May 8, 2006

Those professing how genetic progression is primarily responsible for the current speed explosions might take note of PRIMETIME BOBCAT who at the ripe age of nine set a Canadian record of 1:48.1 at Woodbine on Saturday. Seems the Bobcat is a son of ABERCROMBIE who is often in the second or even third generation on the male side these days while being out of Emerald Girl a Most Happy Fella mare foaled in 1980, Thus Primetime Bobcat could well have happened in the mid to late 80’s instead of 20 years later and if so would he have been capable of decimating those fields by what would have been multiple length margins seeing as how nobody approached 1:48 back then?

Interesting how the standardbred meccas went all out promoting their Kentucky Derby simulcast venues. Even heard an enticing radio commercial to that effect with nary a mention of the lucrative pacing stake feature carded live for later that evening.

Hope we’re not evolving into an afterthought?

Couldn’t help but notice those impressive numbers handled on KENTUCKY DERBY DAY which unfortunately did not sustain through the evening.

Haven’t read anything but just how is Pocono faring as a daytime venue in terms of comparable attendance and handle after being such an evening fixture all these years.

In this era of mass simulcast, you’d think tracks would attempt to at least get feature races off reasonably on time, The Dan Patch wound up conflicting with the Woodbine race so those watching on HPITV had to settle for a delayed tape cast. Assuming they didn’t switch to something else.

Not sure about the legalities involved but aren’t “licensed practitioners” automatically refrained from plying their trades while under indictment?

Any truth to the rumor Yonkers will eventually be a daytime Harness facility?

Great Canadian Gaming will be slicing race dates at Flamboro and Georgian Downs in accordance with a business plan entitled “stop the bleeding”. And this is with 70% of purse monies at one and $80+% at the other being derived from SLOT REVENUES.

Don’t know about you but to this way of thinking those ultimate bottom line implications seem rather ominous and undoubtedly will get digested by the Mohegan Sun and Harrah’s decision makers.

Great that Harrington set a handle record Monday night of $963,972. Be even better if the release broke it down as far as on track handle off track handle etc.

Worldly Beauty just had a nice Cam’s Card Shark colt. She goes next to Rocknroll Hanover.

Mattaroni presented a Western Hanover colt (her first) and he is a DANDY.

Wendy Spring likes AT THE HOP as the name for next year’s anticipated Rocknroll Hanover-BUNNY LAKE baby. Super name if its not taken. .

And then there’s PORCUPAN PIE another gem from Bobby Glazer’s Peter Pan Stable.
You listening Neil Diamond?

Intriguing idea concerning PARLAY BETTING being proposed at TIOGA DOWNS similar to that offered by turf accountants for centuries. Indicative of the creative potential when devout racing fans like Jeff Gural get opportunities to own and manage racetracks.

Given all the discussion on the Harness Edge site devoted to speeding things up. Bear in mind that despite any proposed consolidation of between race warm ups—They still MUST get on the track, score down, score back, converge at the starting gate, run the actual race, slow down, turn, return to paddock get unhitched and briefly pause for a little consultation between driver and trainer.... All that takes MINUTES and that’s not even allowing for winner’s circle pictures etc.

Noticed on qualifier charts the other day that banished individuals are still listed as “trainers”. In that these things become public knowledge via web publishing it would seem incumbent to keep this stuff accurate and current.

We will have a select offering at The Lexington Selected Sale in addition to our traditional consignments to Harrisburg and The New Jersey Classic this fall. Complete listings will be published here when all in finalized!

Bob Marks



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