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  Perretti Farms Stallions

 Standing at Cool Winds Farm of Ohio!
LUCKY CHUCKY 2,1:55.1 3,1:50.4 $2,099,973

Standing at Winbak Farm of New York!
MUSCLES YANKEE 2,1:56.3; 3,1:52.2 ($1,424,938)

Trotlines 123


The Perretti farm breds averaged an impressive $38,524 per starter far and away outdistancing the major breeders whose produce earned in excess of $10 million in 2010.

All told, from a total of 349 starters, there were 245 individual winners resulting in 849 races won for a earnings total of $13,439,793 according to USTA calculations.


Headliners included trotter of the year candidate Lucky Chucky, Hambletonian champion Muscle Massive and Merrie Annabelle winner Thatsnotmyname.   Other major winners were B.Gs Folly, Ticket To Rock, Rock N Soul and the venerable Enough Talk still going strong at age seven.


McArdle, sire of last season’s sensational One More Laugh p,3,1:47.4 would up ranking 3rd amongst the leading percentage sires of 3-year-old pacers.

In 2010, McArdle sophomores averaged an impressive $60,370 per starter some of which can be attributed to the Pennsylvania breeding program of which he’s a charter member.


Last year’s 3-year-old crop headed by One More Laugh marked his first Pennsylvania eligible crop. It’s noticeable that one of his daughters Cold Mist won the 2-year-old Pennsylvania championship at Chester Downs.

McArdle stands at Lindwood Farms for a fee of $5,000


Keep recalling the old Windsong fragrance commercial “Windsong stays on my mind” in application to departed stallion Windsong’s Legacy and how it’s becoming increasingly obvious that he was indeed “done too soon”


Windsong’s Legacy, the first Triple Crown winner since Super Bowl back in the stone ages is starting to look like he would have been an increasingly important trotting stallion accounting for the likes of Lucky Chucky, Windsong Soprano, Yursa Hanover and Big Bikkies etc from just three crops of foals.


Of those, Lucky Chucky, perhaps the prime candidate for 2010 trotter of the year and certainly the already acclaimed 3-year-old of the year is poised to replace and extend the “Windsong legacy”.

Lucky Chucky stands at Winbak Farms in New York for a fee of $10,000.


Few broodmares have managed a more inauspicious start than Lucky Chucky’s dam Aerobics who was inadvertently inseminated by a pacer no less during a power failure incident at the Meadowlands Racetrack.
At the time, Aerobics from the first crop of Muscles Yankee was a promising freshman filly in Ron Gurfein’s barn though one of Bill Popfinger’s claiming pacers Do Not Disturb had other ideas as somehow in the middle of the night the two got together.

Of course no one knew that until months later when her then trainer Chuck Sylvester noticed she was gaining weight and seemed lethargic this after a Hanover filly stake win at Balmoral in 1:59.3.

Shortly thereafter, Chuck sent her home for turn out thinking he’d bring her back at three the next year.
However, a couple of months thereafter, it was obvious the filly was indeed prominent thus it seemed prudent to check her out. Lo and behold, she was indeed “in foal” but to whom or better yet to what?

Painstaking detective work narrowed it down and upon foaling what turned out to be a nice looking colt, resulting DNA placed the culprit as a Big Towner claimer named Do Not Disturb.

Perish forbid, it could have been one of the high powered and exquisitely bred trotting prospects under Gurfein’s banner but no it was the pacer in a neighboring aisle that somehow connected with the trotting filly.

Since it was a rather Rude Awakening, the resulting colt was named Rude Awakenings and actually made the races winning a Topline stake on the Illinois Fair Circuit.

Aerobics was subsequently treated as the trotting mare she was bred to be and then bred to trotting stallions resulting in Endorphan Annie to Enjoy Lavec and Aerobic Linda to Dream Vacation both successful on the Maryland-Virginia circuit.

Her fourth foal was LUCKY CHUCKY.
Having trained the dam Aerobics, Chuck Sylvester was well aware of her prowess and ultimate plight so it’s not surprising her Windsong’s Legacy colt caught his erudite eye. And now you know the rest of the story.
Aerobics is slated to visit Conway Hall this year which will create a three quarter brother or sister to Lucky Chucky.  

Noticed CCs FRED (Windsong’s Legacy-Pull Your Chain) got feature horse mention on several sites finishing second to IPO Blue Chip in what was the $14,500 trotting feature at Dover Downs last Saturday.

Actually Fred made seven starts as a 3-year-old last year winning three and looks like he’s maturing into a nice overnight type raceway trotter.

Of course we can remember when we struggled to get all of $7,000 for him at Harrisburg in 2008.

As Gen Sullivan documented in the horseman, a total of 96 horses contested the 12 race overnight program at Yonkers on Saturday Dec 18th. Of those a total of 48 or 50% of the starters had earned in excess of $100,000 during calendar year 2010. Mind you, these are overnight horses, conditionals and claimers and a couple of open types. According to Gen, not one of those 48 hundred grand earners was a stakes winner. 
One would have to imagine that numbers for similar programs at Chester, Dover, Pocono and the non-racino Meadowlands might be in reasonable proximity to those Yonkers number assuming they’re tabulated on whatever the track considers its optimum day.

That said, it does appear that opportunities really do abound in our standardbred industry. Regardless of the state of the national economy, these earnings figures suggest that there may never have been a better time to own and race standardbred race horses than the present- given the slots fueled purse levels at the racino tracks. However we as an industry have been noticeably derelict in getting this message beyond our own protected confines.

Rather than endless publicity fluff that seldom gets printed beyond our own borders, perhaps we should be inundating the financial sections of appropriate media with facts and figures documenting the benefits of standardbred race horse ownership.  After all, when you do the math race horse ownership especially at racino tracks might even offer far less risk to some investors than many of the other schemes on the current spectrum. 


One of the great things about the addition of a new stallion is that it allows for a certain flexibility with selected broodmares in that they can often flip flop between the old and the new in accordance with tried and true axioms.
One of these axioms matching the aging but tried and true producer with the vigorous young first crop stallion the result of which can and does catch the proverbial lightning in the bottle.

But then if for some unforeseen reason the stallion situation falls through and he winds up somewhere else, one is now at the mercy of the doctrines of that somewhere else meaning that a natural mating just may not happen due to concerns about late foaling histories etc.

And so it is with the broodmare who’s most recent foal by the stallion’s own sire no less sold for $75,000 in a down market no less and whose most prominent offspring was by the stallion’s own broodmare sire no less won’t get to see the stallion due to legitimate concerns about A- her age and B-her tendency to carry beyond due date which in this case is into May.

Of course if they were both here, we could work it out… 


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