March 27, 2006

Noticed some quotations in a Harness Edge article extracted from a rambling conversation in what was on or off the record was never quite determined nor was a transcript provided.

Consequently a degree of clarification is called for in order to set the record straight and to elaborate on any remarks that might have appeared flippant!

To commence, can never recall using the expression “For Pete’s Sake” nor would I term Garland Lobell a breed changer. He has had an impact certainly a positive one at that though it remains to be seen what the ultimate influence will prove to be. Moreover, he has “Speedy Crown” blood being by ABC Freight from Gamin Lobell, she of course by Speedy Crown. Fortunately he is a male line Volomite through his grandsire Noble Victory, he by Volomite’s son Victory Song.

Garland’s great sons-the famed Hall brothers Conway, Angus, and Andover are from Amour Angus she by Magna Force (Florida Pro-Rosemary) from Kenwood Scamper (Texas-Lindy’s Speedy Lady) have no Speedy Crown on the dam’s side which allows for outcrossing back.

It should be noted that Conway’s Triple Crown son Windsong’s Legacy is from a mare by Speedy Crown’s Hambletonian son Prakas.

Bill Perretti did indeed make a courageous move importing Revenue who will indeed provide new genetics to the existing scene.

Whether or not it’ll be better remains to be seen. It should be noted that our thoroughbred cousins have revitalized that breed via the importation of European stallions.

For the record, Revenue serviced 165 mares in 2005 not 190. This year his second season will be somewhat less than that although if the trend towards exceptional looking foals continues we’d expect some last minute book additions.

It was Windsong’s Legacy who serviced over 190 mares last year and will probably level off at about 150 this year.

Yes there has been a Noble Gesture effect. What is surprising is the route it took as he himself was a. very well regarded charter member of the sensational crop that also featured Speedy Crown and Savoir. Noble Gesture was a first crop Noble Victory from Important, she a full sister to world champion Impish. .

Noble Gesture was rather infertile though he did sire a great racehorse in Mystic Park and a one who became an exceptional sire in Balanced Image. Mystic Park was not very fertile though with son Mack Lobell and daughter Feeling Great, left the impression that with normal opportunity his contribution could have been considerable. Feeling Great of course is the dam of the mercurial Self Possessed,

Do not know if the erudite Jim Harrison addressed the issue of genetic diversity 40 years ago in Care And Training though he may well have referred to the breed taking care of itself.

This seems to be happening!

Whereas we went from the years of Speedy Crown-Super Bowl domination to the brief but all encompassing shadow of Valley Victory, we currently have any number of stallions capable of producing that elusive Hambletonian candidate. Among them, Muscles Yankee, Yankee Glide, Self Possessed, Conway Hall, Angus Hall, S J’s Photo, Donerail, Credit Winner, Striking Sahbra, Malabar Man S J’s Caviar in whatever order one prefers to list them. Upcoming could well be Andover Hall, Windsong’s Legacy, Cantab Hall, Tom Ridge, Classic Photo, Revenue, and others I might be overlooking.

Thus what seemed a narrow genetic field not too long ago has broadened considerably.

And yes it appears logical that those lamenting any perceived lack of genetic diversity should indeed avail themselves of the opportunity provided by Revenue.

Regarding that Rocknroll scenario-Tain’t been yelled at because the 175 number became common knowledge. Have been admonished by some who just couldn’t get in and we probably received 100+ requests that could not be accommodated. And yes, some of the more vocal applicants were probably supporters of the USTAs book limitation rulings. In those cases, hypocrisy is an appropriate term.

Enjoying the new INSIDER notations on STANDARDBRED CANADA’s website! Good stuff.

Bob Marks



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