December 12, 2005

In answer to a number of inquiries and perhaps a misconception or two, THE NEW JERSEY RACING PROGRAM actually comprises a number of lucrative events in which the signature Sires Stakes occupies a portion. Races like the New Jersey Classic, Miss New Jersey, Lou Babics, Harold Dancer, Helen Dancer, Charles Smith, Helen Smith and Green Acres Series all fall under the comprehensive umbrella of The New Jersey Racing Program in which a horse must be New Jersey sired in order to gain eligibility.

In addition there’s the season long overnight program for New Jersey owned or sired horses.

Moreover, the spring editions of the New Jersey Sires Stakes can and do serve as prime stepping stones to such traditional Meadowlands classics as The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, Wilson, Sweetheart etc.

Therefore when breeding to a New Jersey Stallion the resulting foal gains access to the highly comprehensive New Jersey Racing Program and all the residual benefits inherent therein.

In fact, Rocknroll Hanover used the New Jersey Sires and New Jersey Classic elim and final as his competitive stepping stones to the The North American Cup and Meadowlands Pace which followed immediately thereafter.

Under the stewardship of Nicole Kraft, the December Hoofbeats equals if not surpasses the November offering especially the people elements.

Rick Sigsby does indeed capture some “moments” with his moment in time discourses highlighting the memoirs of harness personalities like Bob Boni, Chris Boring, Sam McKee etc.

If I remember correctly Chris Boring, there was a vicious wind on Messenger night at Roosevelt in 1966 when Romeo parked True Duane for the duration. And when your Duane Hanover-Truella Chief colt won the Pacing Classic he beat not only Bret Hanover but Cardigan Bay as well!

Also liked Tim Bojarski’s look at Call For Rain, and the candor of Blair Burgess in “Blairing out”.

Do seem to remember mentioning to Jim Campbell that Call For Rain would indeed prove the most formidable opponent awaiting Run The Table prior to The Meadow Skipper at The Red Mile.

In retrospect, that pacing crop comprising Table, Call For Rain, Jate, Jaguar, Laag and Frugal Gourmet was among the strongest and deepest on record,

Dean Hoffman struck a chord with his Like Father Like Son dissertation and how apples don’t fall to far from their genetic trees.

If memory serves, Albatross did indeed look more like “mom” Voodoo Hanover but Most Happy Fella definitely picked up the Meadow Skipper traits.

Interesting how Albatross’ influence focused on being the broodmare sire of stallion leaders Artsplace and Western Hanover both of whom have been atop the charts since the Mid 90’s.

Arnie Almahurst may have been the “clone” of Speedy Scot but the other son Speedy Crown changed the breed!

Bob Marks



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