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  Perretti Farms Stallions

 Standing at Cool Winds Farm of Ohio!
LUCKY CHUCKY 2,1:55.1 3,1:50.4 $2,099,973

Standing at Winbak Farm of New York!
MUSCLES YANKEE 2,1:56.3; 3,1:52.2 ($1,424,938)

Trotlines 113

Though the yearlings have just celebrated their collective birthdays, the sales companies will be calling for entries soon enough thus its time for a preliminary look at what’ll be available come fall.

Once again, we’ll be consigning at Harrisburg, Lexington and the obligatory few at The New Jersey Classic.

This year’s group is comprised of 33 by Rocknroll Hanover, 22 by Muscles Yankee, 15 Pennsylvania bred McArdles and a smattering by Donato Hanover, Cantab Hall, Bettors Delight, Lis Mara, Tell All, Real Desire, American Ideal and Artiscape for good measure.

Some new Rocknrollers include ROCK KING ROLL, the first foal of the celebrated Lady Mattgelane a virtually certain She’s A Great Lady winner but not for a tsunami splash in the face just when she gained clearance on a monsoon evening.

There’s also BEACHES N DREAM (Beachy Lady) the first Rocknroll sister to Cabana Fever and SNYDERMAN the Rocknroll colt brother to Modern Art.

The Muscles Yankee’s include YANKEE BLUEGENES a brother to Blue York Yankee, Blue Mac Lad and Dodgers Blues from Vernon Blue Chip. Then there’s ANDEMONIUM, the first foal from Andover Mass and MUSTALGIA, a full sister to 09 star Costa Rica.

Some will look at BETTER BETTOR, (Simple Gesture) a New York eligible Bettors Delight three quarter brother to Shark Gesture. Others will cite DONATO TRUMP a Donato Hanover first foal from the major winner Apecs (Muscles Yankee-Ediths Chip)

There’s an intriguing Royal Mattjesty is MATTPARAZI (Cameron D Art) a full sister to Little Miss K which places the foundation mare Hall of Famer Lady Hathaway on both sides of the pedigree. There’s also MARADOCSICAL a first crop Lis Mara from the celebrated Doc’s Girl whose had more than her share of major winners over the years.

More as we get closer.

What’s that, the “Champ” has struck again? First he bought an Artiscape colt from us named Y. A. Riddle (dam Western Riddler) and changed the name to Champs Folly a Battle of Freehold winner at two and over $150,000 in earnings at last look.

So he bought another horse. Originally named Blackboard Jingle, the colt now goes by the name B.G’s Folly, the same B.G.’s Folly who won the $70,000 plus Trendsetter final in 1:51.3 by six widening lengths at The Meadowlands the other night.

Two colts, two follies-they should all be such follies…

Good luck “Champ” we’ll have another folly waiting at Harrisburg in November.

So the track splurged. Out of a clear blue sky, it managed a spectacular Saturday giveaway highlighted by a $50,000 invite, a couple of $30,000 opens and a $20,000 or two of the preferred type.

Actually they didn’t lure any noticeable shippers as the equine participants were strictly familiar incumbents who regularly compete for far less, but on this particular night the sky was the proverbial limit.

So how’d they do?

Still waiting to read whether or not increased attendance and betting handles were commensurate with the inflated purses or was it just another ordinary evening amongst the faithful?

Would love to believe that when word of the big purse giveaways got circulated, the end result was invigoration by the local gentry though somehow it appears the lack of fanfare after the fact suggests apathy may have indeed been the order of that particular day.

If so, how unfortunate!

The fact that the media has yet to pick up on the story is not surprising, though that too is equally unfortunate.

Doesn’t matter what his name is though what does matter is that he was a good looking well sold first crop son of a major stallion who was such a stumblebum during his early training stages that his antics probably persuaded some breeders not to breed back to the stallion if this is what the get promised to be.

It must have taken him till June of his 2-year-old year to even get gaited suggesting he was not exactly a ringing endorsement to the precociousness of his sire but as so often happens alls well that ends well.

In his aged form, THE PACER got it figured out and at last look is approaching the $200,000 earnings level of which $130,000 has been amassed in the last 14 months.
Yes that was THE PACER winning a $25,000 event at Yonkers the other day and it’s probably not the last race he’s ever going to win.

To think, he probably would have been a throwaway in some training stables.

So the driver took the inside route gaining clearance in early stretch and commenced a vigorous urge.

Upon drawing even if not actually by the pacesetter some yards before the wire he abruptly ceases his urge and to the unskilled eye could be accused on pulling up.

But once no longer in apparent danger of actually winning, he visually reinstates his vigorous urge and finishes a safe second.

Of course there could be all sorts of explanations for what transpired many of them totally innocent regardless of how suspicious it may have appeared,

The problem is left to their own devices anyone who wagered on the driver’s horse is odds on to think the worst.

A percentage of those may elect not to bet on horses any more joining the vast graveyard of former horseplayers not all of whom are languishing six feet under.

Isn’t that what’s happened to a significant degree?

Bob Marks

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