January 14, 2008


Reports continue to circulate regarding what seems to be an impressive initial showing for the first crop of the imported Revenue. In fact so much so that it’s necessary to keep a lid on the expectations level as some signs suggest that what was hoped for with his importation could be on the verge of happening.

Of course it’s still very early and nobody is going those :27 quarters but it does appear that many Revenues are uniformly good gaited and willing which is all you could ask at this stage.

In short, they seem to be doing hitched up what it looked like they could do on the promotional yearling videos.

While Revenue is French sired by an International champion named Rev D’Udon, his maternal side is pure American stemming from Scotch Love one of the few mares to ever produce TWO Hambletonian champions in all time great Speedy Scot and his brother Speedy Streak. Speedy Scot of course is the sire of Speedy Crown and Arnie Almahurst who dominated things for quite a spell.

Interestingly Revenue is not the only performer from his Sugarcane Hanover dam Helen Sund (Nevele Pride-Rare Chance). In addition to Revenue, Helen Sund has Face The Enemy 1:57.2 by Viking Kronos, Glee Face 1:57.4 by Enjoy Lavec and Face The Freak (Pine Chip) 1:58.2 all European records from last year and probably further updated further by now.

Let me get this straight. A slot machine is programmed to pay off at 92% presumably within each 24hour period. That being the case, than if one were to commandeer the same machine for 24 hours, then the most one can lose is 8% of the bankroll assuming a consistency of play within that period.

Try playing the same pari-mutuel machine for 24 hours and see what happens.

Toss in a few free drinks, a nice ambiance and it’s not hard to understand the lure of the slots.

There’s a watering hole in Spring Lake Heights where TEXAS HOLD EM is played on screen via a what’s called a buzz time playmaker. Generally there’s a half dozen or so regular players active about the same time each night with the generational breakdown being as follows.

Two guys appear to be in their mid 50’s. One guy looks past 60. At least of two of the players and sometimes three seem well below 40 and probably closer to 30. And from time to time a comely young lady who can’t possibly be above 40 will sit in.

Don’t know what to make of it but it’s about the same generational complexion of the crowds I remember from Roosevelt and Yonkers in the 60’s.

Read somewhere that a track was able to reduce the post one dominance via allocation of that slot to the lesser endowed.

Well yeah, but one wonders how the percentages held up when horses that figured drew the coveted starting spot..

Noticed that 85% of those polled thought racetracks should be compelled to release attendance and handle figures.

With all due respect just as most product manufacturers need input from the sales outlet, the same applies us manufacturers of the racehorse product.

If the Meadowlands is “losing money” why is it referred to as “The World’s Greatest Marketplace”?

Why is that owners line still omitted from sales company past performance booklets? It’s not like the information is not readily accessible via USTA pathway.

What’s the rationale for the excess time between races at a major track these nights?
Surely there can’t be that much congestion at the mutual windows.

Isn’t the real question regarding the cannibalization issue in racinos, whether or not the track handle would be declining at a similar rate without the slots?

Why aren’t guys like Wally Rottkamp, Bruce Gordon, Barry Meadow. Warren Pack, Jack Kiser, Woody Lawlis and others not in the “COMMUNICATOR’S HALL OF FAME?

Bob Marks



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