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  Perretti Farms Stallions

 Standing at Cool Winds Farm of Ohio!
LUCKY CHUCKY 2,1:55.1 3,1:50.4 $2,099,973

Standing at Winbak Farm of New York!
MUSCLES YANKEE 2,1:56.3; 3,1:52.2 ($1,424,938)

Trotlines 120


Every year we sell good horses at the Lexington Selected sale and this year will be no exception.  In fact 2010 may be our best consignment yet!

Keep in mind that such productive Rocknroll Hanover’s like Ticket To Rock, Jugette heat winner Rock N Soul, Jug starter Piece Of The Rock, and the very productive Rockaroundthetrack were all sold in Lexington as were such headliners as Kentucky Sires leader High Def Z Tam, New York Sires queen Galimony, and George Teague’s super impressive $4,000 last day bargain Whirl The Girl-second to See You At Peelers more than once.  Jack Darling’s ex Carnivore is also a Perretti-Lexington alumni as are Real Appealing, Nittany Linebacker and Pumptuous!

This year’s selection features a number of Rocknroll Hanover colts and fillies. Muscles Yankee colts and fillies and perhaps our best ever collection of Pennsylvania eligible McArdles.

The Rocknrolls are headed by # 75 ROCKUMENTATION, the first ever colt from Odds On JP and of course a brother to one of this year’s better sophomore  fillies  Ticket To Rock.  Rockumentation is also a three quarter brother to  Miss Scarlett, perhaps the most productive of all the Red River Hanovers with earnings over one half million.

Then there’s #38 JOYROCKING (Joyeux) a sleeker full sister to Rockaroundthetrack  who is sure to please even the most discerning eye.   Note the dam is an Artsplace sister to the exciting Pennsylvania sire Quik Pulse Mindale.

Among the colts catching the attention of several  sharp early lookers include # 146 E STREET PLAN (Plan On It),# 76 ROCKWEILER (Lovely Shark) and # 193 ROCK THREE TIMES (Tres Elegante).  All three videoed great and each is a more substantial individual than its preceding sibling.

Of the fillies, #319 BABE PER VIEW (Babe Watching)  is bigger and longer than  sister Rockabye Babe, p,2,1:56.2h  while #387 ROCKTURNAL the first foal of the Artsplace mare Miss Stacee is just a nice individual.   

If there’s a year to go “McArdle” hunting, it’s this year for two very distinct reasons.  Firstly his son One More Laugh is suggestive of how good the right McArdle can be while this will be the first year in many a moon that there are no Western Hanover yearlings eligible to dominate  the Pennsylvania program.  This leaves the door wide open for the incumbent studs.


HIP# 420 MARSHALL McDILLON (Dodge Kitty) is a strong colt from a top producer and half brother to Get Out Of Dodge P,3,1:49.3  HIP # 446 McGRIN N McBARE IT is the bigger stronger sister to the celebrated McGibson p,3,1:51.2f from the 100% producing Armbro Althea.  #473 BIG McDEAL is the first McArdle sister to everybody’s favorite New Yorker Galimony p,3,1:52.4f and every bit as impressive if not more so at this stage of development.

While you’re at it check out #552 INTELLIGENCE  (Western Wisdom) from the first crop of Tell All. The dam is a 1:52.1member of the great family of Artiscape, Western Terror and Delinquent Account. Then there’s # 665 HANKENSTEIN (Hanks Chip) a sharp looking American Ideal brother to NYSS 2-y-o Hanks Major p,2,1:55.1f  from the immediate family of Lis Mara and Lis Again.



Starting to look like there is indeed a growing disparity between the number of yearlings produced each year and the number of those yearlings actually needed for immediate activity as 2-year-olds.

It would seem that maybe 40% of this yearling crop is needed for 2-year-old racing while the other 60% seem better suited for down the road usage as raceway types namely 4-year-olds and up.

Certainly just about every breeder can cite a preponderance of “auction giveaways” that eventually evolved into productive raceway horses filling the cards at every track in hemisphere.  Many can cite giveaways that evolve into superstars like Lucky Chucky and Enough Talk. Of course there are many high priced yearlings that are total busts but the productive giveaways far and away outnumber the expensive failures.  Previously breeders were able to even things out between the giveaways and the oversells but that is no longer the case.   

Remember every overnight horse claimer or otherwise was a yearling at one point in its life and a great number of those went through the ring as yearlings.

Unfortunately the manufacturers (breeders) have no way of warehousing what seems a noticeable surplus until such time as they might be needed and have no alternative but to consign these horses to regardless of whether there’s sufficient purchasers.

Ultimately most yearling eventually get sold but at unacceptable prices given the escalating cost of conception and nurturing which will force breeders to rethink the wisdom of continuing this process.
End result, less horses will be bred!

Given the inflated Racino purses there is a current demand for ready- made conditioned and claiming horses but the key WORD here is ready made.  

Since it is impractical for trainers to take marginally handled 4-year-olds directly from pasture and then go through the tedious process of breaking and training and it’s equally impractical for breeders to warehouse same, the implication is that down the road when race secretaries are clamoring for two or three more entrants to fill a specific “class”, those pleas may go unheeded.  

In other less will be more whether we like it or not!  


Of course, some kind of parity between the takeouts endured by slot players and horse players would be a wonderful thing even though there are those unspoken factors can never be replicated.

While the, the machines may be cold and impersonal they nevertheless are programmed to pay off at a certain rates per interval thus if one plays the same one long enough it becomes predictable how much he will lose during that time frame. On the other hand horseplayers sooner or later learn to factor agendas into their handicapping. Actually many would be horseplayers can’t get past that particular plateau and we wind up losing them to other gaming venues.

Still in all some form of parity in terms of “the take out” would be desirable and might level the playing field to some degree.

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