October 23, 2006

Due to the immense preparation involved in getting this 99 head consignment ready to SHIP slightly after midnight Friday November 3rd, our last yearling show day will be TUESDAY October 31st, We will commence showing upon arrival at Harrisburg Saturday November 4th in the morning.

Can’t help but be excited by the video on HIP # 121 WORLD OF HER OWN, first foal and almost replica daughter of the great Worldly Beauty. Kind of looks like she’s inherited her mother’s gait…

# 11 TWIRLAWAY has the power expected from an Artiscape daughter of Stand Alone… You’ll like the McArdle’s #44 GENERAL McARDLE (Armbro Terrace) #45 THE McDONALD (Born To Be Best) and #325 McGAIN n McGAIN (Ever And Again). The latter is a half brother to Dragon Again and has the look of a stallion already..

#281 DYNAMIC DUELER is a grand looking, grand moving Dragon Again… #s 594 BEACH BOY TOY (Good Vibrations), 402 COLD CAPE COD (Cold and Clear) 964 GET OUT OF DODGE (Dodge Kitty) are Artiscape’s to indeed be reckoned with… Lots of quality RED RIVER HANOVER’s including #s 46 DOCTOR HOLLOWAY (Doc’s Girl), 326 OLE RED RIVER (Art Sale), 327 MISTER RED (Paulas Promise) #364 RED N BREAKFAST (Lady JBB) who looks ready to pace :28 quarters right now- as suggested on the video,

This year’s MATTARONI #230 by Western Hanover is her best since Armbro Bombay… #363 REDUCATIONAL (Capericorn) 471 CLUB RED (Steamy Place) are Red River Hanover fillies sure to pass any inspection list. The latter has the size last year’s Western Ideal sister distinctly LACKED….

If you can think of a more apt discription for this year’s Muscles Yankee offerings go for it… Collectively they are rather reminiscent of equine Ruths, Gehrigs, Dimattgios and Mantles. .

#122 GUIDA MUSCLE will be the only colt ever from My Starchip as she was tragically lost in the fire. He was in Kentucky at the time… #123 MUSCLE MASS has the white stockings as you’ll see but he moves with the power long associated with the great Keystone Profile’s…#125 BLUE YORK YANKEE is bigger than Blue Mac Lad and according to many the best one yet from Vernon Blue Chip… #126 ECHOLOGICAL looks and trots like his mother which can’t be all that bad considering his mother is the very accomplished Echo Hanover…. #233 MR MUSCLEMENCH (Madam Ambassador) is more Muscle like than last year’s version… # 234 YANKEE GOSPEL (Mallelujah) just floats over the ground as do the better members of this storied tribe.. # 284 (PINE AFTER PINE (Pine Nugget) by far the best from the well bred dam… #285 TOSS THE BOSS (Toss Up) also the best and biggest from the dam… #307 IRISH MUSCLE (Southwind Emerald) can fly as the video so evidently displays…

#128 A STARLET BORN might be the nicest My Starlet since My Starchip…#232 ANKLETS AWEIGH is the first saleable product from Anklet Hanover. Her brother Achilles Heel had bone cysts and was not saleable but has entered training and will be heard from next year…# 463 MUSCOVITE (Armbro Vitality) could be a candidate for that World Cup extravaganza in Russia if her video is any indication… Can flat out fly... #s 589 NO PAIN NO GAIN ( Spendthrift) and 1052 MALIBI (Malfalfa) also videoed very well as did #590 MUSCLE SHIRT the largest yearling yet from Paisley Yankee.

And lest we forget the “bookend Dream Vacations #588 CLOUD CASINO (Getoffofmycloud) and #672 BRUISE CRUISE (Muscling In)… Both showed lots of trot in the field and both are strong individuals. In addition, remember many a fond evening at the Cloud Casino when it was high atop Roosevelt Raceway…

And this is just scratching the surface of what could be our best ever consignment.

Nothing wrong with Ronnie’s wave as it least illustrates vigorous COMPETITION especially to those watching on simulcast. The last thing we need do is to present the impression that we offer country club racing rather than vigorously competitive racing.

Noticed that nearly 60% of those responding to last week’s the USTA poll regarding the splitting of trainer and owner entries were in favor of complete uncoupling.

One would have to wonder about the demographics involved with the responders in that it’s difficult to imagine seasoned horse bettors sharing those convictions. Most would probably echo sentiments that the uncoupling as it is now is far too liberal and subject to the kind of confusion that prevailed in two very major classic races.

In one race there was the controversy over a driver moving other to allow a uncoupled stable mate stretch clearance while in the other event two horses from common ownership and common trainer ship visually acted as a team first by scorching a competitor in one heat then in true tag team tandem controlling the pace in the final.

In both cases, the public is protected if it’s an entry. Otherwise it’s a total insult to those who tore up tickets.

Not sure we totally fathom the logic in making horses re qualify off a scratch in which the obvious reason for the scratch is inclement weather. It would seem far more logical to permit horses to scratch without malice in these situations rather than to force them to race when those closest to them are dead set against it.

Bob Marks



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