August 20, 2007

If the rest of the first crop Revenue’s are going to video like the first two headed for the new Jersey Classic we could be seeing something very interesting in the weeks to come. Granted the pair in the early sale are not the best ones-at least on paper perhaps- but both the stylish BET THE BRANCH (Meadowbranch Ellen) and the sturdy EXTACURRICULAR (Inside Outing) took to the video paddock like old pros. Both show Revenue’s impressive gait.

WAYWARD WINDSONG (Windsong’s Legacy The Goddess) did just fine and might be something of a sleeper in the making seeing as how her cataloged siblings are in Europe where details become sketchy. Did catch up with the Finnish owner of her Dream Vacation sister who indicated they loved her but since the policy is not to race 2-year-olds her catalog line will read now 2 and exported.

Your move!

On the pacing side BUENOS ARTIST (Artiscape-Smooth Latin N) is everything his brother McAPULCO was not especially in the field. Given that McApulco is proving a very nice 2-year-old in Canada despite his diminutive stature, the bigger stronger, longer Artiscape brother BUENOS ARTIST is well worth looking at.

Also falling into the category of his dam’s best foal to date is ARTNERS IN CRIME (Artiscape-Pretty Daring) a much bigger stronger colt than last year’s sister RED IN THE FACE p,2,1:55.1 was at a comparative stage. Considering she’s a double winner in Canada and in the Eternal Camnation on Saturday it might be worthy of note. Oh yeah, RED IN THE FACE sold for something like $8,000 at Harrisburg last fall.

If there’s another McArdle Sweetheart winner like McARTS N CRAFTS (Mcardle-Jardin Des Arts) in the Jersey Classic consignment it could be MONTE McCARLO (Paris Bistro) who like McArts N Crafts and double stakes winner VALMcTORIAN (McArdle Penn Grad) is simply the best foal the dam has produced to date and like those two is the dam’s first McArdle filly. Last year’s colt McHales Gravy was dispensed to Ohio last November where he brought all of $1,300 but is racing and winning in Canada as a 2-year-old. Previously she had NINETY ONE HAWKS a huge gangly type who finally got the hang of it this year winning in 1:50.4 at The Meadowlands. MONTE McCARLO is a much nicer filly.

In case you haven’t noticed, MUSCLES YANKEE might be in the midst of his best year ever judging from the gaggle of glowing reports coming in from all stops on the trotting globe. In fact, Muscles was the number one sire of money winning 2-year-old trotters when last we looked.

At the Meadowlands, BOTH year old MEGASTAKES were won by Muscles Yankee offspring with BLUE YORK YANKEE (Vernon Blue Chip) prevailing in the Peter Haughton in 1:57.2… while MUSCOVITE (Armbro Vitality) scored in the Merrie Annabelle in 1:57. Blue York Yankee is a full brother to the very celebrated Blue Mac Lad

At Springfield, MUSCLE MASS (Graceful Touch) established a new record for 2-year-old trotting colts winning the Review in 1:53.4 prevailing over still another Muscles Yankee colt in PINE AFTER PINE (Pine Nugget). FULL BROTHERS to Muscle Mass and Pine After Pine named TOUCHDOWN TOWN and JUST IN PINE will sell in the Perretti consignment to Harrisburg in November.

Then there’s the recently syndicated DEWYCHEATUMNHOWE (Trolley Square) a recent acquisition by Walnut Hall LTD for a cool half million who was so impressive at The Meadowlands early on. Ineligible to the Peter Haughton, Dewycheatumnhowe will be pointed for Lexington in September

Lest we forget Robert Stewart winner ANKLETS AWEIGH (Anklet Hanover) who’s virtually the first legitimate opportunity her dam as had in that her first foal Achilles Heel suffered bone cysts and could never be sold.. Anklet’s Aweigh on the other hand won the In Free final in addition to her Robert Stewart victory. Her full sister THIGHS THE LIMIT will sell at Harrisburg this fall.

SWEETHEART WINNER, McARTS N CRAFTS (Jardin Des Arts) cost all of $12,000 at last year’s New Jersey Classic sale.. All she’s done is pace in 1:53.3, earn in excess of one quarter million alreadyand appreciate her value substantially.

COUNTESS ADIOS AND MOLLY PITCHER winner VALMcTORIAN (Penn Grad) was a $20,000 yearling at Harrisburg and she’s already earned $70,000+ and has paced in 1:53.3

Then there’s ROBERT STEWART runner up B M McW (Diecyle) who despite her $5,000 price tag from last year’s New Jersey Classic has won in 1:55.4 in the Wishuponaststar closer and has earned over $40,000 thus far.$$$

Interesting that two of those three came from last year’s NEW JERSEY CLASSIC where we have a long history of selling inexpensive stakes winners.

In fact the $1million.five earner MALTESE ARTIST came from one of our Classic consignments not too long ago.

Bob Marks



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