March 5, 2007

Yes that was our own CAPTAIN HOLLY (Cambest-Wendyann Hanover raising eyebrows winning a NIGHT STYLES leg in 1:53.1 while still a maiden. The full sister to the celebrated Best Laid Plans heads for next week’s Night Styles final on Wednesday and thereafter will go in the Jersey girls. In the interim she’ll be bred to Rocknroll Hanover when the time is right.

Seems the horse industry in New Jersey should get behind Assemblyman Louis Manzo of Jersey City who is calling for legislation to allow for a Casino at The Meadowlands and slots at the actual racetrack.

Sure sounds like an idea whose time has come.

Finally got one from Repititions and she is a dandy filly by Revenue from the unraced Muscles Yankee first foal from the Echo Hanover whose story closely parallels another member of that family named Peace A Pie.

Peace A Pie is a Valley Victory sister to Echo Hanover who sustained a pasture injury as weanling rendering her untrainable but given her impressive pedigree was retained for breeding. This was quickly validated as that her subsequent foals included the likes of Pizza Dolce and Mars Bar designating Peace A Pie as very much a made broodmare.

Thus when Repititions suffered a similar fate sustaining a pasture as a weanling the decision on what to do next simplified as Pizza Dolce’s prowess was now a known commodity.

So now we have a Revenue filly from Repititions a Muscles Yankee-Echo Hanover niece to Peace A Pie.

Could be a saga worth repeating.

Andy Cohen offers and we quote from his latest release on harness racing .com, “I know the continuous gaggle of stories bother some of you in reference to the drugging scenarios popping up in so many locations. He then quoted David Wilmot, Woodbine CEO who said “To people who say washing our laundry is not a good thing, I say the alternative is not washing our laundry”

Moreover, we seem to remember the compelling theme from a rather celebrated journalistic muckraker “If they didn’t do these things to begin with, I’d be out of business. I’d have nothing to write about”

Perhaps the real dilemma here is not that the front page headlines are so prevalent these days but that the content described is not exactly unfounded innuendo.
Therefore it would seem logical during this slots fueled prosperity era not to upset the proverbial applecart via activities sure to generate tabloid type headlines that the new masters neither need nor seem willing to condone.

Overlooked perhaps is how these revelations do kind of justify the suspicions of many long lost fans over the years who simply gave up believing the game was corrupt. Kind of like that bittersweet realization that there is no Santa Claus and that professional wrestling really is predetermined. It’s never the same afterwards

When we named him Oblivion-never thought we’d actually see him again but here he is and part of the world record book no less.

Oblivion (No Nukes-Jefs Eternity) is the older brother to Immortality who sustained a pasture injury as a weanling rendering him untrainable although he was sufficiently pasture sound to be eventually used as a stallion.

Originally penciled in as Immortality, the colt was then dubbed Oblivion as that name was held in abeyance for his soon to be born full sister.

Given his impressive bloodlines, Oblivion wound up in Australia where he enjoyed a modest stud career until the likes of Poppy Lustre N wound up setting the world record for mares at Dover Downs last week.

Poppy Lustre N is by the remembered Direct Flight from Tartan Lustre who is a daughter of none other OBLIVION who’s now permanently entrenched as the broodmare sire of a world champion.

Lots of horses get imported from Down Under but Cams Fool, the Cams Card Shark brother to Pennsylvania stallion I Am A Fool qualifies as one of the few imports that was actually exported first as he raced here at two and three before trying the Southern Hemisphere route.

Recently, Cams Fool returned to these shores and was last noticed winning a Saturday night feature at Yonkers for Nifty Norman.

Bob Marks



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