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  Perretti Farms Stallions

 Standing at Cool Winds Farm of Ohio!
LUCKY CHUCKY 2,1:55.1 3,1:50.4 $2,099,973

Standing at Winbak Farm of New York!
MUSCLES YANKEE 2,1:56.3; 3,1:52.2 ($1,424,938)

Trotlines 109

Click on the yearlings headline to the left of this column to see videos of the Harrisburg yearlings. They’re also available via and of course the Black Book’s website.

Don’t know about you but starting to crave some old fashioned take no prisoners relevant reporting rather some of the fluff flooding the sites.

Item: The recently completed Lexington sale was o.k. It could have been a disaster like Keeneland but while clearly off, most consignors were ok with the results.

However taking into account that many of these numbers that ostensibly seemed glittering were the results of matings planned three years ago via mares with prohibitive price tags and studs whose fees may or may not match current realities a slightly different picture emerges.

For example, sold a nice Rocknroll Hanover filly for $70,000. On the result sheet it appears fine. But when you consider the dam cost $230,000 at The Yankeeland dispersal, it’s obvious there’s a ways to go before the actual acquisition pans out.

Item: A prime member of what is probably the richest revenue producing barn to come along in many a year was rather unceremoniously removed from the paddock at Delaware and we’re still waiting as Paul Harvey would put it for “the rest of the story”.

Item: did anybody ask a leading driver why he surprisingly pulled first up conveniently providing needed cover to his uncoupled entry mate in a major race? Might have been totally circumstantial but there are a few significant bettors who still need convincing.

Item: did anybody question the blatant form reversal of a champion mare invisible in the so-called elimination but ferocious in the final.

Both were betting races you know.

Item: A select sale was staged on Monday Columbus Day. Took days before we learned anything details at all and other than a superficial press release have yet to see sales figures.

Coupla years ago long time colleague Ralph Succee did a herculean job accurately documenting the ultimate performances of some of the more high priced Castleton dispersal members

Someone should commission him to revisit the 07 Tattersalls winter sale and document just how some of those $700,000+ hammer tags actually worked out.

Was there ever a richer field of horses that raced for so little than that the Allerage field that raced for $10,000 in the elimination?

Every so often a tidbit surfaces about using Aqueduct’s inner track for harness racing after the casino stuff is finally in place.

This is not exactly breaking news as there was a talk floated in the 80’s in which Roosevelt and Yonkers- both coincidently getting clobbered by The Meadowlands- could unite to form the joint Roosevelt-Yonkers Racing company in which Roosevelt would close and they’d use the big inner track at Aqueduct for harness racing during the down times of May-October and race at Yonkers for the remainder.

That way all the stakes could have been raced over the big track and certain home and home rivalries with The Meadowlands could have been implemented utilizing The International, Statue Of Liberty World Cup and other events that could have been raced at both places.

It made sense back then as harness racing was still flourishing and there was a huge familiar population core on Long Island who might well have embraced big track racing at Aqueduct much as Northern Jersey embraced The Meadowlands.

Looks like the Asbury Park Press and The Atlantic City Press have contrasting viewpoints concerning the issues of slots and/or complete casino gaming at The Meadowlands. The Asbury Park Press with Monmouth Park and Freehold in it’s territorial back yard is very much pro racing and supportive of slots and /or gaming at the tracks. The Atlantic City Press differs and has been rather vocal of late offering it’s opinion.

Ironically the Governor was quoted as “believing in the franchise we have in Atlantic City” though one wonders if he or any advisors have actually roamed those “franchise” streets without armed entourage scant blocks from the opulent Casinos anytime after dark?

Those that have unanimously report “ Tain’t real scenic nor is it real secure”.

To think they’ve had 30 years to fight the blight,.

Bob Marks



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