December 4, 2006

No sooner do we launch the anticipated first crops of Red River Hanover and McArdle both well received at Harrisburg and attention turns to next year and the initial selling crops of Windsongs Legacy and Revenue.

Windsong’s Legacy became the first trotter since Super Bowl to actually win the triple crown of trotting. It should be noted that Glidemaster did likewise winning the Yonkers Trot.

Revenue seeks to accomplish what our throughbred cousins have done for years and that is an invigoration of the incumbent breed via the importation of foreign bloodlines. Actually in Revenue’s case it’s also the return of superior American bloodlines in that his dam’s side is pure American tracing directly back to Scotch Love, dam of two Hambletonian champions in Speedy Scot and his full brother Speedy Streak. Speedy Scot ranks as one of the all time great American trotters and is the sire of super stallion Speedy Crown.

Windsongs Legacy and Revenue will consign impressive first crops to next year’s auction sales.

It’s interesting that one of the Revenue’s will be his filly from D Train dam of Donato Hanover and Here Comes Herbie. Undoubtedly much attention will be focused on that chancy lass come Harrisburg time next year.

Revenue’s fee for 2007 has been set at $5,000. Windsong’s Legacy will stand for $12,500.

McArdle will again stand at Lindwood Farms in Pennsylvania and his fee for 2007 will be $4,000

Matt’s Scooter affectionately called The Patriarch around here remains hale and hearty and will stand for 2007 at private treaty. The World Champion bred some 70 odd mares in 2006 and will have no problems covering a similar number this year. Just call the farm and we’ll discuss it.

Couldn’t help but notice the recognition factor accorded Art Major and Artiscape in Standardbred Canada’s recent web poll associating Artsplace and his major offspring.
Could the results indeed be an affirmation of how name associations are retained similar to the dynamics of packaging and labeling?

Gotta admit it, but when little Palone Ranger was pulling away in the Yonkers homestretch en route to his Messenger shocker, strains of broadcasting legend Al Michaels “DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES” did indeed flash to mind. Of course it wasn’t quite like when the US Olympic Team shocked the Russians in the Lake Placid Olympics but with all he’s gone through it was quite a comeback for Mercy Mercy Mercy’s colt. Mercy Mercy Mercy will offer an Art Major brother to Palone Ranger in 2007. He’s slated to be named MAJARARTY RULES

Don’t know if he’s even the best of his age group, but after his Yonkers heroics, GLIDEMASTER is the horse of this year. It was a great story and congratulations to all the connections especially Blair Burgess who must be considered a prime candidate for trainer of the year.

Fascinating that slots fueled Yonkers and Dover offered super cards within 48 hours of each other last week in which oodles of money was doled out. The results were duly reported and all the honors and credits were received. However, have yet to read even one word about attendance and betting handle or don’t our media outlets consider that kind of stuff newsworthy.

Just because they choose not to disclose is hardly rationale not to inform.

A total of $1million was allocated for the quartet of CLASSIC SERIES FINALS at Dover Downs last Monday funding for which is extracted from both sellers and buyers at the yearling sales.

In that three of the four classics had just FIVE starters and the aged trotting mares drew but seven starters, one has to wonder just when breeders and buyers will question if those extracted monies are being allocated wisely.

Bob Marks



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