Lucky ChuckyMuscles Yankee

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  Perretti Farms Stallions

 Standing at Cool Winds Farm of Ohio!
LUCKY CHUCKY 2,1:55.1 3,1:50.4 $2,099,973

Standing at Winbak Farm of New York!
MUSCLES YANKEE 2,1:56.3; 3,1:52.2 ($1,424,938)

2012 Yearlings

Harrisburg 2012

Hip # Name Pedigree Video Sire Dam
87 Rockeyed Optimist

Rocknroll Hanover Art Amour
88 Arockalypse Now

Rocknroll Hanover Artchitecture
144 Bunker Hill

Muscles Yankee Edith's Chip
157 Earthshaker

Rocknroll Hanover

 Fox Valley Shaker

182 Rock U Too

Rocknroll Hanover Igottwowordsforyou
212 O Solo Muscles

Muscles Yankee Lola Seelster
230 Whiskey N Pie

Rocknroll Hanover Mrs. American Pie
233 The Muscler

Cantab Hall Muscling In
251 Plum De Dum Dum

Muscles Yankee Plum's Victory
253 Rock Absorber

Rocknroll Hanover Promysquous Lady
269 Shadowbriand

Shadow Play Roman Art
318 Toss Cartwright

Muscles Yankee Toss Up
352 Working Press

Muscles Yankee Woodwork
359 New York Bets

Bettor's Delight Absolutely Cam
369 Anktimonious

Explosive Matter Anklet Hanover
403 Shake Ontario

Rocknroll Hanover Camadian
440 Divastation

Muscles Yankee Diva Godiva
500 Shadow Margeaux

Shadow Play Joyeux
508 Shadversary

Shadow Play Lady Luvs Diamonds
536 Four Staces

Rocknroll Hanover Miss Stacee
564 On Golden Pine

Muscles Yankee Pine Nugget
565 Rockville Mentor

Rocknroll Hanover Plan On It
639 Shadios

Shadow Play Smooth Latin N
644 Green Hornut

Crazed Southwind Emerald
661 Valentine Blast

Muscles Yankee Striking Val
780 Tiki Barbells

Muscles Yankee Aloha
828 Muscleloosa

Muscles Yankee Bama Hall
902 Muscle Boytoy

Muscles Yankee Classic Toy
903 Twist N Tout

Crazed Classic Twist
909 Mcartic Ocean

McArdle Cold And Clear
947 Muscleangelo

Muscles Yankee Dream Of Angels
953 Ebony Can Ivory

Cantab Hall Ebony Eyes
989 Massacaia

Muscle Mass Ghirardelli Square
1002 Good Citations

Art Official Good Vibrations
1149 Inrockuous

Rocknroll Hanover Naraculous
1150 Voiceover

Real Desire Narrator
1165 Oneoclockrock

Rocknroll Hanover One Dimension
1200 Shadvertise

Shadow Play Plant A Kiss
1250 Ozmania

Major In Art Blizzard Of Oz
1259 King of Beasts

Royal Mattjesty Dodge Kitty
4 Replications

Donato Hanover Repetitions
11 Rocks R Us

Rocknroll Hanover Sharks R Us
13 Starbrarian (ET)

Muscles Yankee Shooting Starlet
23 Happy Spendings

Muscles Yankee Spendthrift
41 Spit For Spat

Explosive Matter Ucalthisahoneymoon
70 Can Can Frisco

Cantab Hall Aerobics
71 Sock Hopper

Rocknroll Hanover Bunny's Legacy
72 Betropolitan

Bettor's Delight Captiva Island
89 Valbrunella

Muscles Yankee Valbruna
116 Hello Holly

Rocknroll Hanover Captain Holly
146 Muscle Test

Muscles Yankee Examination
152 Fiyonce

Rocknroll Hanover Fionovar Hanover
165 Graceful Kelly (ET)

Muscles Yankee Graceful Touch
179 Cleo De Janeiro

Rocknroll Hanover Hurrikane Cleo
215 Rock Be A Lady

Rocknroll Hanover Lucks Mistress
276 The Yankees Win

Muscles Yankee Score Gracefully
289 Mako Wish

Cam's Card Shark Simple Gesture
303 Rock Market

Rocknroll Hanover Steamy Place
339 Wendurance

Rocknroll Hanover Wendy M Hanover
347 Rolomite

Rocknroll Hanover Who Moved The Rock
392 Surfside Sexy

Rocknroll Hanover Beachy Lady
405 Rockingcam Park

Rocknroll Hanover Cameron D'Art
447 Cee Bee Yes

Muscles Yankee Enbeecee
477 Chiprockracy

Rocknroll Hanover Hank's Chip
520 Alamuscle

Muscles Yankee Malcyon
521 A Mallion To One

- Muscles Yankee Mallionaire
582 Moneymooners Revenue S Red Moon Rising
595 Asbury Shark Real Desire Rusty's She Shark
687 Matt Tin Roof Real Desire The Mattican
709 Lucky Trucky Artiscape Truculent Lady
801 Cinamony Art Official Armbro Cinnamon
831 Maralegal Lis Mara Barely Legal
837 Rockabella Center Rocknroll Hanover Belly's Up
942 Doccumentation Art Official Doc's Girl
993 Muscle Mannequin Muscle Mass Gingerly
1074 Rollatini Rocknroll Hanover La Dolce Hall
1169 Bosstrophobia Art Official Only Way To Go
1184 Revergreen Revenue S Paradise Valley
1224 Accounturblessings Real Desire Special Addition
1228 Life Of Smiley Real Desire Swee Smilin Lady
1269 Shadownooga Shadow Play High Rocktane
1276 Wine N McRoses McArdle Lady Rosa
1287 Strings N Things Real Desire Puppets Can Walk

Lexington 2012

Hip# Name Pedigree Video Sire Dam
60 Somewave Somewhere

Somebeachsomewhere Just Add Water
83 Muscle Massacre

Muscles Yankee Our Danielli
180 Prima Donald

Rocknroll Hanover Stonebridge Prima
241 Myolinist

Crazed Myolin
273 Rhinestone Mcauboy


Crazed Chynatown
286 Superficial

Art Official Lovin A Fool
311 Senior Promise

American Ideal Paula's Promise
552 Officiator

Art Official Voucher
576 King of Arts

Royal Mattjesty Art Sale
586 Earl The McPearl

Mcardle Western Whirl
619 Facebookie

Explosive Matter That Fabulous Face
635 Maracuda

Lis Mara Armbro Althea
685 Mister Chaos

Art Official Because I Said So
6 Donato Ducks

Donato Hanover Apecs
21 Ecomendations

Western Ideal Economic Clout
39 Gorilladelphia

Art Major Monkeys Can Sing
96 Old Cape Odd

Rocknroll Hanover Odds On J P
124 Rockodillian

Rocknroll Hanover Lovely Shark
139 Chippentail

Angus Hall Fairy Tail
219 Fanticipation

Rocknroll Hanover Real Fanfare
330 Oogle Google

Real Desire Western Wisdom
353 Loconotion

Crazed Reverending
375 Ready To Pumble

Art Official Pumped
395 Eurocan

Cantab Hall Ura Hanover
411 Artrizona

Art Official Western Heat
435 Massassin

Muscle Mass Armbro Vitality
467 Ruby Trap

Explosive Matter Ruby Crown
515 Rock Groupie

Rocknroll Hanover She Likes It All
606 Flirt The Issue

Explosive Matter Flirty Two
652 Maraphernalia

Lis Mara Yankee Ashley
669 O Solo Trio

Real Desire Tres Elegante
698 The Whole McTruth

Mcardle Arts Confession
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