March 27, 2005


Thanks to emerging technology. Through the courtesy of Mr Dom Rebelo and his video wizardry we’ll be able to show Revenue in his American appearances at The Meadowlands and The Red Mile. We’ll also show you the 1990 and 1991 Internationals at Yonkers where you can see his champion sire Reve De Udon in action.

Hey Robin Schadt… Odds On JP presented us with a real nice Red River Hanover filly and she next goes to Western Hanover.. And Mr. Jerry Silverman. be advised we got a gorgeous Red River Hanover filly from Beach Crystal’s daughter Arts Confession….

Jack Parker mentioned that his heralded Dream Vacation colt Wildwood Days (Flash Of Dignity) is where he should be and continues to impress…

Among the successful alumni, Art Director (Artiscape-Silky Satin) took a 4-year-old open at Dover in 1:52.4 over Marchand (Western Hanover-Angel Be Great) In that Silky Satin is also the dam of the well regarded Speed Demon (Life Sign) she’s eligible to become a broodmare of distinction. If she’s not already… For the record Silky Satin (No Nukes-Silkys Gal) is now owned by Mitch Skolnick’s Bluestone farms, but we’re the breeder of record for Art Director and Speed Demon…

Also Maltese Artist (Artiscape-Hula Dancer) won his division of the Four Leaf Clover at The Meadowlands in 1:50.2.. Fortunately he drew well for this week’s final…

Always good to hear from Paul Vance so well known in the music world for his compositions on “Catch A Falling Star”, “Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” and some of those magical Mathis numbers like “Gina”, “Starbright”, and “What Will Mary Say”… Keep in touch Paul and keep making beautiful music… We’ll get One Dimension in foal to Matt’s Scooter for ya…

Speaking of Matt’s Scooter, his fastest and richest son ROYAL MATTJESTY has started back after a slight sabbatical and should be ready for those summer biggies.… Mattjesty’s lookalike FULL sister MATTMOISELLE will sell a real nice Real Desire colt named Marlon Rouge at Harrisburg and will be dropping a Western Ideal next month..

Lasorda said it…. ENHANCEMENT enables what would have been a routine fly ball to carry into the seats… Come to think of it, Didn’t #62 clear the left field fence like just barely?

Don’t know if I’ve ever seen a better broodmare than Romola Hanover… Three divisional champions in Romeo Hanover, Romulous Hanover and Romalie Hanover. Romeo was certainly an all time great… Romalie not far behind.. Romulus could have been but he obviously had soundness problems.. Still his Messenger Sweep at Roosevelt was a indeed classic. Right Murray?

Then there was the excellent Dexter Hanover.. A good Torpid son in Romano Hanover who sired one of everybody’s all time Meadowlands favorites in Fight The Foe..

A daughter Romona Hanover in turn dam of Rodine Hanover she responsible for son Real Artist and daughters World Order and Perfect Profile they in turn responsible for Worldy Beauty and Art Major…

Romola’s Lehigh Hanover son Nevele Romeo became the first stallion and namesake for what is now New Zealand colossus and our Down Under associates Nevele R Stud..

Let me get this straight. There are all sorts of indignant screams when a suspended trainer is even suspected of using a “beard” but yet but yet its perfectly acceptable when a racetrack (A) sanctions, (B) condones or (C) induces similar scenario in order to create the illusion of separate betting interests which is precisely what happened at a signature event at a Midwestern track last year.

The eventual winner with an unknown “programmed” as trainer goes off at over 3-1 while the stablemate with leading trainer programmed goes off at 7-5 and no one thinks this might be even remotely disconcerting to bettors at either the host track or in simulcast land?

In a subsequent release there was website mention that this “beard” was actually employed by the real trainer suggesting that the track did indeed sanction separate trainer programming in order to avoid a “betting entry”

The fact that this might have confused the public never occurred to anyone.??? As it was the winner with the unknown listed as trainer for the first time was in the process of winning his 5th straight yet was 3-1 on the board. The stablemate went off at 7-5 and finished second.

And this is how we run a railroad????

Try something like this at the old Roosevelt or Yonkers and they would have succeeded in burning it down…

Oh and get this in succeeding weeks as a postscript both horses went postward in the Classics at two different racetracks. In the first race they were listed as having the same trainer but utilizing the rationale of bonafide separate ownership were not coupled in the betting. In the next race at a different track the two started as a common interest 1 and 1A entry.

The end result was that in three jurisdictions, the two stablemates were programmed in three different ways and nobody thinks this is upsetting to the public???

What is unfathomable is while “betting” does indeed occur in other sports the proceeds from it are not part of the purse structures therefore those sports do not need to placate the public though some like pro football are especially adept at disseminating information that could impact betting movements. Harness racing while totally dependant on the betting handle for its purse structure has been notoriously lax in this area..

If we look at a yearling together the first question and sometimes the only question you’ll hear me ask is “What’s gonna stop him?

Looks like The Cheyenne Gangs “Gordy Freeman could be in further hot water.. Not only is Don’t Tell Gordy Pure Drama’s Cams Card Shark colt a talented youngster but they say Pure Drama’s current yearling GORDY KNOWS also by Cams Card Shark is one of the better looking youngsters at the Kentucky Farm..

Commissioner Scotty Tickets is getting antsy for spring already so he can declare Saturdays as official chair days on the downstairs apron at Freehold where attendance is “required”…

Frank Salive voice extraordinaire of Woodbine and Mohawk and the Perretti Farms yearling videos has been named coach of Trot Magazine’s “hockey” team… Heard that Coach Salive was quite the accomplished goalie in his pre announcing days….

Hey Dave Briggs.. Really enjoyed the March 17th Canadian Sportsman issue…Especially Bill Heller’s piece on Jeff Gural

If an embryo transplant product can race in the Hambletonian why is it still not eligible to participate in the Jersey Sires Stakes??? The logic eludes me on that one…

Yes I remember Keens Victorwin a Bobby Cherrix early season mainstay…

Miss Dave Dolezal and his magazine… Say what you want but the man was an innovator and a writers hall of fame candidate for sure….

Got a gorgeous Real Desire filly from Scott’s Daisy a Western Hanover from a Card Shark sister to The Panderosa so she’s got a license to be a looker. And a performer too…

Kevin McDermott… You will be able to bid on Anklet Hanover’s newly arrived Muscles Yankee daughter at Harrisburg next year. Anklet’s first Achilles Heel was medically unsaleable last year but he’s just started with Gary Baker and hopefully will make a 3-year-old…

See ya next week.

Bob Marks



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