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  Perretti Farms Stallions

 Standing at Cool Winds Farm of Ohio!
LUCKY CHUCKY 2,1:55.1 3,1:50.4 $2,099,973

Standing at Winbak Farm of New York!
MUSCLES YANKEE 2,1:56.3; 3,1:52.2 ($1,424,938)

Trotlines 102

In his 30 year tenure as a public official, Assemblyman Joseph Malone of Bordentown, New Jersey has championed many a just and necessary cause for an array of constituents just as he successfully interceded to prevent what would have been an unjust misappropriation of New Jersey sires stake monies abruptly scheduled to be rerouted for other uses in this current climate of budgetary crisis.

Fortunately, Assemblyman Malone, a long time veteran in State corridors knew just how to negotiate the labyrinth of official chambers to deliver the gospel and/or silver bullet to the correct ears. End result, a potential wrong got righted.

In addition Assemblyman Malone was quite vocal in his support for slot machines at the New Jersey racetracks during the Assembly Budget Hearing at the State House on April 2nd.

The entire New Jersey State racing and breeding industry owes The Malone Ranger a debt of gratitude.

Thanks Kemo Sabay…

Good friend and colleague Phil Sporn reports that no less than 16 Rocknroll Hanover colts have been nominated to the Woodrow Wilson this year outdistancing the 11 credited to Artsplace, the 9 to Art Major, the 7 to Western Hanover and the 5 for Western Ideal.

Rocknroll Hanover received an extraordinary book of mares in his inaugural stud season. Thus far the early training reports have been extremely positive as confirmed by the impressive number of major stakes nominees.

The $193,000 payoff for the Meadowlands pick six the other night brought back memories of the old Twin Double at Yonkers and Roosevelt where virtually each night some $150,000 plus was literally up for grabs.

Needless to say, pots like that attracted hordes of player activity although seldom was that number actually achieved.

The way it worked is there would be about that much in the betting pool each night-thus after takeout the number of winning tickets determined the actual payoff. If I’m not mistaken, old friend Ernie Dahlman held the lone ticket one night for somewhere in the vicinity of $170,000 some odd.

The Meadowlands pick six pot actually exceeded $1 million by virtue of several carryovers in which no one was able to tab all six winners over a handful of nights.

Reportedly some $900,000 was bet on the pick six last Saturday replicating what happens at the local lottery outlet whenever the mega millions pot goes though the roof.

True to his word, Bobby Horowitz’s Red River Hanover colt Drop Red has indeed wintered well and could be a factor in the glamour boy set this year. Certainly the colt looked the part tacking on a 26.4 final panel into a 1:52.4 qualifier in which he just sped away from some promising contenders.

Perhaps as those handful of European counterparts indicated last year, the U.S. based Revenues will indeed show major development with maturity.

Noticed Prince Of Fortune (Revenue-Garlands Princess) with Ross Croghan holding off the accomplished Citation Lindy in a Meadowlands qualifier the other day. The time was 1:57.3, last quarter in :28.4 and Mr Croghan seemed quite comfortable in the lane.

Couldn’t help but notice the sensational last quarter turned in by Erv Miller’s WISHFUL SIR (Revenue-Perfect Partner) who must have gained about 10 lengths in the final quarter winning his debut effort in 1:57 and a piece at The Meadowlands the other night.

Could be the rest of the Revenue story is yet to be told.

Lost Leslie Hanover the other day as the last remaining daughter of Best Of All finally succumbed to her 31 years being a foal of 1978.

We acquired her in 1990 after she had a distinguished broodmare career at Lana Lobell where she produced the likes of LaChance Lobell ,4,1:52.3 ($250,829) to Oil Burner and her greatest money earner Dignity Of Man ,5,1:52.1 ($398,498). Thereafter she provided us with the well known Marty’s Filly p,3,1:53 to No Nukes and her all time fasted Naked Gunner p,4,1:51.1 from the first crop of Die Laughing.

In all Leslie Hanover produced 17 foals, 16 in succession before finally missing in 2000. Of those, 16 raced with the lone non starter No Less by No Nukes emerging as a successful broodmare with seven foals of racing age all of whom have started including her Bettor’s Delight son It’s Just Beginning p,4,1:50.4 ($284,426).

Not so sure that everyone truly understands the fundamental difference between horseplayers and gamblers.

Horseplayers historically gamble primarily on horse racing and as such tend to be avid fans of which a certain percentage are eligible to gravitate to horse ownership.

Gamblers who gamble on a multitude of things tend to be to be less personal towards any one thing therefore are less likely to be eligible towards involvement via ownership.


Bob Marks

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