January 15, 2007


Thank you MURRAY BROWN for a great headline idea as given the limited number of outside bookings actually available to Rocknroll Hanover, there will be those in need of a viable alternative which Red River Hanover may well prove to be.

Certainly the preliminary reports on his initial training crop have been glowing to say the least. Already many quality trainers have expressed optimism on their Red River Hanover 2-year-olds even at this early stage.

After all, Red River Hanover is a Western Hanover full brother to successful sires Rustler and Richess Hanover and a three quarter brother to Rocknroll Hanover. Thus far the Western Hanover sons like The Panderosa, Western Ideal, Badlands Hanover, Richess, Rustler etc have proven successful stallions in proportion to their abilities. This certainly sets the stage for Red River.

Might be a tad prejudiced but do feel this year’s edition of the SBOANJ Standardbred and Stallion register might be the best ever both in editorial content and artistic eye appeal.

Especially enjoyed Leon Zimmerman enlightening piece about the feasibility of VLT’s locating at New Jersey Tracks and enthusiastically endorse and support the idea.

Leon also cites that one of the major casino companies is now entrenched in Philadelphia and how this will offset whatever revenue drains racetrack slots may have on their Atlantic City properties.

However, the state of New Jersey will have no such recourse to recover any drainage to Pennsylvania unless VLT’s are installed at Garden State racetracks, especially The Meadowlands in the densely populated northeastern counties.

Hey Commissioner Cohen, Robert Castaldo could be a serious candidate for that role.
His letter to the editor in this week’s Horseman magazine was compelling and ominous. The man makes some salient points indeed. Should be mandatory reading for all in harness racing. Give special kudos to Kathy Parker for publishing it.

In that we’re actually engaged in the manufacture and presentation of equine athletes that perform in front live and/or video audience, it seems logical to cater to the interests of that audience significantly more than we actually do.

If Dean Hoffman is even remotely on target in his projections that purses for 2007 will exceed the all time record set last year, lets not keep it a secret. Indeed, that’s a relevant message that must hit the media rafters wherever and whenever possible.

Congratulations to the deserving Continental Victory and Cam’s Card Shark on their Hall Of Fame nominations.

It’s incredible when you think about it but Continental Victory and Moni Maker perhaps the best trotting filly and older trotting mare to come along in many a decade were foaled in the same year.

Another superb Hoof Beats edition (January) and a perhaps all too ominous quote from Jeff Gural who in answer to George Rood’s question in SPOTLIGHT cautions that States will not continue to subsidize a sport with no spectators and that sooner or later some politician will question the wisdom of giving taxpayer money for something nobody cares about.

Unfortunately that is food for thought.

Bob Marks



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