April 17, 2006

Unless I’m reading this wrong, some 6,200 and some odd souls ventured to the Meadowlands at various points during the course of the day on Friday April 7th wagering about 2.1 million on site of which $629,000 was bet on the live evening card. That would suggest that about 1.5 million was handled on the incoming simulcast signals of which the overwhelming majority would be incoming thoroughbreds.

That Saturday 8,275 were on hand accounting for just over $3 million on site handle in which $880,000 was bet on the live harness card. Which means $2.2 million was wagered on incoming simulcast signals the bulk of which would have been thoroughbreds.

Is there a message here?

The SATURDAY EDITION of the Racing From The Meadowlands show hosted by either Sam McKee, Bob Heyden, Ken Warkentin, and Dave Brower contained a multi minute segment called RUNNERS WORLD in which Thoroughbred analyst Brad Thomas not only discoursed Kentucky Derby stepping stone races but also illustrated several horses to watch at various thoroughbred tracks.

Are we running out of relevant harness topics already?

Conspicuously absent from the glossy web postings of the best year ever for Dover Downs was any mention of attendance and handle or isn’t that part of the official record?

Often wondered why so many tracks DON’T publish attendance and betting figures ala Dover Downs etc. Don’t we the product manufacturers have a right to know how the produce is being received by the faithful?

On the heels of the European money earnings absent from USTA records, one wonders how come trainer changes are not properly recorded in qualifying races which upon publication become part of the horse’s official history

Check almost any qualifying “chart” and you’ll find horses listed as trained for the record by individuals who may not have had them in the barn for months.

Interesting terminology for the Ledford crew they being charged with race fixing or however the legalese actually read. What differentiates that scenario from all the other scenarios involving enhancement substances for isn’t the intent and/or end result the same thing?

And wouldn’t anyone content to “qualify” in an elimination race be equally guilty as the end result is that the effort or as better put lack of it does indeed contribute to affecting the outcome of a sporting event,

A little consistency please!

Lobbyists for simplified programs should be aware that no amount of simplifying the textbook enables one to learn advanced calculus without first mastering arithmetic and mathematics etc

Unfortunately handicapping is so intricate and complicated that you won’t get it without thorough comprehension of the basic premises!

Any day now, Wendy M Hanover should drop either a full brother or sister to Modern Art the sex of which will determine her next consort. If it’s the long anticipated Artsplace filly, she’ll go to Rocknroll Hanover. But if it’s another colt, then back to Artsplace for another shot at that elusive “daddy’s girl”.

Roman Art (Artsplace-Romanticize) just dropped a gorgeous Western Ideal colt after which she’ll tango with his number one son Rocknroll Hanover.

Told that a showcase yearling at the Kentucky annex is GUIDA MUSCLE the Muscles Yankee colt from the ill-fated My Starchip, she a casualty of the barn fire last month. There was a GUIDA MISSILE (No Nukes-Misty Bretta) some years back who despite being a marginal yearling wound up winning over half a million under the name change RINGALEEVIO.

This GUIDA MUSCLE is reportedly a showcase! Listening Lou?

Bob Marks



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