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  Perretti Farms Stallions

 Standing at Cool Winds Farm of Ohio!
LUCKY CHUCKY 2,1:55.1 3,1:50.4 $2,099,973

Standing at Winbak Farm of New York!
MUSCLES YANKEE 2,1:56.3; 3,1:52.2 ($1,424,938)


Among the Harrisburg themes this year is an emphasis on uniform quality. Lots of good Muscles Yankee colts and you’ll have a hard time choosing just one. The same applies to the Rocknroll Hanover fillies. One just seems better than the other. Also we have some good pacing colts and trotting fillies in abundance.  You’ll just have to look and choose your own favorites.

HIP # 4 REPLICATIONS.  Like last year maybe with a bit more leg. The mare never misses and won’t this time either. Brother Money On My Mind would have made it interesting with racing room in the Futurity final heat.
HIP # 11 ROCKS R US… A couple of erudite lookers have already proclaimed her as gorgeous.   Ignore at your own risk.
HIP # 13 STARBRARIAN She can trot and has Muscles ever excelled with this family.
HIP # 41 Much bigger than the Donato  that didn’t make it. The other one’s doing well overseas.
HIP # 70 CAN CAN FRISCO  Liked her video and she’s a Cantab sister to Lucky Chucky. Hello Pennsylvania.
HIP # 72 BETROPOLITAN The Art Major brother has caught fire of late…. She’s a Bettors Delight with size.
HIP #88 AROCKALYPSE NOW Bigger than Rock N Soul at the same stage and you know what she’s done.
HIP # 89 VALBRUNELLA  Much bigger than Samartina who made the Wellwood final at Mohawk.
HIP #116 HELLO HOLLY You won’t dislike this sister to Talkin Blues…
HIP # 144 BUNKER HILL  More to him than there was to Miss Steele and she’s pretty good.
HIP # 146 MUSCLE TEST  Sister to Costa Rica deserves more than just a look.
HIP # 152 FIYONCE  Pronounce it like Beyonce and you’ll like her just as much.  Moves well in paddock.
HIP # 157 EARTHSHAKER  Those that raise them think he’s the best Fox Valley Shaker to date. Speaks volumes.
HIP # 165 GRACEFUL KELLY Not the biggest due to late foaling date but oh that PEDIGREE….
HIP # 182 ROCK U TOO.  At last a Rocknroll brother to Drop Red and McErlean….
HIP # 215 ROCK BE A LADY..  By far best one yet from Lucks Mistress.
HIP # 230 WHISKEY N PIE   This boy’s levee will never be dry… Real good looker and mover.
HIP # 233 THE MUSCLER  First Cantab from outstanding Muscles Yankee producer…
HIP # 251 PLUM DE DUM DUM The facts are Sergeant Friday “He’s a looker”.
HIP # 253 ROCK ABSORBER  Bigger than Rockaround Sue is NOW… Last year’s had no shot after colic.
HIP # 289 MAKO WISH The Card Shark’s from the dam are noticeable!
HIP # 318 TOSS CARTWRIGHT Actually he did even more than the impressive video shows.
HIP # 339 WENDURANCE  Wendy M’s first pure bay since Modern Art..
HIP # 359 NEW YORK BETS The video is just a sampling…  This boy can motor.
HIP # 369 ANKTIMONIOUS Twice the size of last year’s Penna Sires Stake colt.
Hip # 392 SURFSIDE SEXY.  Just like her.
HIP # 405 ROCKINGCAM PARK  More substance than last year’s brother.
HIP # 440 DIVASTATION Better in the field than last year’s brother….
HIP # 477 CHIPROCRACY.  Sir Glopalop is coming on strong of late. She’s bigger at same stage.
HIP #536  FOUR STACES… A Hambo and Jug winning trainer declared him ALL HORSE.. You’ll have to out bid that guy.
HIP # 639 SHADIOS. They race from this mare..  Note the impressive first crop sire.
HIP # 644 GREEN HORNUT The video says  YESSSS.
HIP # 831 MARALEGAL.  They all race from this dam.
HIP # 902 MUSCLE BOYTOY The little little sister won just like Bruce said she would.  He’s all boy…
HIP # 942 DOCUMENTATION Back to the Artsplace male line for Peeler’s “grandma”.
HIP # 1184 REVERGREEN If you’re still here she’ll be waiting..  Covers the ground easily.
See you there.

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