May 22, 2006

In what might be considered prime intercontinental happening, Ruby Crown dam of Hambletonian champion SCARLET KNIGHT just foaled a gorgeous Revenue sister to that near $3 million dollar international winner. Revenue too is rather internationally celebrated having distinguished on both sides of the pond. Don’t forget the camera Stefan Melander, she’s one for FOTO TARZAN

Ruby Crown is also the dam of the very familiar open class trotter Mohammed Mali (Malabar Man).

Favorite YANKEELANDERS??? Muscles and Fresh of course but how’s about trotting bred pacer Rowdy Yankee, Laverne Hanover contemporary Tempered Yankee, his brother Sly Yankee, and the hard hitting AA-JFA types Yankee Mick and Yankee Express! Been a great run for the Yankee Dynasty!

Years back John Henderson used to host an informative weekly harness recap show via Hammond Productions that condensed all the weekly highlights into one crisp half hour. That may have aired on local Lexington television and tapes were overnighted to assorted industry leaders.

It was a good idea then it would be a good idea now especially in this racino-simulcast era when important feature races are liable to go off at all hours of the day or night.

Canada’s HPITV offers something similar on Monday Nights but it’s often rudimentary and tends to focus on just Woodbine and The Meadowlands. Really would have been better if this week’s edition also included The Hempt from Pocono and perhaps American Ideal’s qualifier from Mohawk seeing as how the latter next goes against speed champion Primetime Bobcat at Woodbine on Saturday.

Perhaps our friends at HRTV could expand upon something like this?

Speaking of Primetime Bobcat, can honestly say he’s the first 9-year-old to emerge to world championship level following a lifetime of anonymity that these eyes have noticed in 45 years of observation.

Noticed NEW HOLLYWOOD (Cams Card Shark-Rich N Elegant) was scratched “transport” from the 5th at Georgian on Tuesday. Must mean the truck broke down.

Sorry but whenever stake ceremonies are called for, tracks MUST have adequate staffing on hand so that drivers don’t have deal with presentation blankets or other paraphernalia while holding the reins as well. Not only is it cumbersome for the drivers involved but also makes for rather awkward television pageantry

Obviously the Ontario Racing Commission is convinced there’s a need for unannounced blood testing.

Interesting that Plainridge is opting for a 10AM post time on Saturdays.

How exactly does a trainer who owns a percentage of a horse or is at least listed among the ownership have that horse campaigning at a track he’s also campaigning at? You mean the other guy can do something he can’t?

Even if there’s nothing sinister it won’t look right to the general public.

Bob Marks



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