So
676 Loch McNess

McArdle Loch Laggan
704 Spurrier

Muscles Yankee Nikki Spur
36 A Choir A Chimp

Art Major Monkeys Can Sing
74 For The Goodrhymes

Rocknroll Hanover Mrs. American Pie
101 Rollingstonebridge

Rocknroll Hanover Stonebridge Prima
219 Laguna Kahuna

Somebeachsomewhere Western Wisdom
310 Rachel Welch

Real Desire Ideal Gal
313 Fandemonium

Western Ideal Real Fanfare
337 High Musclemass

Muscle Mass Mallelujah
391 Casanostra

Muscles Yankee San Casciano
409 Mall In The Family

Muscles Yankee Edith's Chip
442 Massmanian Devil

Muscle Mass Paradise Valley
611 Walking Heads

Real Desire Puppets Can Walk
650 Kardashian

Real Desire Pacific Playmate
728 Real Mozartist

Real Desire Artbidexterous
755 McDisney

McArdle Western Wizard
782 Queen Extreme

Crazed Queen Of Queens
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