February 12, 2007

The book on Rocknroll Hanover is full and closed and we thank everyone for the expressed interest in the Western Ideal-Rich N Elegant champion.

Once again there were precious few bookings actually available to outside breeders as the horse is fully syndicated and shareholders exercised all their entitlements. In addition the horse is contractually limited which meant a substantial number of exceptional broodmare prospects just could not be accommodated. To which we deeply regret.

Booking contracts to Perretti stallions (other than Rocknroll Hanover) will soon be available for download from this website by clicking in the appropriate spot on the home page.

Lucks Mistress and Stonebridge Prima, two rather distinguished Camluck ladies are done racing and will be sent to the court of Rocknroll Hanover later this year.

Lucks Mistress with a mark of 1:51.3 at three and just shy of $500,000 on her card is a sister to the 1:49.4 star Camystic ($779,728) from Mystic Mistress a daughter of the well known Pam Ryan from whom trace Caprock, Easy Goer and a host of others.

Stonebridge Prima with a 3-year-old mark of 1:52 is a sister to such Canadian notables as Stonebridge First, Stonebridge Premio and Stonebridge Prize each with over $500,000 in earnings from Fran Seelster a daughter of the famed Fashion Trick which makes her a half sister to the great racehorse and sire Falcon Seelster. Nice story on Stonebridge Prima by Dave Liker in last week’s Horseman And Fair World.

Other recent Perretti Farms owned retirees from outstanding matrons headed for Rocknroll Hanover this year include Plan On It a daughter of Bettor’s Delight from Best Laid Plans and Merculese the Artsplace daughter of Mercy Mercy Mercy.

Although it’s a tad early to be thinking of yearling videos one could be tempted to bring the cameras when checking the first crop of Windsong’s Legacy in their respective paddocks.

Seems these just turned yearlings are already ALL TROT and rather impressively at that.
Given the trotting prowess of the Triple Crown winning sire, it’s not exactly a shocking revelation.

Chris Ryder offered some encouraging words on his first crop McArdles- not all of them cost the proverbial arm and a leg. Like the ole man, they’re willing and have go…

Reports keep pouring in about the precocity of those Red River Hanover first croppers as there seems to be as much uniformity about them on the racetracks much as there was in the selling aisle.

Be interesting to see the upcoming stakes nominations.

When we purchased Captain Holly from the January Meadowlands sale, we were unaware that she had actually appeared in a qualifier just several days prior. Captain Holly is by Cambest from Wendy Ann Hanover and thus a full sister to the celebrated Best Laid Plans. So new trainer Greg Peck took her back to The Meadowlands where despite arctic conditions she won in 1:57.1 and earned the right to race a little more prior to visiting Mr. Rocknroll Hanover.

Speaking of sales in general, how come PAST PERFORMANCE booklets issued by sales companies identify the breeder but omit the line directly underneath the pedigree line that would ordinarily list the OWNER.

Its not like there’s anything clandestine involved as that information is readily available. Those that need to know who they’re buying from can always check the USTA computer or the eligibility copy posted on the stall door although it is time consuming when there’s a large number involved.

Bob Marks



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