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  Perretti Farms Stallions

 Standing at Cool Winds Farm of Ohio!
LUCKY CHUCKY 2,1:55.1 3,1:50.4 $2,099,973

Standing at Winbak Farm of New York!
MUSCLES YANKEE 2,1:56.3; 3,1:52.2 ($1,424,938)

Trotlines 124


Perretti stallion Revenue S has returned to his native Sweden where he’ll stand stud for the balance of his career.

Actually the son of Reve D Udon  did quite well  here accounting for standouts Break The Bank K 3.1:51.3 ($1,011,365) and Hot Shot Blue Chip 4,1:51.3 ($433,477) but the consensus was that his real prowess would be siring aged horses like Reven Damour, the acknowledged free-for-aller on both sides of the Atlantic.

Given the current economic climate which rewards those stallions able to excel with 2-and 3-year-old produce it seemed logical to send him home even though his out crossed bloodlines would add some hybrid vigor to American pedigrees.

Perhaps his lasting contribution will be the number of quality fillies he did sire from prime American families and the down the road impact they may have when crossed back to this current influx of outstanding young American stallion prospects.

While he may not have excelled “American style” in the mass production of 2 and 3-year-olds, those fillies carrying his out-crossed blood might add an intriguing dimension down the road.


Appreciate all those calls asking if we’re interested in “potential” broodmares, especially the ones that look like “they’re not going to make it”

Perhaps one pertinent question callers might ask of themselves before assigning an unrealistic price tag is “Would you yourself buy a foal out of this filly?”

It no longer matters what the filly auction price was, as she’s somewhat like the new car that has left the showroom. The key factor then becomes is how will her foals do and ultimately be received by the buying public down the road!

Good question huh?


Lucky Chucky’s book is getting close to being filled and given the 140 mare limitation statute there will be precious little wiggle room soon enough. Lucky Chucky represents an intriguing blood cross being the optimum son of the ill-fated Windsong’s Legacy, he in turn the optimum son of Conway Hall from Aerobics a stakes winning Muscles Yankee mare whose career was cut short by an inadvertent insemination in a well publicized barn incident during her 2-year-old season.

With such as Lucky Chucky, Explosive Matter, Windsong Soprano, the highly promising Talespinner etc, it’s starting to look like Muscles Yankee will be as prolific a broodmare sire as he has been a sire.

Lucky Chucky the very likely trotter of the year for 2010 opened the breeding season at Winbak of New York on Valentine’s Day.  The very first mare serviced was “Her Grace” the 2010 broodmare of the year Graceful Touch, dam of Muscle Mass, Muscle Massive and Thatsnotmyname

In that Graceful Touch produced last year’s Merrie Annabelle winner Thatsnotmyname to Lucky Chucky’s own sire Windsong’s Legacy and last year’s Hambletonian winner Muscle Massive to Lucky Chucky’s broodmare sire Muscles Yankee her mating with Lucky Chucky represents the best of both worlds. 


As Dean Hoffman indicated the Hal Dale stallions tend to be early crop sensations as only the truly meant ones like Meadow Skipper, Albatross, Most Happy Fella, Cam Fella, No Nukes, Western Hanover, Camluck etc tend to endure throughout while so many like Niatross, Sonsam. Bret Hanover,  Adios Vic, Bullet Hanover B.G.’s Bunny etc start out sensationally only to peter out after a few crops.

Ironically, Dale Frost the unexpected line extender from Hal Dale actually managed three top performers from his eight colts his first year they being Meadow Skipper, Chapel Chief and Armbro Dale.

Meadow Skipper of course was generally considered second best behind Overtrick in what proved to be one of the all time great pacing crops while Chapel Chief and Armbro Dale probably rounded out the top 15 or so.

Interesting that Adios Boy (Adios-Carrie Castle) provided two outstanding contributions that year-they being Country Don and Uncle Alex in what for him was his second crop.  The free-for-aller Camden Adios was in the first crop though Adios Boy did not fare that well later on.

Not sure why it is, but history documents that it certainly is.


A long time pet peeve has been the admission of the owners line is those past performance booklets put out for the mixed sales by both major sales company.

Previously, that line directly underneath the pedigree line as left blank then someone edited it so as to include the horse’s breeder.

In that, we’re talking off the track race horses not off the field yearling the breeder is no longer primary importance. However most prospective buyers, insist on knowing who had the horse previously. Since performance lines originating from the USTA data base now list trainers, prospective bidders are able to   chart barn movements.

Therefore, it seems logical to also include the horse’s owner since it’s readily available on any racetrack program and obtainable through pathway though researching the histories of multiple horses that way is both timely and costly.


As expected Rocknroll Heaven (Rocknroll Hanover-Artistic Vision) and Put On A Show (Rocknroll Hanover-Stienams Place) won their respective 3-year-old divisions with the colt proving a near unanimous horse of the year victor.

In addition, Perretti broodmare Graceful Touch (Pine Chip-Act Of Grace) was acclaimed broodmare of the year while Perretti bred Lucky Chucky (Windsong’s Legacy-Aerobics) trotted off with trotter of the year and sophomore colt divisional honors.

And the long wearing Perretti bred Enough Talk (Enjoy Lavec-Fashion Setter) was elected aged trotter of the year for the second time.


Didn’t actually see it but heard the rave reviews for the Muscles Yankee-Nicki Spur colt Spurcharge who apparently has been exciting the railbirds at South Florida Trotting Center all winter long now for trainer Steve Elliott.

Of course he has many miles to go before Steve might consider him to be his next Donato Hanover, but given the $4,000 price tag at Harrisburg last fall we’d imagine Steve is reasonably satisfied with the purchase.

Who knows, maybe he’ll be another Cold Mist, the $7,000 McArdle-Cold And Clear filly that trainer Elliott plucked from our 2009 consignment that wound up winning the Pennsylvania Sires freshman filly final amongst other things.

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