October 22, 2007

Say what you want about the uncertainty surrounding a European born stallion prospect like Revenue but if these videos are any indication, more than just some of them look like they ready to get hitched and harnessed sooner rather than later.

# 13, REVYE RICH MAN (Ediths Chip) the Revenue brother to Apecs looks like he can trot more than just some as does #152 COLONEL REVENUE (Shooting Starlet) and #582 REVENOPOLIS (Olympic Cheers)… #650 BALTIMORE REVENUES (The Raven) is by far the best and most agile prospect The Raven has yet produced.

In that vein #244, FLIRTIFIED (Flirty Two) is probably the most substantial Flirty Two since Her Culese and #509 STAIRWAY TO REVEN (Woodwork) could be the breakout performer Habit’s sister Woodwork has been seeking.

T’aint heard any disparaging remarks about #150 MEYER WINSKY (Myolin), the Windsong’s Legacy colt from the near $200,000 winning Muscles Yankee daughter of Jonlin she American Winner’s full sister..

Even those wise guy wannabes will be satisfied with #153 WINDSONG SOPRANO (Muscling In) The Windsong’s Legacy sister to Hambo Oaks runner up Resortful and that eye catching 1:55 second week Red Mile 2-year old Big Boy Lloyd..

#246 WINSPIRATIONAL (That Fabulous Face) could finally be the inspiration That Fabulous Face has been waiting for. After all, the disqualified Breeders Crown winner already has a trio of successful Enjoy Lavecs to her credit and this is her first by Triple Crown king Windsong’s Legacy.

#148 TOUCHDOWN TOWN (Graceful Touch) the Muscle Mass full brother is a handsome devil INDEED….. #149 GODDESS OF WAR (Mars Bar) could be THAT Mars Bar to knock some socks off… . # 151 THIGHS THE LIMIT (Anklet Hanover) much bigger and longer than last year’s successful version Ditto for #242 MONSIGNOR MOMENT (Mallelujah) a bigger-longer version of late blooming Yankee Gospel and #245 A STARLET FORM, (My Starlet) is the dam’s best since My Starchip.

Not to be outdone, #30 TO BEACH HIS OWN (Good Vibrations) is a tad bigger than last year’s version. # 32 OZABILITIES (Blissard of Oz) is very representative of his productive family. #100 WORDLY DOMINATION (Worldy Beauty) as good a Card Shark as you’ll see anywhere.. Much bigger than last year’s filly…

#101 VENICE MENACE (Mattaroni) equal to if not better than Pasta Lavista if that’s remotely possible… #102 MAJARARTY RULES (Mercy Mercy Mercy) is according to some as good an Art Major as they’ve seen and a lot bigger and longer than the gritty little Palone Ranger.. #103 ART FOR THE COURSE (Wendy M Hanover) is somewhat reminiscent in the field to full brother Modern Art… . #104 BUFFALO ROME (Roman Art) is not as big as FULL brother ARTRIVERDERCI was at the same stage but lots bigger than the half sister Da Vinci Road. Both #s106 SALEVSTER STALLONE (Art Sale) and #348 SECOND EMOTION (Second Term) are better than last year’s versions at the same stage.

#317 LIMESTONE COWGIRL (Odds On JP) is about as tall, though more substantial than 1:51.3 Red River Hanover sister Miss Scarlett… # 318 BELL ON WHEELS. (Bellys Up) Could have far more than JUST Pennsylvania Sires aspirations… # 367 McTIKI BAR (Diamonique Mindale is kind of like what those better McArdle fillies tend to be like… Good family. # 412 MACHWURST (Western Whirl) Just trace the Stand Alone connection via returning the SUPER maternal blood to Matt’s Scooter’s own Mach Three.. . #467 WESMERIZE (Plant A Kiss) may not be the first filly requested but never fails to impress. #839 (RED AS A DOORNAIL) has a THIRD day number with FIRST day pedigree and looks,,

A pair of first time Artiscape fillies #31 DUEL N DIE (Duel) and # 584 ARTRISMA (Western Wizard) might be the best their respective dams have produced. And both have produced WINNERS…

# 463 AUDITORIAL (Special Edition) IS much more substantial than Artsreos was at the same stage… .. #464 McARTIC CIRCLE (Cold And Clear) his dam just doesn’t ’t miss and looking at this McArdle colt is indicative of why… . #466 SHARK D’TRIOMPHE (Doc’s Girl) being a Card Shark could be an intriguing change for the productive Doc’s Girl #585 REDRIVERBOAT (Artemis Tss) is far sleeker and racier than Scottery Tickets was at this stage,,,

See You in Harrisburg

Bob Marks



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