Lucky ChuckyMuscles Yankee

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  Perretti Farms Stallions

 Standing at Cool Winds Farm of Ohio!
LUCKY CHUCKY 2,1:55.1 3,1:50.4 $2,099,973

Standing at Winbak Farm of New York!
MUSCLES YANKEE 2,1:56.3; 3,1:52.2 ($1,424,938)

2012 Yearlings

Dam Sire Date Foaled Sex Yearling Name
Paula's Promise American Ideal 06/01/11 colt Senior Promise
Fairy Tail Angus Hall 04/07/11 filly Chippentail
Monkeys Can Sing Art Major 05/14/11 filly Gorilladelphia
Armbro Cinnamon Art Official 05/22/11 filly Cinamony
Because I Said So Art Official 06/01/11 colt Mister Chaos
Doc's Girl Art Official 04/01/11 filly Documentation
Good Vibrations Art Official 05/20/11 colt Good Citations
Lovin A Fool Art Official 02/22/11 colt Superficial
Only Way To Go Art Official 05/10/11 filly Bosstrophobia
Pumped Art Official 05/27/11 filly Ready To Pumble
Voucher Art Official 05/02/11 colt Officiator
Western Heat Art Official 03/04/11 filly Artrizona
Truculent Lady Artiscape 03/06/11 filly Lucky Trucky
Absolutely Cam Bettor's Delight 03/16/11 colt New York Bets
Captiva Island Bettor's Delight 03/03/11 filly Betropolitan
Simple Gesture Cam's Card Shark 02/13/11 filly Mako Wish
Aerobics Cantab Hall 05/27/11 filly Can Can Frisco
Ebony Eyes Cantab Hall 02/23/11 colt Ebony Can Ivory
Muscling In Cantab Hall 05/27/11 colt The Muscler
Ura Hanover Cantab Hall 02/28/11 filly Eurocan
Chynatown Crazed 04/04/11 colt Rhinestone Macauboy
Classic Twist Crazed 04/18/11 colt Twist N Tout
Myolin Crazed 05/03/11 filly Myolinist
Reverending Crazed 05/26/11 filly Loconotion
Southwind Emerald Crazed 03/08/11 colt Green Hornut
Apecs Donato Hanover 03/25/11 filly Donato Ducks
Repititions Donato Hanover 04/30/11 filly Replications
Anklet Hanover Explosive Matter 03/23/11 colt Anktimonious
Flirty Two Explosive Matter 04/16/11 filly Flirt The Issue
Ruby Crown Explosive Matter 05/09/11 filly Ruby Trap
That Fabulous Face Explosive Matter 02/11/11 colt Facebookie
Ucalthisahoneymoon Explosive Matter 04/06/11 filly Spit For Spat
Armbro Althea Lis Mara 04/29/11 colt Maracuda
Barely Legal Lis Mara 02/02/11 filly Maralegal
Yankee Ashley Lis Mara 03/30/11 filly Maraphernalia
Blissard Of Oz Major In Art 04/26/11 colt Ozmania
Arts Confession Mcardle 05/24/11 filly The Whole McTruth
Cold And Clear Mcardle 02/24/11 colt Mcartic Ocean
Lady Rosa Mcardle 04/14/11 filly Wine N McRoses
Western Whirl Mcardle 06/01/11 colt Earl The McPearl
Lucky Luciana Muscle Hill 05/05/11 colt Don Muscles
Armbro Vitality Muscle Mass 03/22/11 filly Massassin
Ghirardelli Square Muscle Mass 04/12/11 colt Massacaia
Gingerly Muscle Mass 04/22/11 filly Muscle Mannequin
Aloha Muscles Yankee 05/15/11 colt Tiki Barbells
Bama Hall Muscles Yankee 05/30/11 colt Muscleloosa
Classic Toy Muscles Yankee 01/30/11 colt Muscle Boytoy
Diva Godiva Muscles Yankee 02/10/11 colt Divastation
Dream Of Angels Muscles Yankee 05/12/11 colt Muscleangelo
Edith's Chip Muscles Yankee 05/26/11 colt Bunker Hill
Enbeecee Muscles Yankee 04/10/11 filly Cee Bee Yes
Examination Muscles Yankee 04/20/11 filly Muscle Test
Graceful Touch (ET) Muscles Yankee 05/29/11 filly Graceful Kelly
Lola Seelster Muscles Yankee 05/31/11 colt O Solo Muscles
Malcyon Muscles Yankee 05/10/11 filly Alamuscle
Malexandria Muscles Yankee 04/02/11 colt Damuscus
Mallionaire Muscles Yankee 02/12/11 filly A Mallion To One
Our Danielli Muscles Yankee 03/16/11 colt Muscle Massacre
Pine Nugget Muscles Yankee 02/21/11 colt On Golden Pine
Plum's Victory Muscles Yankee 03/08/11 colt Plum De Dum Dum
Score Gracefully Muscles Yankee 04/08/11 filly The Yankees Win
Shooting Starlet (ET) Muscles Yankee 05/28/11 filly Starbarian
Spendthrift Muscles Yankee 04/10/11 filly Happy Spendings
Striking Val Muscles Yankee 04/26/11 colt Valentine Blast
Toss Up Muscles Yankee 02/15/11 colt Toss Cartwright
Valbruna Muscles Yankee 04/20/11 filly Valbrunella
Woodwork Muscles Yankee 05/16/11 colt Working Press
Narrator Real Desire 05/29/11 colt Voiceover
Puppets Can WalK Real Desire 05/23/11 filly Strings N Things
Rusty's She Shark Real Desire 04/17/11 filly Asbury Shark
Special Addition Real Desire 04/19/11 filly Accounturblessings
Sweet Smilin Lady Real Desire 05/11/11 filly Life Of Smiley
The Mattican Real Desire 05/05/11 filly Matt Tin Roof
Tres Elegante Real Desire 05/31/11 filly Threesome
Western Wisdom Real Desire 05/21/11 filly Oogle Google
Paradise Valley Revenue S 05/26/11 filly Revergreen
Red Moon Rising Revenue S 03/31/11 filly Money Mooners
Art Amour Rocknroll Hanover 05/26/11 colt Rockeyed Optimist
Artchitecture Rocknroll Hanover 02/11/11 colt Arockalypse Now
Beachy Lady Rocknroll Hanover 05/11/11 filly Surfside Sexy
Belly's Up Rocknroll Hanover 02/14/11 filly Rockabella Center
Bunny's Legacy Rocknroll Hanover 02/15/11 filly Sock Hopper
Camadian Rocknroll Hanover 02/26/11 colt Shake Ontario
Cameron D'Art Rocknroll Hanover 03/02/11 filly Rockingcam Park
Captain Holly Rocknroll Hanover 04/24/11 filly Hello Holly
Fionovar Hanover Rocknroll Hanover 02/18/11 filly Fiyonce
Fox Valley Shaker Rocknroll Hanover 04/19/11 colt Earthshaker
Hank's Chip Rocknroll Hanover 05/02/11 filly Chiprockracy
Hurricane Cleo Rocknroll Hanover 03/04/11 filly Cleo De Janeiro
Igottwowordsforyou Rocknroll Hanover 02/19/11 colt Rock U Too
La Dolce Hall Rocknroll Hanover 05/25/11 filly Rollatini
Lady Mattgalane Rocknroll Hanover 02/08/11 colt Likearollingclone
Lovely Shark Rocknroll Hanover 05/02/11 filly Rockodillian
Lucks Mistress Rocknroll Hanover 03/11/11 filly Rock Be A Lady
Merculese Rocknroll Hanover 05/28/11 filly Red Rocktober
Miss Stacee Rocknroll Hanover 03/26/11 colt Four Staces
Mrs. American Pie Rocknroll Hanover 05/10/11 colt Whiskey N Pie
Naraculous Rocknroll Hanover 02/15/11 colt Inrockuous
Odds On JP Rocknroll Hanover 03/11/11 filly Old Cape Odd
One Dimension Rocknroll Hanover 05/09/11 colt Oneoclockrock
Plan On It Rocknroll Hanover 03/28/11 colt Rockville Mentor
Promysquous Lady Rocknroll Hanover 04/04/11 colt Rock Absorber
Real Fanfare Rocknroll Hanover 05/03/11 filly Fanticipation
Sharks R Us Rocknroll Hanover 03/13/11 filly Rocks R Us
She Likes It All Rocknroll Hanover 04/18/11 filly Rock Groupie
Steamy Place Rocknroll Hanover 02/23/11 filly Rock Market
Stonebridge Prima Rocknroll Hanover 05/05/11 colt Prima Donald
Wendy M Hanover Rocknroll Hanover 05/22/11 filly Wendurance
Who Moved The Rock Rocknroll Hanover 03/02/11 filly Rolomite
Art Sale Royal Mattjesty 04/17/11 colt King of Arts
Dodge Kitty Royal Mattjesty 06/02/11 colt King of Beasts
High Rocktane Shadow Play 04/19/11 filly Shadownooga
Joyeux Shadow Play 02/12/11 colt Shadow Margeaux
Lady Luvs Diamonds Shadow Play 03/11/11 colt Shadversary
Plant A Kiss Shadow Play 05/17/11 colt Shadvertise
Roman Art Shadow Play 06/04/11 colt Shadowbriand
Smooth Latin N Shadow Play 04/17/11 colt Shadios
Just Add Water Somebeachsomewhere 05/18/11 colt Somewave Somewhere
Economic Clout Western Ideal 02/15/11 filly Ecomendations

Standardbred News

With sadness, Perretti Farms Announces the Loss of Matt's Scooter

Matt's ScooterColumbus, OH --- Champion racehorse and stallion Matt's Scooter, 29, was euthanized on Monday (June 30) at Mid-Atlantic Equine Clinic in Ringoes, N.J. He had been residing at Perretti Farms in New Jersey, where he had stood at stud virtually his entire career.

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