September 4, 2006

Literally unnoticed in all the fanfare elsewhere was the virtually anonymous 30th anniversary of the opening of The Meadowlands. And where were you Sept 1, 1976? Quick Baron 7-1 on the board and about 3-5 in the overflowing press box! It was a WEDNESDAY evening. Rambling Willie won the feature in 1:55 and some odd.

Might be the first time a Hall of Fame horse ever was personally on hand to collect his trophy, as there was Run The Table (sans tux) but with Jack accepting his deserving honors at The Canadian Banquet. …

Always so unfortunate when the weather person puts a damper on what should really be a superior night of racing. Would have been interesting by the way if CABANA FEVER had actually won the SHE’S A GREAT LADY seeing as how her dam BEACHY LADY is a Jennas Beach Boy daughter of none other than SHE’S A GREAT LADY…

Can’t think of anything more appropriate to make one indulge in unabashed CHEERING than the sight of diminutive DOONBEG honing in on the leaders at about mid stretch. The noble little gamester embodies all that is great about competitive sport…

Speaking of little gamesters. PALONE RANGER is back seemingly over his heart ailments and will test the waters in the Jug Preview at Scioto.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to the connections of FILLIEOFTHEFUTURE (Artsplace-Cathedra Dot Com). We know what its like to lose one of that caliber.

Whereas the suspended may have been a tad over zealous and obvious in his allowing a trailing stable mate inside clearance, the real culprit here is the decision to uncouple what so obviously was and should have been a “coupled” entry.

Regardless of separate ownerships there can and often will be long reaching implications such as trainer gratuities and bonuses that the betting public are not privy too and should be protected from. Even if ”entry mates” have no intention of helping each other the fact that they often will not “hurt” each other makes for a common interest therein.

There’s an old axiom how “Things seldom happen unless they are eligible to happen” and in this case the eligibility was clearly evident. Couple ‘em and there are no more questions!

Heard some flak how the connections of what is obviously a surprise superstar chose not to make supplementary payments to a several traditional classics while they will supplement to selected events.

For whatever the reason this modestly priced colt may not have warranted extensive staking in the early stages which under the rules denies entry to many lucrative events,

That said and given the costs and risks involved in supplementing especially on smaller tracks, the connections are certainly well within their rights to plot the most prudent course for what is now a valuable commodity.

Conversely perhaps it could be considered incumbent upon classic events to devise methods ensuring the strongest possible fields get to go post ward each year.

Fortunately somebody with clout actually watched and reacted to the “qualifier” now removed from of the official record of a trotting colt from a very prominent mare that temporarily received what could be considered a dubious credit. The charted line itself is replete with Xs and obviously other observers noticed the horse visually galloping the entire length of the homestretch. Thankfully it got reversed before anyone could inadvertently wager on a galloping 52 and change mile.

Not sure we totally comprehend this scenario. Several horses from a particular stable are ordered scratched after entries have been taken-starting fees posted- and horses shipped in. Why weren’t the entries simply refused if all were not up to established standard?

Bob Marks



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