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  Perretti Farms Stallions

 Standing at Cool Winds Farm of Ohio!
LUCKY CHUCKY 2,1:55.1 3,1:50.4 $2,099,973

Standing at Winbak Farm of New York!
MUSCLES YANKEE 2,1:56.3; 3,1:52.2 ($1,424,938)

Trotlines 121

There will indeed be a 2011 meet at The Meadowlands and according to preliminary indications, things will remain pretty much the same.

The track just released its traditional WINTER LATE CLOSING program  and all the familiar names like the Presidential,  Su Mac Lad, Overbid, Trendsetters, Tender Loving Care, Exit 16W etc. are all prominently included virtually assuring the winter portion of the meet will be competitive.
In other words, it should be business as usual for the time being.

Rocknroll Heaven perhaps the leading candidate for horse of the year in 2010 will stand the 2011 season at Perretti Farms. At present the horse is undergoing syndication to which full details will be announced as they come available.

Significantly, Rocknroll Heaven is from the first crop of Rocknroll Hanover who In turn was from his sire Western Ideal’s first crop.  Actually this has long been an early crop siring line as paternal great great grandfather No Nukes was from his sire’s first crop and the ultra influential Most Happy Fella was from Meadow Skipper’s first crop.
As for the size factor, this paternal line tends to roller coaster between big and not so big with one common denominator.  The not so big ones have all been warriors.
Kind of goes like this. Big Meadow Skipper, not so big Albatross. Big Most Happy Fella, not so big Cam Fella. Big No Nukes, not so big Jate Lobell. Actually Western Hanover falls into the not so big category.   Big Cams Card Shark, not so big Bettors Delight. Big Rocknroll Hanover, not so big Rocknroll Heaven. Get the idea!

Lucky Chucky put it together and virtually clinched the 3-year-old trotting title via an authoritative win over Futurity star Wishing Stone in the Bluegrass in a season’s best 1:50.4. The Windsongs Legacy-Aerobics colt took the lead down the Red Mile backstretch and never looked back from there.

Once again, the Perretti Harrisburg yearling consignment is chock full of Rocknroll Hanovers, Muscles Yankees and a smattering of Donato Hanovers, A Cantab Hall, a few McArdles. Real Desires, and a couple of exceptionally good looking Royal Mattjesty’s.  The latter of course are Ontario eligible as are the two fillies by Lis Mara.
Then there’s #186 BETTER BETTOR, the first ever Bettor’s Delight three quarter brother to the incomparable Shark Gesture.
The Rocknroll Hanover’s include #207 SHAKERATTLENROCK (Fox Valley Shaker), the full brother to this year’s exceptional freshman filly Pretty Katherine. There’s also #143 ROCK KING ROLL the first foal from the very gifted Lady Mattgalane, #89 STONEY SOPRANO the first colt from the celebrated Lucks Mistress # 205 ROCKULESE (Pumped) the first  Rocknroll brother to Artcotic and #522 ROCKTAIL PARTY the first ever Rocknroll  brother to Carnivore and Cartniverous. 

 Other Rocknroll Hanovers include #378 ROCKILLIES HEEL a great Looking colt from Merculese she a sister to mighty mite Palone Ranger.  Featured fillies might be #145 RAM ROCKER (Camadian) perhaps a longer sister to emerging Rock Cam Roller from the sister to Glowing Report and Well Said’s mom Must See. Also #151 BEACHES N DREAMS (Beachy Lady) first ever Rocknroll sister to Cabana Fever and #370 ROCKAROUND SUE  the first foal from the highly touted Promysquous Lady.

Some attractive Muscles Yankees could be #95 MUSTALGIA (Examination) a larger version of full sister Costa Rica but not nearly as large as last year’s immense edition…  Then there’s #126 ECHRETARIAT, by far the best one yet from Echo Hanover… Then there’s #128 YANKEE BLUEGENES (Vernon Blue Chip) a sleeker racier version than the never miss mare usually throws…  Also #47 MAKING MUSCLES a full brother to No Pain No Gain and Musclelaneous from Spendthrift and #326 MEGAMUSCLE the best from Armbro Vitality since Merrie Annabelle winner Muscovite.  Don’t overlook #255 Muscleangelo (Olympic Cheers) the full brother to the well remembered Olympics.
The Donato Hanover’s feature # 103 DONATO TRUMP  from the stakes winning Muscles Yankee mare Apecs which should prove an exciting cross that being Donato on a Muscles mare. Also #105 DONATA DON’T GOTTA the first filly from a Yankee Glide sister to Falls For You

#114 CANTABUATIONS (Repetitions) is a Cantab Hall brother to early season star Winunendo to be reckoned with. That sets up the Cantab-Muscles Yankee cross that produced Cantab’s best  Explosive Matter.
On the pacing side McArdle colts #488 STUPID McCUPID (Art Amour) and #1028 SCOTTY McTICKETS (Artchitecture) brothers to B.G’s Folly and Rock n soul, respectively will satisfy the Pennsylvania sires stake specialists, while #877MATTISTA (Smooth Latin N) a brother to McAracas and McApulco could be a sought after Ontario candidate in that he’s the first from this 100%producing dam with any degree of size…    

The videos are available on this site, the black book site and Best Damn Horse

Getting obvious that Muscles Yankee is an emerging broodmare sire with such immediate headliners as Explosive Matter,  Windsong Soprano, Lucky Chucky and Talespinner to his immediate credit. Thus, what better way to assure yourself of having tomorrow’s outstanding broodmare than by acquiring Muscles Yankee yearling fillies at the sale. 

If they told you a 2-year-old went wire to wire in 1:50 flat would you have believed it?
Last week at the Red Mile Lookinforadventure (Rocknroll Hanover-Student Driver) rattled off fractions of :27.1, :54.2,1:23.1 en route to a 1:50 clocking except that he finished third behind the actual race winner Feel Like A Fool who was up in time at the wire to win in 1:49.4

Wish someone would explain how uncoupled entries can be listed as BONAFIDE SEPARATE OWNERSHIP in those instances when the trainer owns a piece of one of them. After all, that trainer is in charge of both horses and might appear to have a vested interest in how they perform!

The year was ’72 or ’73 and New York OTB was in its infancy when we decided to monitor the newest edition at 63d drive in Rego Park just off Queens Blvd in a densely populated affluent bedroom community of Manhattan. 
The parlor was right by the subway station adjacent to a newsstand where we placed TOP TROTTER tip sheets and proceeded to observe the action.

We noticed through the course of the day a smattering of housewives veering over from the Deli or the Gristedes supermarket to the parlor obviously to make a wager.

There were also quite a few business attired gents (probably salesmen) making a quick “pit stop” as well. 
At rush hour a noticeable percentage of commuters streaming from the subway station would veer into the parlor.
We even sold a few tip sheets.

Six months later, we revisited the same site and this is what we observed.
During the course of the day, the number of housewives detouring from market had decreased dramatically.
The number salesmen had decreased proportionately.
As had our tip sheet sales.

What remained was the “hard core” clientele or as we say in the trade the horseplayer lifers.
What happened to the excess?  Simple THEY LOST.  Once the novelty gets too expensive it wears off and the curiosity seekers go on to something else.

Consequently a saturation point is attained where most potential customers within the market range have sampled the product lost their money and are no longer eligible to return on a regular basis.
Any gambling venue that ignores the inevitability of loss factor will eventually succumb to over saturation unless they can continually replenish that dwindling clientele lost through attrition.

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