February 6, 2006


If Rocknroll Hanover is viewed by the ‘voters” as he has been by the breeders, he will overwhelmingly be elected horse of the year! Since this is being posted on Monday and the results announced Wednesday, we’ll if it follows suit.

So the guy comes back to the aisle shaking his head because his number 2 pick fell within his price range except that he didn’t bid as it sold well before his number 1 pick which naturally went well past his price range.

So the consignor asks if he would still give “his” number-which happened to be the hammer price for the horse? Answer: “In a heartbeat!”

Consignor then hands the buyer the ticket and says “Your horse Sir”


The buyer got his horse at his price. The seller knew that’s what the horse was worth. The sales company got their commission and every body lived happily ever after.

Seen this a thousand times where guys let good ones go by in lieu of the pipedream they get outbid on. With RNA’s however, there can be a second chance!

The thing about the horses in training sale is that it IS an in training sale not a cull sale for those that didn’t or couldn’t sell as yearlings for whatever the reason.

Those that impressed on the track got attention. The unimpressive were ignored which seems about right!

Perhaps the candidates should be inspected by professional observers as select sale yearlings are.

Let me get this straight! A guy and a competent one at that claims a horse for himself from one of “those” stables and virtually can’t do a thing with it. Ultimately the horse goes back from where it came with the ownership still intact. The very first start results in an eye opening form reversal accompanied by torrent of “smart” money and there’s not even an inquiry?

Can fathom “sending” a horse to someone else in a different location but what happened here is like using the pinch hitter from the other team’s dugout!

Sorry Dean old pal, tain’t no way I can bring “new” people to the track and rationalize this kind of stuff.

First two Windsong’s Legacys have hit the ground and they’re nice! Ditto for the Revenue filly from Eject.

Noticed some legislation either passed or pending pertaining to the practice of “double dipping” in which both buyers and sellers are charged by bloodstock agents. ‘Bout time somebody addressed that situation.

There will be a “final four” after all. The Governors Cup, Three Diamonds, Goldsmith Maid and Valley Victory are scheduled for Saturday Dec2nd with eliminations if needed the week before.

Enjoyed Bob Heyden’s sentiments in Feb Hoofbeats especially his recollections of Bye Bye T, he a son of one of my all time favorites Charming Gail, a Bullet Hanover sister to another old favorite Lou’s Dream! Bye Bye T was by Bye Bye Byrd!

Bob Marks



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