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  Perretti Farms Stallions

 Standing at Cool Winds Farm of Ohio!
LUCKY CHUCKY 2,1:55.1 3,1:50.4 $2,099,973

Standing at Winbak Farm of New York!
MUSCLES YANKEE 2,1:56.3; 3,1:52.2 ($1,424,938)

Trotlines 133


#6 DONATO DUCKS probably the best Apecs has thrown to date. The full brother was injured at two but made the races by 3

#21 ECOMENDATIONS  twice the size of FULL sister Twist N Clout and if she’s half as good, she’ll do nicely. Last year’s brother is coming.

#39 GORILLADELPHIA last year sister Apple got a late start due to ocd issues. But she just qualified in 1:57 at the red mile.  You’ll like this one.

#60 SOMEWAVE SOMEWHERE ignore a Somebeach at your own risk! Great family.

#83 MUSCLE MASSACRE not too many Muscles Yankee first foals from daughters of Fern!

#96 OLD CAPE ODD  sister to Ticket To Rock is coming. Racy looking.

#219 FANTICIPATION not big but maybe twice the size of last year’s sister Fandemonium  1:58 on the half mile track at two.

#286 SUPERFICIAL If Art Official makes it big (as he should) it’ll be from mares like the sister to Always A Virgin.

#319 SENIOR PROMISE  a Sara Lee type in that “nobody doesn’t like.  Last year’s was “too big” but he’s not. Dams best since Piece Of The Rock. 

#330 OOGLE GOOGLE. The full brother would have been real good if not for stall injury while last year’s sister NICKKI BEACH is among the top fillies this year.

#375 READY TO PUMBLE  They tell me last year’s Artiscape brother is good and will make it. This is an Art Official. 

#411 ARTRIZONA she’s getting lots of attention and with good reason. You’ll like.

#576 KING OF ARTS Not often did Royal Mattjesty see a mare like Art Sale. Note the Matt’s Scooter association.

#586 EARL THE McPEARL They all race from this dam. The brother’s coming now.

#606 FLIRT THE ISSUE finally a Flirty Two with size.  Videoed well.

#685 MISTER CHAOS  decent size but not humongous like some of the others. People like!

They ship to Fasig Tipton on September 29th.

ROCKNROLL still on top

Rocknroll Hanover maintains his edge in the pacing all age money winners category and the 3-year-old pacing category
Kind of remarkable when you consider his get are not eligible to the slots fueled sires stakes programs.
Market Share keeps rolling along adding  the Canadian Trotting Classic to his Hambletonian laurels while Hotshot Blue Chip up ended Chapter Seven at Vernon Downs.  I’m starting to think that Revenue’s main contribution will be as a broodmare sire, though we won’t know the full effect for a decade or so. In that regard, we have two nice Revenue fillies slated for Harrisburg in November.



Add Panther Hanover (Rocknroll Hanover-Panned Out) to the list of impressive Rocknrollers following his 1:47.2 win over Hurrikane King Cole in the New Jersey Classic on Hambletonian day, Speed-wise, Panther seems more reminiscent of a CHEETAH instead of the cougar for which he’s named.


Yes  that was McErlean,  (McArdle-Igottwowordsforyou) proving an excellent runner-up to resurgent Sweet Lou in Saturday’s Pennsylvania sires stake at The Meadows. McErlean is a McArdle brother to long wearing Drop Red (Red River Hanover) and their brother ROCK YOU TOO the dam’s first ever Rocknroll colt will sell at Harrisburg in November.



Send a stallion overseas and his left behind get will suddenly flourish.  Perretti stallion REVENUE now in Norway has enjoyed a fabulous year in the US and Canada this year highlighted by his Hambletonian winning son MARKET SHARE….   And get this, the all time fastest trotter CHAPTER SEVEN is from the last crop of prematurely deceased Windsong’s Legacy from a mare by Dream  Vacation who stood at the farm for years.     

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