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  Perretti Farms Stallions

 Standing at Cool Winds Farm of Ohio!
LUCKY CHUCKY 2,1:55.1 3,1:50.4 $2,099,973

Standing at Winbak Farm of New York!
MUSCLES YANKEE 2,1:56.3; 3,1:52.2 ($1,424,938)

Trotlines 105

One, two, three O’clock, four O’clock ROCK…. Kicking off what should be a virtual avalanche of rocking winners was ROCKNROLL HEAVEN first winner credited to world champion Rocknroll Hanover (Western Ideal-Rich N Elegant)

The colt out of the celebrated Artistic Vision (Artsplace) p,1:50.2 ($634,808) was handy at Scioto in 1:59.3f then came right back the next week to win by 10 in1:57.3f`

At Saratoga, ROCK HOLIDAY (Docs Girl) was an easy 11 length winner in 1:59.4h

Then at The Meadowlands, ROCKIN RAY (Hallmark Hanover) tacked on a :26.4 final quarter enroute to a 10 length win in 1:57.3. Then WHOLE LOTTA SHAKIN (Fox Valley Shaker) scored, by at least 8 lengths in 1:57.3 for Drop Red’s trainer Bobby Horowitz. Lastly J K KINAHURRA (L’Chaim) won his opener in 2:00.3.

Looks like they’ve only just begun to ROCKNROLL

Some months ago we chronicled Scarlet McZara in the McZARA MESSAGE illustrating how the supply of racing stock will be severely compromised down the road if breeders are unable to merchandise what eventually becomes raceway stock at a sensible price.

Scarlet McZara was a $5,500 yearling at the 2007 New Jersey Classic who last winter was showing up as a respectable late closer type prospect at Dover Downs and The Meadowlands. In short, she was a perfect example of the stock needed to fill raceway programs especially those of the midweek variety.

Since Scarlet McZara has taken the New Jersey Sires Stakes by storm winning a $60,000 leg in 1:51.4 before annexing the $200,000 final. Her lifetime earnings exceed $160,000 and to quote The Carpenters, “She’s Only Just Begun”

Not bad for a $5,500 yearling.

Yeah it was Casablanca not the Maltese falcon movie but play one for Maltese Artist anyway. Maltese Artist fastest and richest of all Artiscapes had to put down after breaking down in his Molson elimination.

From Artiscape’s second crop, Maltese Artist was one of those cosmetically challenged yearlings (big hock) who wound up in the New Jersey Classic instead of one of the other majors considering his full brother was a celebrated sort named Artesian. However like so many Classic graduates (Artistic Fella, Enough Talk etc), Maltese Artist went on to fame and fortune anyway earning over $2.3 million in his distinguished career.

One of our all time favorite farm breds, The Maltese Artist WILL be missed..

To paraphrase ex-New York City Mayor Ed Koch’s signature salutation, just how are we doing at these Pennsylvania racinos since switched from afternoons to evening in accordance with the mandate of the state racing commission.

Other than it’s customary Sundays, Chester now starts its evening programs at 5PM.. Pocono’s first post is 6:30PM except for its Saturday matinee.

How’s business? Has the handle increased decreased, the same or nonexistent? In addition have to see what happens at The Meadows now that they’re back on an evening schedule racing Monday-Thursday evenings at 6:20PM. Previously they had been going afternoons starting at 12:15

As long as major contenders visibly decline to vigorously “compete” as was so evident in a recently conducted elimination in which all but one of the starters would advance to the final, one must question the logic in offering a purse to what is essentially a glorified qualifier.

To clarify, some elimination races are meaningful like when a horse must be first or second in order to make the final with winners getting to choose position. However, in those instances where all but one or two horses advance to the final, one has to question the wisdom of A- providing a purse and B- allowing the public to wager on what the contestants themselves admit is little more than a conditioning workout.

Surely some other use for that money can be found especially in those instances when the only incentive is to “prep” for next week’s lucrative final rendering this race as no more than like a meaningless pre-season exhibition.

Realistically if the guys won’t vigorously race for the available purse, why offer it?
This way it becomes the exhibition it’s intended to be and we can do away with the sham

Noticed the phrase “maintenance mile” used by a chart caller in obvious reference to a heavy favorite whose driver seemed more intent on getting around the racetrack rather than vigorously attempting to actually win the race.

In other words a politically correct way of saying “out for the exercise”

Rather poignant cover by HOOF BEATS in its June issue illustrating a huge but commonplace crowd observing the finish of a race at Roosevelt. Not only does it illuminate the regression of what was once a vibrant and thriving spectator sport but in many ways symbolizes the polarization between those that can’t conceive of what was and those who can’t forget.

We must embellish the subsidization while it lasts and implement relevant marketing programs aimed at recapturing the glamour and excitement of yesteryear. Otherwise, without spectators and so many feature races going off at non-prime time hours, it appears we are indeed in serious danger of becoming Harness Anonymous

Bob Marks

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