February 27, 2006

A breeder stopped by the other day to look at Revenue having like many only seen the horse from afar (actually a simulcast screen) and was truly marveling at how clean legged he is despite the rigors of six seasons of international racing. He trotted in 1:51.3 as an 8-year-old having raced consecutive seasons since age two.

The breeder left with not one but two Revenue breeding contracts having remarked after a thorough inspection that Revenue is indeed is an idea whose time has come.

After seeing the first couple of foals, including the gorgeous filly from Sue Ann Hartzell’s mare we do concur.

After all, for years our thoroughbred cousins have reinvigorated their own breed via reaching across the pond to import European talent.

Revenue actually combines the best of both worlds. He’s from a powerful sire line that is instantly traceable and his dam goes right back to Scotch Love, the dam of Speedy Scot.

Good to see some 4,500 people attended Pompano on Isle Of Capri night. Something tells me old buddy Steve Wolf was promoting his brains out to bring the faithful in.

What’s this? A 2-year old thoroughbred worked an 8th in 9.4.That stretches out to a quarter in 19.2. That would be a record wouldn’t it? No wonder he brought $16 million.

What’s this? A driver on a spent horse handed his whip to an opposing driver in the same race?? Isn’t that like deliberately handing off to the linebacker instead of your own running back?

What’s this? They’re recognizing that 4-year-olds are at a distinct disadvantage versus the older horses especially early in the season? Didn’t there used to be such things as HTA SERIES, REALIZATIONS and GRADUATE SERIES exclusively for the 4-year-old set? Actually the graduate wound up being for 4 and 5-year-olds negating the original purpose. Perhaps at the time too many 3-year-olds had prematurely retired to marginal and often ill advised stud careers.

What’s this? They want to outlaw common interest entries in California? Oh in other words some neophytes should innocently burn money on Hedevar as he sacrifices himself crucifying bullheaded Dr, Fager in order to benefit stablemate Damascus and that’s ok? Yeah right!

Enjoyed the article by Ralph Succee in a recent Trot tracing the birth numbers of million dollar winners. Confirms what we’ve long suspected about early foals from both sire and dam.

Taking it one step further its noticeable how often when dealing with extended numbers like Muscles Yankee for example-the 7th foal of his dam and from the 5th crop of his sire, it turns out that he’s the product of the first opportunity Maiden Yankee had with Valley Victory.

Then there’s Yankee Paco, the 9th foal of Yankee Playgirl from the 14th crop of Balanced Image. But Paco’s the result of the first mating between sire and dam.

Life Sign was the seventh foal of Three Diamonds from the 10th crop of Abercrombie but he too resulted from the initial meeting between sire and dam.

I Am A Fool may have been I’m No Fool’s 10th foal from Life Sign’s 6th crop but he was her FIRST Life Sign!

Armbro Operative was the 9th foal from Cunning Bunny from the 9th crop of Cam Fella but he was her FIRST Cam!

And Jug winner Timesareachangin was the 11th foal from Lodi Hanover and from the 6th crop of Cams Card Shark. As you might have surmised by now, he was Lodi’s first Card Shark!

Old Mr. Dalrae was the 12th foal from Queens Crown and from the 12th crop of Meadow Skipper and while he was not her first Meadow Skipper, he was her first Meadow Skipper colt. What is interesting is that the all time best from Queens Crown may not have been a millionaire but Sir Dalrae was indeed the product of her initial mating with Porterhouse..

Good job Ralph! Good reading.

Bob Marks



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