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  Perretti Farms Stallions

 Standing at Cool Winds Farm of Ohio!
LUCKY CHUCKY 2,1:55.1 3,1:50.4 $2,099,973

Standing at Winbak Farm of New York!
MUSCLES YANKEE 2,1:56.3; 3,1:52.2 ($1,424,938)

Trotlines 99

That Shelbyville location slated to house Red River Hanover, Pro Bono Best and Lawman will be known as HORSEPLEX OF INDIANA-not Perretti Farms of Indiana as Perretti Farms will not have an equity position in the new facility.

Red River Hanover has arrived at the facility and is available for inspection.

Perretti Farms will locate selected stallions at the facility to be managed under the auspices of Perretti Stallion Management though all correspondence will be handled from the New Jersey headquarters.

What was that? Was that a mere 3-year-old trotting colt bearing down like a freight train on older horses in the Super Bowl series the other Wednesday? From post 10 no less? And there he was, MY BACK PAGES a newly turned 3-year-old son of REVENUE S mimicking his European counterparts via improvement with seasoning just missing the prohibitively favored Lookin Ahead in Super Bowl leg in 1:57.1 despite conceding rail position to his 1-9 older rival.

Every week brings reports of additional winners from Revenue’s crop sired while racing in Europe and there’s every reason to believe a similar scenario will occur on these shores.

Muscles Yankee, perhaps the foremost trotting stallion in the world today was elected to the Hall of Fame along with the great pacing mare Miss Easy.

Muscles Yankee, the stallion mainstay of Perretti Farms achieved what might have been an unprecedented honor in 2008 via unanimous championship nominations for his 3-year-old son Dewycheatumnhowe and 2-year-old son Muscle Hill marking the first time a single sire has accounted for two unanimous champions.

Previously Muscles Yankee sired the $3 million internationally acclaimed Mr. Muscleman.

Noticed that the top five New Jersey Sire Stakes earners topped their New York and Pennsylvania sire stakes counterparts in the important pacing colt divisions.

The top five 3-year-old Jersey boys collectively earned $735,657 as opposed to $650,515 and $376,169 for New York and Pennsylvania respectively.

Haven’t “done the math” but suspect that given percentage between what was given and what was earned, The Jersey sired held up rather well in all divisions.

It’s not how much the program offers in cumulative purses but how much is earnable given the number of subdivisions and what the divisional purses then become.

Never ever heard a guy rhapsodize “how much fun it was” while in the process of shredding useless tickets on a horse that never got off the rail

Never ever heard involved observers of a heated head to head stretch duel imploring the riders or drivers for that matter to “be gentle”…

Never ever heard a losing backer of one of those out for the exercise eliminators prepping for the upcoming lucrative final rationalize “oh well, at least he qualified”

Never heard a novice satisfactorily fathom why one heat of a multiple heat affair is more important than the others.

Never ever heard a tapped out loser implore his equally tapped out buddies to hang another hour and watch the 10th race stake feature”…

Never ever heard the guy who dropped a bundle on the odds on divisional champion in the process of throwing a clunker mention “it won’t detract from the horse’s stature”…

Never ever heard a player exhort “Oh please give him a hole” unless he held tickets on the parked out horse.

Never met the player who didn’t feel blatantly ripped off upon learning that the horse he bet on was “raced easy”- for any reason.

Never heard the breeder unable to get into a closed stallion book admit that perhaps the rejected mare just wasn’t good enough.

Never met the owner of an intact male horse who didn’t insist it was good enough to stand stud somewhere.

Never comprehended the rationale of entitlement by those who feel just putting on the show is sufficient. It’s the caliber of performance that satisfies the audience not the mere presentation.

Never heard anyone shut out on what would have been a losing bet actually commend the slowpoke in front for taking so long.

Never sold a small yearling-Just some not that large.

Never picked a loser. Just some that failed to win.

Never saw anyone in simulcast land able to tolerate a signal providing stationary graphics and dead air for indefinite minutes beyond post time without switching channels a few times.

Never totally fathomed the massive over emphasis on looks as while important it is hardly the sole determining factor in establishing greatness

Never breed to a horse you wouldn’t bet on.

Never bet a trip horse unless you’re convinced he’s about to receive a trip.

Never met a losing bettor even remotely placated when his now useless numbers get reversed down the road and become official by some posthumous appeal ruling...

Never met the player not totally convinced that vital inside information is not passed between partners with multiple trainers….


Bob Marks

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