September 25, 2006

Think you might like some of the Red River Hanover’s slated for Harrisburg later on.. Interesting ones could be # 46 DOCTOR HOLLOWAY (Hi Joe) the largest yearling DOC’s GIRL has ever had.. Also #326 OLE RED RIVER (Art Sale) from the only Artsplace sister to the great Mattaroni. Also #327 MISTER RED (Paulas Promise) from a daughter of Costly Power), # 363 REDUCATIONAL (Capericorn) gorgeous filly from Doonbeg’s family… #407 GET THE RED OUT (Makin Bucks) half brother to this year’s Ontario golden boy MANAPITA and # 471 CLUB RED (Steamy Place) from a sister to The Firepan.

And at The Lexington Selected sale #691 CINCINATTI RED ROSE (Odds On JP) (Hi Robin) turned in a great VIDEO….

Headliner McArdles should be #44 GENERAL McARDLE (Armbro Terrace) From a $320,000 winning sister to the dam of millionaire Georgia Pacific… #45 The McDONALD (Born To Be Best) from a full sister to millionaire Cammibest… #325 McGAIN N McGAIN The McArdle brother to the great race horse and sire Dragon Again and #403 OLD McARDLE (Nadia Lobell) a brother to two 1:50 pacers in Whodunit and Odds On Dana… Also #647 EMPTY McPOCKETS the first foal from the rugged Insolvency.

These McArdles and others will be waiting at Harrisburg

They can be seen at The New Jersey Farm and the videos will be posted in early October,

Don’t like, absolutely LOVE those new camera angles shown on the Red Mile transmissions this year. In this era of simulcast specials it is absolutely imperative that the TV action be clear and “FOLLOWABLE” which the 06 Red Mile certainly is…

Impressive opening day turnout for Chester Downs though we’ve yet to see any follow up figures. Be curious how they fared the next Sunday (September 17th) an absolutely glorious day in the Northeast with Eagles and Giants playing literally down the road at a 1PM kickoff…

Obviously one Midwestern track is not seeking too much Eastern business scheduling attractive features at near midnight Midwestern time….

SARATOGA’s NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS set new records for both on track and simulcast handle. Testimony perhaps to what a truly BANNER racing card is eligible to attract????

Noticed that some 7,500 turned out for TIOGA’s closing night festivities. Kind of whets the appetite for how the place might do next year. If the USTA does not have a man of the year category it should and the first nominee had better be one Jeffrey Gural…

May have read a more informative and comprehensive horse journal than the September Hoof Beats during my 40 and some odd years on the scene but not sure I can remember when. This issue stands as a hallmark until perhaps the next one?

What’s this a home and home million dollar plus challenge from European sensation GOING KRONOS to be matched with American leaders GLIDEMASTER and CHOCOLATIER… That could set even the most jaded heart among us racing!
Going Kronos is by the outstanding European sire Viking Kronos (American Winner-Conch) who like Credit Winner sire of Chocolatier is yet outstanding siring son of American Winner.

Hopefully this proves doable as it would indeed prove a worldwide fan magnet!

Further discussions are in order to discuss an idea advanced by Tom Charters and Dr. David Meirs of Walnridge Farms that might just pave the way for marquee horses to race and breed simultaneously in New Jersey. Of course the candidates would service on a limited book basis subject to availability and pursuant to the rules of the various regulatory agencies.

Conceivably this could allow the likes of Artistic Fella and Lis Mara currently the leading candidates for pacer of the year this year to remain at the races in 07 and beyond and when the schedule permits breed a mare or two along the way.

Chris Ryder used to bring McArdle to get “collected” at random times during his 4-year-old season after which the horse would race like a virtual bearcat. With no eligibility provisions for potential offspring no mares were inseminated which in retrospect seems somewhat of a wasted opportunity.

Allowing horses to race and breed when conditions permit seems a win-win situation, as anything that enables horses to keep active longer has to be positive.

They do it in Europe. No reason why it can’t happen here.

Bob Marks



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