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  Perretti Farms Stallions

 Standing at Cool Winds Farm of Ohio!
LUCKY CHUCKY 2,1:55.1 3,1:50.4 $2,099,973

Standing at Winbak Farm of New York!
MUSCLES YANKEE 2,1:56.3; 3,1:52.2 ($1,424,938)

Trotlines 118

The day began in the Perretti Matchmaker in which the winner automatically receives a free breeding to a Perretti trotting stallion.

As it was, Buckeye St Pat won for the second time but finishing a strong second was our own alumni Windsong Soprano (Windsong’s Legacy-Muscling In)

On to race three The Merrie Annabelle which featured three Muscles Yankees in addition to our own alumni, Thatsnotmyname (Windsong’s Legacy-Graceful Touch), she a rather  convincing winner.

Race four The U S Pacing Championship featured runner-up Shark Gesture who we did not breed but later acquired his dam Simple Gesture who did throw us a full brother Niatross winner the night before named Shark Ingested. p ,2,1:53.2.  Simple Gesture will send Better Bettor their Bettors Delight three quarter brother to Harrisburg in November.

On to race five, The Mistletoe Shalee with four of the 10 starters being Rocknroll Hanover fillies including the runner-up our own Rock N Soul from Artchitecture.

Race six The Peter Haughton saw a Muscles Yankee colt Leader Of  The Gang go off the favorite but he tired in the stretch.

Race Eight the Nat Ray featured two Perretti breds in the celebrated Enough Talk (Enjoy Lavec- Fashion Setter) and Windsong Soprano’s brother Big Boy Lloyd (Dream Vacation-Muscling In). There was also the celebrated invader by our own Revenue Reven Damour, who turning for home looked like a winner until overtaken by Enough Talk and the actual winner Slave Dream.   Enough Talk was a close second.

Then it’s Hambletonian time race 10 where the Perretti breds Muscle Massive (Muscles Yankee-Graceful Touch) and Lucky Chucky (Windsong’s Legacy-Aerobics) staged a thrilling stretch duel to finish 1-2 in a photo.

Last but not least Rocknroll Hanover colts finished 1-2-3-4 in the Oliver Wendell Holmes with numbers 3 and 4 being our own B G’s Folly (Art Amour) and Piece Of The Rock (Paulas Promise) behind the noses apart pair of Rocking Image and Rocknroll Heaven.

Not too shabby!        

Fundamentally the Hansen reports recommendations on terminating racing at The Meadowlands might have a modicum of credibility if there were not a substantial breeding industry thriving within the state of New Jersey.

As it is, The Meadowlands is falling on hard times and may actually be a semblance of the obsolete elephant the report suggests but for its acknowledged position as flagship racetrack for the New Jersey standardbred breeding industry and the world wide standardbred industry in general.

That said, perhaps this committee can be reassembled to consider the realities of the New Jersey gaming industry taking into consideration the huge economic realities the horse industry provides to the State both in revenues and jobs.

Until then, it’s a flawed document.


The slumping stakes horse shows up at a racetrack fitting some inconsequential conditions and is understandably heavily favored at post time.

The horse with a local leading driver aboard gets away in fourth position remaining in place until approaching the half mile at which point it starts to lose contact with the horse in the three hole dropping back nearly 10 lengths.

Conclusion the horse is “no good” that’s why it’s in a cheap race rather than a stakes.

But on the final turn the horse picks up steam and has now caught the field and theoretically could pull to contention on the outside but remains buried on the rail.

In mid stretch it gains “clearance” and like a runaway freight train rushes past horses to get a check missing the whole pot by a neck and a nose.

The bettors boo.

An irate presiding judge calls the driver and demands to know what he was doing and why he didn’t move to outside contention when visibly clear.

The driver says “they told me this one to nurse this one on the turns and not to move until the straightway”

The judge screams “You were 1-5 and if you finished up the track nobody would have cared.  As it was it looked like you were stiffing the horse to which you’re getting 15 days for driving in a manner inconsistent to win”

The judge then calls the trainer and asked why instructions were given to nurse the horse around the turns??

The trainer responds “she tends to drift out when outside on the final turn and I made some equipment changes in the hope that a couple schooling miles might cure it”

The judge then said “That’s what qualifiers are for.  That’s when you school and experiment- not in betting races.   You’re suspended for 30 days for starting a horse unfit to properly compete.”

Of course the race went as described.   The conversation thereafter never happened.

This did happen at Roosevelt somewhere in the early 70’s as there was much cursing at a replay camera centered upon a particular driver who could have pulled 2nd over on the final turn yet chose to stay buried on the rail and as a result was boxed throughout the stretch.

Mind you, the horse had won his last two starts by open lengths and was a prohibitive favorite.

So they loudly questioned the driver’s integrity and/or sanity until at one point a voice rose in the driver’s defense exclaiming he wasn’t “going” because had he won it would have mandated a move up in class.

That voice belonged to the horse’s owner.

Another guy angrily said “Then you won’t mind refunding the $50 I just lost on your *&#@* as nowhere does it say on the program that he’s out for the exercise tonight.

The owner tells him to get lost at which point the bettor unleashes a right hand Mike Tyson would be proud of- flattens the guy and stuffs a wad of losing tickets in his big mouth.

Security comes running as the crowd scatters but of course “no one saw anything”.         
While watching Haskell day at Monmouth, noticed the following scenario involving more than one “full fielded” event.

Post one was 9-5 post two scratched, post three 5-1, post four scratched post five 60-1 numbers seven and eight moderately priced while the nine as scratched.

Thus the field of 12 was reduced to nine.

However, from a bettor’s standpoint, an inevitable conclusion was that those nine remaining in the starting gate were there strictly by CHOICE making for a betting solution in which ability not necessarily agenda or intent would differentiate winners from losers.



Bob Marks 


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