November 14, 2005

Old McArdle changes farms
On this farm he found some slots
Tarnation what a show
Logan Dickerson and David Prushnok principals of Lindwood Farms in Western Pennsylvania have secured an interest in young McArdle thus the soon to be seven year-old pacing stallion will now stand alongside S J’s Photo effective the 2006 breeding season and beyond in the slots fueled Keystone State. McArdle’s fee remains at $6,000 and all breeding calls will be handled by the Perretti Farms office in New Jersey.

McArdle’s initial crop will reach the sales next season and they are a universally imposing and impressive lot.

Don’t know if anyone actually computed the numbers but our newest stallion ROCK N ROLL HANOVER wound up uncovered in the Matron final through a :26.3 third quarter leading to a :54.4 final half which meant his individual fractions had to be :26 or better for the third panel and :54 or close for the final half. Don’t know if its possible for a horse to go much more parked out on a tight turned five furlong track like Dover..

While the overall numbers may have held at Harrisburg, there was a noticeable thinning of the customary crowd and that seems rather alarming. Try as they may even the most persuasive auctioneer will have difficulty coaxing a bid from an empty seat.

Speaking of Harrisburg it never ceases to amaze, the extraordinary efforts by sales company personnel like Dale Welk and Viv Jewitt who somehow make the experience happen. ‘Bout time this industry considers those behind the scenes performers who most assuredly deserve their corner in Goshen!

Nicole Kraft Editor of the year? With an absolutely sensational November Hoofbeats on the heels of the extraordinary October issue, one would have to think so! Brilliant work and superb journalism! Liked the enlightening spotlight on John Campbell!

While simplifying the past performance program might sound like a noble idea at first glance, one has to wonder about the overall practicality of the idea seeing as how the handicapping procedure is intensely intricate and complex requiring comprehension in incremental stages much like one would advance from elementary arithmetic to advanced calculus and beyond.

Furthermore the concept of betting is serious business and should be treated as such given the inevitability of loss factor that accompanies the early stages of wagering indoctrination.

Better yet, lets teach the novices how to do it just as we learned from the old pros back then!

Best of luck to all purchasers of Perretti Farms or Perretti Farms agent yearlings and rest assured we’ll be monitoring the progress of each and every one.

Bob Marks



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