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  Perretti Farms Stallions

 Standing at Cool Winds Farm of Ohio!
LUCKY CHUCKY 2,1:55.1 3,1:50.4 $2,099,973

Standing at Winbak Farm of New York!
MUSCLES YANKEE 2,1:56.3; 3,1:52.2 ($1,424,938)

Trotlines 117


While McArdle’s  own ONE MORE LAUGH is indeed laughing all the way  to the bank (at least his owners are)  following his stirring Meadowlands Pace victory in 1:47.4, the future One More Laughs will soon be undergoing yearling preparation at Perretti Farms

Slated for Harrisburg and Lexington are a bevy of exciting colts and fillies by McArdle the sire of the brilliant One More Laugh.

For openers there’s STUPID McCUPID (Art Amour) the first McArdle brother to the gifted New Jersey Classic winner B.G.’s Folly..

Then there’s SCOTTY McTICKETS (Artchitechture) the first McArdle brother to stakes  filly Rock N Soul.

And McERLEAN (Igottwowordsforyou) the McArdle brother to the very fast  Drop Red plus BIG McDEAL (Ideal Gal) the first McArdle sister to the gifted filly pair of  Real Appealing and  Galimony, the latter a feature in New York this year for Linda Toscano.
There’s also MARSHALL McDILLON (Dodge Kitty) the McArdle brother to Murray Brethor’s sub 1:50 winner Get Out Of Dodge.

All the McArdle colts and fillies are Pennsylvania eligible

Seldom does a horse distinguish himself more in not winning than did ROCK N ROLL HEAVEN (Rocknroll Hanover-Artistic Vision) via what might have been the gutsiest performance ever seen in a Meadowlands Pace.

The colt got parked to a blistering :53 opening half by Kyle Major and no sooner did he clear, but immediately challenged by Rocking Image who pushed him to a :27 third  quarter before expiring somewhere about mid-stretch.

Meanwhile the gallant Rocknroll Heaven battled on just getting nailed by the formidable One More Laugh in 1:47.4 on a track that has seen faster nights.

We’ve seen some exceptional runner up performances over the years in which a gallant horse fails to win due to the difficulty of his trip.

Add Rocknroll Heaven to that distinguished list….


Know all about the intracasies of pick 6 and pick 4 betting pools but promotion 101 dictates that feature horses should be seen by the optimum number of potential eyeballs which tends to be in the middle of the program.

As it was the top two contenders for the upcoming Hambletonian put on quite a show for a vastly diminished audience.

For that matter so did your probable Woodrow Wilson favorites some moments before.

Not sure how long he can continue his come from the clouds style in this speed favoring era but there’s something rather refreshing about  a pure closer like Lookin For Adventure.

The son of Rocknroll Hanover came from 4th over in the New Jersey Sires Stakes championship the other night and in fact was so wide he was hidden from the camera angle for most of his stretch surge.

Reportedly, pacesetting GRAMS LEGACY the full brother to Rockin Image hit a knee causing a severe break around mid stretch at a time when he still had considerable “power” which should set the tongues wagging the next time these sensational Rocknroll Hanover colts meet up.

That could be in the upcoming Niatross and Woodrow Wilson assuming both are eligible.

Say what you want but a bit more foresight could have been displayed by those using the Jersey facilities for training purposes while primarily entering at Chester, Yonkers and Pocono.

What it did was dilute the Meadowlands of the power packed weekend cards that used to pack the house on Fridays and Saturdays.

In that they figured to be under considerable scrutiny by those members of the Hansen report team it would appear that contributing to what in effect was the emasculation of The Meadowlands played right into the hands of those who have other agendas for The Meadowlands Racetrack.

Starting to look like Put On A Show (Rocknroll Hanover-Stienams Place) is more than just your divisional championship leader.

Off the manor in which she disposed of her Tarport Hap rivals the other night is looking more and more like one of the upper echelon fillies EVER.

Interesting too that the first four finishers in that Tarport Hap division were by Rocknroll Hanover who is starting to do things only the milestone stallions can manage.




Back when Giants Stadium was a mere gleam in Sonny Werblin’s eye, it was decided that a racetrack-particularly a harness racetrack should be included in what would become the Meadowlands Sports Complex for the expressed purpose of providing necessary funding revenue.


It was never imagined the magnitude of success Meadowlands Racetrack might attain or it’s ultimate impact on the harness racing world.


Nor was it ever prognosticated the strategic role it would play as the cash cow for the Sports and Exposition authority during the decades comprising the glory years.


And get this-The Meadowlands Racetrack can come to the rescue once again.


As the world knows by now Meadowlands Stadium will be hosting the 2014 Super Bowl. According to published reports such a task may involve an estimated expenditure of $40 million just to stage what promises to be a spectacular show.


As has been documented The Racetrack as it is now is no longer the cash cow it once was-eligible to finance the menagerie of projects (some unprofitable) assigned to the umbrella of the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority.


But it can be once again.

In this the 21ST century racetracks need not stand alone anymore offering just the racing product as the updated modernized RACINOS have proven so wildly successful in New York, Pennsylvania and other states.


In fact its been estimated that a Meadowlands Racino offering slots or VLTs along with racing could contribute one billion dollars annually to New Jersey State coffers given its location at the heart of the “megalopolis region” minutes from mid-Manhattan.


When you think about it, it’s a total no brainer!


Just as the racetrack came to came to the rescue in the mid-70’s to actually launch what became Giants Stadium, a 21st century Meadowlands racetrack with slots and/or VLTs  can come to the financial rescue once again.


Just think, they can be up and running long before that $40 million staging check needs writing.


Bob Marks 


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