September 26, 2005

Nice job by the Standardbred Canada website with its belated but at least thorough coverage of the Saturday night massacre at Mohawk…

Regarding the Strong Yankee disqualification, not sure we understand the actual rationale behind the disqualification as regardless of what did or did not transpire prior to the actual start the horses were in proper position at the start. Which is unlike that Life Source- Eaton Road Kill incident earlier this year where Life Source was clearly out of position before, during and after the actual start. In this case whatever occurred happened prior to the official start of the race which meant Strong Yankee and the rest of the field were actually in the hands and under the jurisdiction of the starter. Which is why starters are empowered to demand RECALLS in the event the field is not assembling orderly.

So let me get this straight. It appears the judges over ruled the starter and disqualified a horse that committed no infraction during the official running of the race. This seems like flagging pass interference before the ball is thrown. Something tells me those with tickets on Strong Yankee were probably rather unhappy campers.

Fortunately the commission did not compound what may have been a questionable call by reversing the outcome regardless of how valid any protests may have seemed.

They don’t change sporting results after the fact even when replay cameras clearly verify blown calls nor should they change results once the results are posted OFFICIAL. Change officials perhaps but not the result.

Can’t even fathom what went on in the Maple Leaf… Though do wonder if the refunds included all the exotic maneuverings in addition to the traditional win place and show?

While on the racing subject, perhaps its time during this simulcast dependency era for some racetracks to actually observe what they’re showing on screen during the waning minutes prior to post. There’s probably nothing more frustrating than having to stare at a beauty shot screen full of GRAPHICS with 0 minutes to post for what is often multiple minutes until someone gets around to starting the race. Either let the viewers see the action on track at the time or least get the race off on time.

Back in the old days of long lines and heavy attendance where on track customers were in constant danger of getting shut out, it may have been prudent to dawdle before actually sending the field off. That is no longer the case and those simulcasters with remotes in hand do tend to channel surf in search of livelier action.

Congratulations to The PALONE RANGER on his first ever Little Brown Jug victory with P Forty Seven…. And in honor of this significant occasion perhaps our illustrious “Commissioner” Scotty Tickets should be appropriately attired in BROWN TUXEDO when he’s doing the BEST MAN thing next Month.

Wherever one looks there’s another DREAM VACATION winner. At Freehold CLASSIC ADAM bested Peter Haughton winner Keystone Savage in a $39,000 NJSS event. . At The RED MILE, it was QUEEN SERENE (Dream Vacation-Queen Of Queens) in one division of the Simpson for fillies while ROMAN HOLIDAY (Speedy Cezar) took a Simpson division for colts. Earlier at Delaware Heathers Dream was victorious in The Standardbred for freshman fillies.

For $18,00 Todd Kolbe the driver who bet against himself at Plainridge earned national notoriety as SPORTS ILLUSTRATED even picked up the story. One has to wonder what this guy was thinking and whether he actually knew it was wrong. . We’ve all heard of other instances in which this sort of thing allegedly has happened though maybe not as blatantly.

The incident with the overweight jockeys at the NYRA is sure to inspire confidence amongst the bettors there but that’s their problem! It is rather of mind boggling when you think of who was involved.

Bob Marks



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