December 5, 2005

The syndication of world champion and likely horse of the year Rocknroll Hanover is presently underway so anyone desiring a “piece of the Rock” need only contact our office and full details will be immediately sent.

Only a limited amount of shares will be available for purchase and they are going FAST.

The USTA’s website had it all wrong concerning the price on Rocknroll Hanover. First off the original deal was NOT based on a $9.000.000 number as erroneously reported and the ultimate syndication number will NOT be anywhere near that figure. Interested parties need only contact our office for the official term sheet. It should have been officially retracted as it was brought to their attention within hours of posting!

Good to see Pompano Park back in action. Equally gratifying to note that special sessions are reconvening in Tallahassee to discuss the already passed slots referendum for South Florida. Hopefully that gets furthered along soon.

Will have an interesting quartet slated for the second annual Sunshine State horses in training venue at South Florida in late January. They’ll include trotting prospects IN THE GYM (Muscles Yankee-Where’s The Bride) and SOUTH BEACH TOY (Dream Vacation-Nina Toy Eden) plus pacing prospects REAL DEJAVU (Real Desire-Once Again) and CAMBALAYA (Cam’s Card Shark-Paris Bistro). The trotters are with Bruce Nickells at Sunshine Meadows while Gary Baker will prep the pacers at South Florida.

Much as it all comes down to The Breeders Crown, one can’t help but noticing some major divisional contenders are having another go at it in The Matrons at Dover which could impact a couple of the divisional races

Strong Yankee and Vivid Photo the two major contenders for 3-year-old trotter of the year will have had another go around as you’re reading this. Ditto sophomore pacing filly stars Cabrini Hanover, Beloved Angel, and Chotat Milk plus trotting distaffers Blur Flawless Bluestone and Her Cules!

Noticed that twice as many respondees to a Standardbred Canada questionnaire felt that racing should marketed more as a sporting venue as opposed to a gambling venue. The problem is that it’s really BOTH and without mutual balance it’s hard to see us regaining that much ground. Kinda goes back to the question asked some weeks ago about why anyone would purchase a racehorse unless they were already fans of horse racing.

Mr. Muscleman will indeed get his shot at The Elitlopp after all as Solvalla officials have extended what seems to be an olive branch allowing for America’s dominant aged trottter’s entrée next year. This is good for world class Events should always be comprised of the best fields in action at the time.

Congrats to old friend Mickey McGivern for his Trainer Of The Year nomination at Saratoga.

Loved Dean Hoffman’s first over piece on Bill Weaver on the USTA website. Speaking of inadvertent breeding “happenings”, didn’t Meadow Skipper “happen” because Delvin “sent” Countess Vivian to Dale Frost that particular year (1959) due to the fact that her customary consort Adios was under the weather?

What’s this? Inducing horses NOT to race well in Indiana in lieu of cashing lucrative bets on future wake ups? Where have we heard this before?

Bob Marks



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