June 12, 2006

So it’s Sunday- approaching midnight and inadvertent recliner zonking seems somewhat appropriate if not long overdue. No races. No Sopranos No nothing until the serene sound of silence and slumber is suddenly shattered by the incessant invasive and intrusive blaring of a cell phone as the motor mouth on the other end is frantically inquiring how to get this object which we eventually identify as a canister of semen which he calls sperm to the farm and whether someone will actually be there to sign for it.

Of course don’t all horse farms have office staff on 24 hour call?

To further exasperate a rapidly compounding scenario the courier must first change a flat tire but at least he’s in the vicinity of exit 7A and will require directions only from there- directions to where? Oh the farm of course! Fortunately all turnpike exits are common exits thus there’s no need to actually ascertain which side of the pike he might be on which is probably more information than needed to be processed at that chronological point.

Duh you do realize it’s near midnight on Sunday?

Oh gotcha. You mean like that stuff that used to MUST get through now MIGHT get through weather permitting and what absolutely positively must get there overnight does eventually arrive if not inadvertently rerouted or detoured elsewhere.

So what was expected Saturday AM arrives well after midnight on Sunday. Of course since the inseminating team cannot synchronize or think of convening until at least the crack of dawn Monday or the first lights of Starbucks whichever comes first the designated mare will have long ovulated.

Oh well another transport semen saga! And they wonder why we have to charge for this service!

Starting to look like FEELIN FRISKIE (Artiscape-Nadias Sister) is indeed the real thing and while the dam Nadia’s Sister is no longer with us, her sister millionaire Nadia Lobell will consign a sparkling first crop McArdle colt named OLD McARDLE to Harrisburg in November.

Hearty congratulations to our partners Scott and Clay Horner and the Hall of Fame guy from Torlando Farms on Doonbeg who certainly gets a fighting chance in Saturday’s North American Cup.

On TV the colt looks like he’s about 14 hands which is not surprising considering his dam ST MATTRICK’s WAY (Matt’s Scooter-Sable Hanover) was about that size.

Still got some prospects from that proud line including GET OUT OF DODGE an Artiscape first foal from DODGE KITTY she a Western Hanover daughter of Matt Woman, the full sister to St Mattricks Way. That colt is slated for Harrisburg in November.

There’s also LATIN DOLL a Western Ideal filly from MATTMOISELLE (Matt’s Scooter-Lady Hathaway) the full sister to Royal Mattjesty His Mattjesty and Lady Mattingly the dam of Little Miss K, Lady. Lady Hathaway is the Hall of Fame daughter of Sable Hanover.

Liked the letter from Dean Towers of Toronto on the Harness Edge site questioning if indeed the Woodbine people covet his betting handle. He’s not the first serious player to ask that question and surgically cites some compelling reasons why the handle has deteriorated.

If the day ever comes that purses get funded from sources other than the mutual handle we can be indifferent to the plight of the player. Till then we’d better acknowledge.

Thought it was another superb editorial by Dave Briggs in the June 8th Sportsman documenting the thoughts of David Wilmot. A must read for all in harness racing.

What a beginning for Artiscape. There’s season leader ARTCOTIC (Artiscape-Pumped) a $5,000 purchase by the astute George Teague pacing in 1:56.1 at The Meadowlands. Impressive filly and we’ll have plenty more Artiscape prospects at Harrisburg and The Jersey Classic

Bob Marks



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