September 5, 2005

With the NEW JERSEY CLASSIC just a few days away here’s what we got to sell! .

# 13 CHEYENNE NUNZ (Life Sign-Graylin Grape) A sturdy Life Sign colt from a developing family

#32 PRINCETONIAN (Dream Vacation-Imageofaprincess) Hey this super bred mare is going to have ONE and if field form means anything it could be him. Her first Dream Vacation.

51 GEOMATTICAL (Matt’s Scooter-Key Of Life Typical Matt filly especially in the field from Abercrombie mare with solid family.

64 ESCAPE COD (Artiscape-Lady Of The Sea) Different than last year’s but then she’s an Artiscape. Good family. Hall Of Famer Stew Firlotte liked her dam

88 ENEBRIATION (Enjoy Lavec-Malcoholic) Look she is an Enjoy Lavec and looks like one. Some of them are quite good like she should be. The sister is coming on now.

89 MALVESTON (Enjoy Lavec-Malfalfa) Recreating the blood that produced Chip Chip Hooray to a Pine Chip stallion.

109 MORNING STORY (Enjoy Lavec-Morning Image) The dam has been a hard luck type as all her foals have shown talent. One will star. Maybe her. The dam could fly..

112 TWAIN OF THOUGHT (Artiscape-Ms Shania) Corresponds to what this family is generally like. Remember we sold Cold Warrior for $20,000

158 ART HEARTED (Artiscape-R G Hannah) The video guys really liked this one. What you see is exactly what was there.

201 TASHABLANCA (Dream Vacation-Tahitian Tasha) Last year’s version by Enjoy Lavec was big but still gets around a half just fine Check her lines. The Muscles was a moose but he had speed and is coming on overseas now. This one by Dream Vacation kinda catches the eye.

236 MATTCEDONIA (Matt’s Scooter-Zara) Another typical Matt filly. Moves like the good Matt fillies in the field. And she’s from a 1:52 mare with speed and guts.

241 MATTINEZ (Matt’s Scooter-Almahurst Tequila) Kind of what you get when matching Matt with Tyler B line mares. The dam was fast and sturdy and could well produce that kind of performer.

247 MAMATTMA GHANDI (Matt’s Scooter-Arts Golden Lady) Not the biggest Matt but then neither again neither were Mach Three, Mattduff and Call For Cash. His dam is an Artsplace with production all over the page..

284 COSMATTICS (Matts Scooter-Capades Dancer) If she zips around the half like she zipped around the paddock she’ll win some Freehold stakes.

290 CHEYENNE ROSE (Artiscape-Cheyenne Rose) One of those bigger Artiscapes from a Card Shark mare with emerging family.

325 ETERNAL REVENUE (Artiscape-Eternal Sweethart) A lot sturdier than this family often produces. Moves good too.

330 MIAMI PEACH (Dream Vacation- Fashion Setter) You already know she can trot. by the video. Dream Vacation is starting to look like a real ladies man with all those good stakes fillies.

Historically some very good horses like Maltese Artist, Mattios etc have emanated from our New Jersey Classic offerings. Ya just gotta find them….

Yes indeed Kemo Sabay! That was PALONE RANGER (Western Ideal-Mercy Mercy mercy) winning the fastest Champlain division on Breeders Crown night at Mohawk and stamping himself as a legitimate METRO CONTENDER down the road. We’ll take his Artsplace sister MERCULESE to Harrisburg in November and she’s a looker!

Great to see LADY MATTINGLY have a good one in LITTLE MISS K ultra impressive Champlain winner in the filly division. You’ll want to see her Cams Cad Shark brother DIAMOND KING hip # 484 at Harrisburg..

The way MR MUSCLEMAN looked in the Breeder’s Crown trot kind of whets the appetite for an encounter with STEINLAGGER if that could be arranged.



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