August 29, 2005

That was a indeed a season’s record of 1:58.4 on the half mile track turned in by BON VOYAGE a first crop Dream Vacation filly who is starting to look like a very serious young trotting lady. The Dream Vacations have been showing up well in the New Jersey Sires Stakes action at Freehold despite not being accompanied by gaudy auction price tags. In fact we sold one named COLOR SCHEMES from Paisley Yankee for all of $2.300 who has probably earned over $40,000.and she’s really only just begun.

We’ll have a good selection of Dream Vacation’s at the New Jersey Classic and Harrisburg including My Star Trecker the three quarter sister to My Starchip from My Starlet.

Just finished filming the classic yearlings and PRINCETONIAN the Dream Vacation colt from Imageofaprincess couldn’t help catching the eye.

Gotta wonder if we’re not getting a glimpse into the future with this impressive NELSON NOVEMBER an imported son of Coktail Jet who while not billed as an “elite European invader looks like he’ll do rather well in these parts especially after Saturday’s powerhouse fast classer at Mohawk.

Coktail Jet is bred in similar fashion as our own Revenue being by a French stallion from a well bred American mare In addition three of the Elitlopp starters this year were by Coktail Jet indicative of the ability to get quantity as well as quality. If Revenue is anything like this and by all rights he should be things could get very interesting come 2008 and beyond.

Gotta wonder too sometimes whetherthe media in its seemingly unending quest to be non-controversial tends to be asleep at the switch.

We all heard about the Canyon Wind –Breeders Crown controversy but only Harold’s Harness Edge site actually reported the item as it occurred. Days went by with nary a mention but those seeking the program via trackmaster had to suspect something was indeed amiss as Thursday came and went without the obligatory Mohawk program lines being posted. And this on a card featuring Fan Hanovers Nassagaweyas and Crown elims. Then Sports Eye’s SATURDAY Harness program hit the newsstands Friday morning minus the Saturday Mohawk lines About Mid morning Friday both Canadian sites carried the news that the commission after deliberating far into the night had declined to reverse the original decision and that the Crown elims would go as scheduled without Canyon Wind.

Yes this was a delicate issue which may indeed carry unpleasant and long reaching ramifications but first and foremost it was NEWS and should have been treated as such..

The sad news from Mohawk is that IDEAL NEWS the brilliant Western Ideal-Whats New filly took sick and not only missed the Fan Hanover but is likely done for the year.

Had to applaud the showing of Cabrini Hanover coming back after a break to win the Fan Hanover final.

Be rooting for FEELIN FRISKIE p,2,1:55.4h, in the Battle Of Freehold final on labor day. Looks like the best colt from Nadias Sister in recent years and is owned and trained by good friend Wayne Webby.

We’ll be selling his Real Desire sister REAL PROMISCUSIS at Harrisburg in November. Like FRISKIE, she’s a looker!

The attendant spectators liked NJ CLASSIC bound ART HEARTED (Artiscape-R G Hannah) ETERNAL REVENUE (Artiscape- Eternal Sweetheart) PRINCETONIAN (Dream Vacation-Imageofaprincess) and TASHABLANCA (Dream Vacation-Tahitian Tasha) during last week’s video session.

Was that an omen or what? TOWN PRO’s Bettors Delight daughter scorches the Freehold oval in 1:54.3 and one week later her developer STEW FIRLOTTE is inducted into the Hall Of Fame!

Just had to do it! The name for the McArdle-Born To Be Best colt will be THE McDONALD! Born To Be Best (Cambest-Mib Hanover) is a full sister to millionaire CAMMIBEST affording THE McDONALD ample license to star!

Yes indeed Mr.Tom (Red) Faulhaber. There will be a MISTER RED and he’s the Red River Hanover colt from Paulas Promise (Artsplace-Costly Power). No he’s not a chestnut!

Congratulations Fred Hertich! Saw the spread in Time Magazine in which Toyota named you one of it’s elite dealers.

Also caught the Alan Kirschenbaum mention in Steve Rushin’s SPORTS ILLUSTRATED column.

Enjoyed Jules Siegel’s sentiments as illustrated in The Harness Edge!

Bob Marks



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